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    1. Mike OTDP

      What would you want to get if and when Assault Weapon Ban dies?

      I don't know about him, but I was busy buying an FAL, M1A, and AUG.
    2. Mike OTDP

      Shooting Range

      I wonder if they'd let me set up a woods walk BP event?
    3. Mike OTDP

      SP5 Modifications for SBR?

      I've got the same problem. Current thinking is to take a telescoping arm brace (which I have), cut the rods about an inch from the brace. Then fit an extension to each rod (probably a piece of steel tubing) and epoxy it in place.
    4. Mike OTDP

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      There's a part of me that thinks our friends at ATF (and we do have some) are slow-rolling the publication in the Federal Register precisely so that a pack of firearm attorneys can take this mess apart.
    5. Mike OTDP

      How do you SBR a braced pistol under 29"?

      Having said that, there's probably a market for telescoping HK-style stocks with extra-long rods.
    6. Mike OTDP

      How do you SBR a braced pistol under 29"?

      I suspect this will be one of the lawsuits.
    7. Mike OTDP

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      Shorter reply: That's one reason for the lawsuits.
    8. Mike OTDP

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      In one way, ATF has a defensible position - that they erred in approving the arm braces in the first place. However, people have bought and built braced pistols in good faith. A whole lot of people. And I see several potential lawsuits. First, reclassifying a firearm as NFA reduces its...
    9. Mike OTDP

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      Anyone with an MP5 clone is in that position, I suspect.
    10. Mike OTDP

      ATF Coming After Firearms with Stabilizing Braces

      I get the impression that our friends in ATF (and there are some) are trying to slow-roll this mess. They know it’s going to open a legal can of worms.
    11. Mike OTDP

      MGA Gun Control 2023

      The other issue is that we keep relying on the courts, instead of legislation and prosecution. If you want to break the back of the gun grabbers, arrest for Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights and a determined prosecution is essential.
    12. Mike OTDP

      MSI, Chantilly gun show, 30 Dec - 1 Jan

      E-mail inbound. I'm in for Friday.
    13. Mike OTDP

      Shooting Range

      Sanners Lake bought about 300 acres near Lusby about a year ago. They’re still getting it sorted out.
    14. Mike OTDP

      Newb from St Mary's

    15. Mike OTDP

      Training concepts for the older set

      I've been considering offering this kind of bespoke training myself. There are people out there like my sister. She's a forensics nurse for assault cases...the nasty sort. Meaning she testifies in court. Clear need for a W&C before Bruen. But she doesn't have two 8-hour blocks on a...
    16. Mike OTDP

      NY Now Demanding Guns be Disabled & Locked Up at Home

      I've noticed the same thing. Gun laws seem to be an obsession with the 70+ leaders of the Left, but much less of a priority with younger people.
    17. Mike OTDP

      Nations Gun Show (Chantilly, VA); Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2, 2022

      I’ll keep that in mind. Trying to transfer or buy through dealers up north is a PITA.
    18. Mike OTDP

      Shooting Range

      Fix the typo…and alter the wording. Cut-and-paste jobs don’t count for much these days.
    19. Mike OTDP

      Suppressor advice?

      There’s also Accurate, in Loveville, MD. They have cans in stock.
    20. Mike OTDP

      MSI, Chantilly gun show, 18-20 Nov

      For those of you whining about how expensive that gun show is, this is a really cheap way to get in for free.
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