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    1. For sale 38 Smith and Wesson

      For sale For sale 38 Smith and Wesson

      One box of vintage 38 Smith&Wesson ammo. Box has either 48 or 47 rounds so let’s call it 47. I’m not emptying it to count. 145grain Luballoy. Cash only. Must pickup evenings in Timonium.
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      Question by '' on classified ad 'Colt 6721 upper'

      Would you mind sending me some pictures please. Thanks 443-801-1899 John aka Rico903
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      Private Sales of Non-regulated Arms.

      And you'd be wrong.
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      Bank of America Gives FBI Gun Purchasers

      The initial report was that BOA turned over information on anyone who bought something in a store that sells guns and that they volunteered up the info. No court order.
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      Separate gun Insurance or Homeowners?

      Collectibles Insurance is good. Cheaper than NRA and you homeowners .
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      Beware in Reisterstown

      Indeed they do. See on the neighborhood sites regularly, 95% are unlocked. Dummies always have some lame excuse why they didn’t lock.
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      Bedside Safe

      I personally can't rely on anything that requires a finger print. Mine are shot from being in water and chemicals over the years. My phone never works and my iPad is 1:20 times if lucky. My prints have always been rejected by ATF the first 2 times and on the third try they basically say "OK...
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      good place to appraise and sell an antique ?

      a Lady asked me about a good place to appraise and sell an antique pistol in Baltimore metro area. I believe it is a Belgian pin revolver. I really know nothing about antique firearms and all the old guys I knew who did a lot of this are sadly gone.
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      First handgun

      :party29:Yep mine was too large for me.
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      North Carolina Trending Red

      You might as well go to the other places then, if this site offends you.. One week in and trolling won't make you popular. Guns are very much a political issue in case you haven't been paying attention.
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      North Carolina Trending Red

      I hear that from several of my NC friends. The damn northerners are Fine up the state-they tell me.
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      No good deed goes unpunished in MD?

      That's not happening as he would still need to do a NICS check since they have been transferred to an FFL. Sucks.
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      No good deed goes unpunished in MD?

      I haven't followed this thread regularly so I don't know who Ed Hershon is, I'd like to know in case a friend gets referred to him for her issue. I can tell you that the NRA was of NO help to my friend. They referred her to a lawyer who said he didn't want her case. She cancelled her NRA...
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      Feedback posted by rico903 on EarnestT

      Don�t hesitate to sell to this buyer. Thanks
    15. R

      Feedback posted by rico903 on EarnestT

      Repeat customers are the best.
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      FFL refused to transfer high capacity mag

      Are FFLs legally allowed to sell high cap mags to a resident of another state?
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      15 Year old CZ 452 Lux Best 22lr in the World.

      Wow, sorry to hear about Denny, I had heard he'd been ill.. Great guy, bought many parts from him over the years and he always shipped before he even received my checks or MOs. Love the 452 models.
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      Threading a cz 527

      Are you familiar with rimfire If not sign up and introduce yourself.. There is a whole forum dedicated to CZs with some excellent info. Post your question there for starters. Your post may get moved to the centerfire section but you'll get all the info you need to know. It's all...
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