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      Current Moco carry restrictions

      I currently restrict myself from MoCo and that solves the problem :) I lived in Rockville for about 8 months 12 years ago, never again.
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      Great American Outdoor Show 2023

      I will be there Wednesday.
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      Delete please.

      Quick questions. Have you ever completed form 4473?
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      MD Wear and carry renewal references

      I apologize if the question has been asked but a search did not get me an answer. I just completed the renewal application for wear and carry and there is no where to enter references. I know for my initial permit I provided 3 references, I was under the impression that references were...
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      Inappropriate exchange with gun store owner while concealed carrying at his store?

      Why on Gods green earth would someone announce they are carrying upon entering an establishment. Perhaps you should take the time to understand Maryland law and know what locations are prohibit, what locations are not. Do you announce that your carrying every time you enter a place of business...
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      Frederick Md County Fair CCW

      If I were prohibited from carrying at the Frederick fair I would not attend the Frederick fair.
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      One in the chamber

      I carry with one in the chamber and have a bunch of kids, my first job as a parent and gun owner is to teach my kids gun safety at the earliest age possible.
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      Watching A Guy Open Carrying in JB's Severna Park

      I make a personal choice not to drink and carry but ill tell you what, after reading crap like this thread I would probably trust a tattooed dude out with his wife having a few drinks and carrying more than I would trust a lot posters on this board sober. Some of you guys Karens are your own...
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      A question about stores/restaurants that don't allow firearms.

      Some of the questions above are a bit far out there however I can understand where they are coming from. When I got my permit a couple of years ago I was always nervous about someone seeing my firearm, etc. I use to worry about where I can carry and where I cant, etc. Now that I have been...
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      EDC Backpacks, pack outs etc.

      I rarely carry a bag except for when hiking or biking. I use a kydex trigger guard on a lanyard and can turn a lot of bags into carry bags. While biking I have an older Camelback bag that is pretty small with a front pocket perfect for a smaller Glock with the trigger guard and lanyard. While...
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      Vehicle gun storage types and tips

      I think each person should do what they are comfortable with but also know the potential consequences of their decisions. Most people's jobs dont involve concealed carry. I have spoken to many people who carry anywhere/everywhere regardless, that is their choice. I have been carrying for...
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      Vehicle gun storage types and tips

      Sounds simple enough and I am pretty sure I havent been perfect but when I spent a lot of time in Ohio I realized just how easy it is to carry in Maryland if you have a permit. Carrying with a lot of restricted and sensitive places is a pain. Its not always just a convenience store if you are...
    13. F

      Vehicle gun storage types and tips

      I prefer not to but I also travel through a few states semi-regularly, in some rare cases it is necessary to be able to securely store in my vehicle. In MD rest stops are a problem that immediately come to mind. My daughter was in college in Ohio and I spent a lot of time there. In Ohio no...
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      Vehicle gun storage types and tips

      My truck has a console vault. I also have Decked storage in the bed for hunting rifles, equip, etc If I am driving my wife's car I use a Vault Tek Lifepod with the cable in the trunk. It also works great for hotel room storage etc if needed.
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      Feedback posted by Fredcohunter on schnauzr

      Quick smooth transaction
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      New Landowner in GA

      My daughter is headed to UGA for graduate school in August. She will be there for 6 years so I may end up there on a semi-permanent basis eventually. We were there a good bit last summer.
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      DNR Seeking Public Comment

      Edit - just re-read the proposed reg. I can see this as a problem as my son's crossbow does not decock. However, discharging it in the field will require hauling a target around.
    18. F

      DNR Seeking Public Comment

      Proposed regs specifically state public hunting areas are still first come first serve even if the stand is up and tagged. "Placing a stand does not give the hunter sole use of the area. First come first served." I wasnt clear if that meant someone could be in your stand. I cant imagine...
    19. F

      DNR Seeking Public Comment

      Not sure how I feel about the proposal for leaving a tree stand on public lands. Pros and cons i would have to think through but since the stand would have to have a DNRid tag I am sure there will be a fee involved lol
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      Underlayer test

      I have a good bit of Sitka gear but still prefer First Lite for base layers. A lot of the gear I have was purchased on sale or some kind of discount. Kuiu is great gear as well. The main reason I opted for Sitka was I hit multiple Cabelas/Basspro and Sportsman Warehouse stores visiting one of...
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