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    1. All Good Hits

      Zenith MP5 9MM 30 Round Magazine- 2 Pack

      Fair enough. I've bought stuff from them as well. They're a good company.
    2. All Good Hits

      10+1 WCP carry limitation

      Lol as if real life is some sort of IDPA match
    3. All Good Hits

      Basic 9mm defensive round?

      Can your gun handle +P? If so, that's probably what you want. Pick something, buy a couple boxes and run one through your gun at the range to make sure you know how it behaves. If you have no malfunctions, sounds good to carry. My personal choice is Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP +P. That's just my...
    4. All Good Hits

      9X19 MM Concealed Carry Ammunition Choices

      ...back to the topic, I carry Speer Gold Dot 124 grain JHP +P. I remember seeing a side-by-side comparison of hollow point factory loads and it was the best one. Plus, since it's +P, it will probably blow both lungs out instead of just one.
    5. All Good Hits

      Army L Bullseye Pistol Match at AAF&G

      Hey all, Anne Arundel Fish and Game regularly hosts "Army L" matches, which are bullseye pistol matches. There's one happening this Saturday! Show up, see if you like it, and have fun with some awesome, welcoming bullseye pistol shooters. The course of fire for each match is: - 3x (10 rounds...
    6. All Good Hits

      Maryland Handgun Roster

      I think that's a fair analysis. My blood was up when I made my multi-paragraph reply on page 1, but now that I've thought about it awhile I decided to buy a comparable gun already on the roster. It saddens me that the handgun roster has had this chilling effect on what I want to purchase.
    7. All Good Hits

      Appendix Carry Opinions

      I'm a skinny guy and I exclusively appendix carry a Springfield Hellcat in a Tier 1 Concealed IWB appendix holster. Hawaiian shirts and untucked collared shirts end up working really well for me. Sitting down or driving with it isn't super comfortable, but you get used to it. Frankly, I feel...
    8. All Good Hits

      Maryland Handgun Roster

      Thanks for the legal references. I actually had not been familiar with the legal origin of the handgun review board... I'm younger than the 1988 law for one, and I have only lived in MD for about 7 years now. Surely I'm not the first person to consider trying to legally challenge the handgun...
    9. All Good Hits

      MASSIVE WIN! Pelosi PULLS the Assault Weapons Ban! Due to a LACK of DEM votes…

      Even if the AWB passes, it's pretty clearly unconstitutional particularly in light of NYSRPA v Bruen. I think that one scary thing is that our elected representatives would even consider passing something so obviously unconstitutional. Another scary thing is that even if it is unconstitutional...
    10. All Good Hits

      Maryland Handgun Roster

      I am interested in buying a gun that is not on the handgun roster. I just got off the phone with someone at the Handgun Review Board administration. The woman I spoke to was very helpful, but informed me that I would need to both submit a form, "Handgun Roster Board Petition", as well as provide...
    11. All Good Hits

      New member late joining the crowd

      Welcome! What range do you usually shoot at?
    12. All Good Hits

      Obligitory Intro

      Welcome, and get that post count up so you can contribute at the water cooler!
    13. All Good Hits

      New guy in here

      Welcome to the board!
    14. All Good Hits

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      It was worth it! Thanks for all you do! "Shall not be infringed" me harder, MoCo...
    15. All Good Hits

      >10 rounds for W&C illegal?

      Nobody tell the DC magazine fetish folks about the "one in the chamber" loophole which allows citizens to legally carry 11 rounds of ammunition.
    16. All Good Hits

      Looks like I'm late

      Welcome to the forum! I don't think there are too many fragile snowflakes here. Except maybe people who thought we were going to lose NYSRPA v Bruen...
    17. All Good Hits

      Not New to MD but New to MD Shooters

      Well I think I like that spelling better than any other one I've seen for that place. Well put. Welcome! Have you considered shooting some IDPA matches when you finish picking out your carry gear?
    18. All Good Hits

      Bullseye lurker, now with an account!

      Howdy, all. A little about me: I could not be happier that MD is now shall-issue, and I look forward to the coming renaissance of 2A rights. God bless Justice Clarence Thomas! I'm a life member of Maryland Shall Issue. They do incredible work. I mostly shoot at AGC range, and go down to Anne...
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