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      For sale 30-06 brass reduced! free shipping!

      Once fired 30-06 RP 100 pieces $45.00 $40.00 $35.00 TYD Once fired 30-06 RP 100 pieces $45.00 $40.00 $35.00 TYD Once fired 30-06 Winchester 73 pieces $40.00 $30.00 TYD
    2. P

      Reply to question by 'PaFrank' on the classified ad '300 Win Mag brass'

      I have 27 pieces remington nickle and 35 pieces Remington. maybe a few FC in there. 45 bucks shipped
    3. P

      Reply to question by 'PaFrank' on the classified ad '7mm Mag brass - REDUCED! free shipping!'

      Most is once fired, some may be twice fired. and yes local pickup is available depending on where you are. I'm close to cecil county and do occasionally go into Northeast.
    4. P

      For sale Reloading dies

      Lyman 375 H&H Mag $35.00 TYD SOLD Lyman 270 Win 20.00 TYD Redding 30 M1-Carbine (3 die set) $35.00 TYD SOLD RCBS 35 Remington $35.00 TYD RCBS 45-70 (3 die set) $35.00 TYD sold
    5. P

      For sale 300 Win Mag brass - REDUCED!

      300 Win Mag once fired Remington Nickel cases 27 pieces Remington 35 pieces Take all --$35.00 TYD REDUCED $25.00 TYD
    6. P

      For sale 7mm Mag brass - REDUCED! free shipping!

      posted 27 December 2022 14:15 Cleaning out the bench... 7MM Remington mag Remington 100 pieces $35.00 TYD $25.00 TYD W
    7. P

      For sale 375 H&H brass - REDUCED!

      375 H&H brass Remington 90 pieces $60.00 TYD $45.00 TYD SOLD PENDING FUNDS
    8. Trapdoor Springfield barreled receiver

      Reply to question by 'PaFrank' on the classified ad 'Trapdoor Springfield barreled receiver'

      There is no rust in the bore or anywhere else. Just cosmoline. and it just sold.
    9. Trapdoor Springfield barreled receiver

      For sale Trapdoor Springfield barreled receiver

      surplus, unfired, Trapdoor Springfield barreled receiver (45-70) with Buffington sights. $350.00
    10. P

      Brass Tumble Cleaning Media

      Yes, that depends on your water.. My water sucks. Loaded with calcium and who knows what else.. we don't even drink or cook with it. only washing. a gallon of distilled water costs about a buck and will solve that problem.
    11. P

      Brass Tumble Cleaning Media

      You can get just about every possible type of tumbling media from this outfit. and I mean everything. I prefer the crushed walnut, i think it last longer than corn cob. Here is the link>>>
    12. P

      reloading puzzle

      since you mentioned that there was no indication on the primer that it was hit, and assuming you have ruled out any issues with the gun, I would say that it is a headspace issue. meaning the case was too long and the gun was not in battery, or much less likely, too short and the firing pin did...
    13. P

      I think the ammo drought is over

      I didn't pay attention to the prices as I was not in the market for anything, but here is a link to their website.. it should be listed..
    14. P

      What's your favorite/recommended .22 handgun?

      I have a 22/45 as well and I like it a lot.. If you get the upgrades from tandemcross or other aftermarket parts makers you can get the stuff you need that makes disassembly a snap. las i looked you can get em all for about a hundred bucks. or you can pick and choose.. Then you will really...
    15. P

      I think the ammo drought is over

      I was in a store for a transfer today in PA just across the De line.. Targetmaster. The place was PACKED with all manner of ammo.. 4 skids of CCI mini mag 22LR was first to catch my eye... Skids of 223, 9mm and shotshells.. and the shelves behind the counter where the loose box ammo is was...
    16. P

      I think the ammo drought is over

      deleted wrong forum
    17. P

      Senator Oz??

      Even if he is, he would STILL be prefered over a Demorat!
    18. P

      Camera stores

      None left in DE that I'm aware of but if you know what you want this place is tough to beat for price and service. I've bought a half dozen Zeiss scopes from them over the years, great prices and i usually had what i ordered in less than 3 days.
    19. P

      "start bending the Constitution" says Killmington DE Mayor

      Face it fellas... they want us disarmed. period. That removes the possibility or resistance for when they start to pull their crap.. It like that line in the terminator move.. "it cant be bargained with, it cant be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will...
    20. P

      Can someone disprove this study for me?

      If you have a Twitter account, go ask John Lott. He will give you the best possible answer you could ever imagine. If you don't know who John is, well, you should. Google him.
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