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    1. Redneck

      2020 Shed Hunting

      That would be awesome!
    2. Redneck

      2020 Shed Hunting

      My 5 year old daughter has agreed to go shed hunting with me, instead of deer hunting. It’s a step in the right direction. I walked 2 hours last week and found nothing. When I pick my kids up from daycare we cruise around to a few spots where I know we can see deer. Most are still holding...
    3. Redneck

      It’s Been a Minute...

      The MDS sticker is gone and my Gun Connection sticker has completely faded :)
    4. Redneck

      It’s Been a Minute...

      Yea it has, I need to stop in and see you guys one day. Got something I want to build.
    5. Redneck

      It’s Been a Minute...

      Well more like almost 4 years. Getting married and having kids is a good way to put the gun buying to a halt. Figured I’d check in since I did list something for sale. Pretty cool to see this page still going strong. I’ll have to breeze by more often :party29:
    6. Redneck

      remington 700

      I picked one up from Blue Fins a few months ago.
    7. Redneck

      Getting into waterfowl in 2016

      Have lots of money. Had some really good times in the blind. That high dollar ammo is nice, but not necessary. My wife would kill me if I hunted waterfoul every weekend after deer season. Sold my Xtrema2 to buy a 700 AAC-SD .308 for deer.
    8. Redneck


      I've considered both the .308 and 7mm-08 in the past. Ultimately I went with the .308. When comparing the hunting ammo I intended to use, the .308 168gr Win BSTs has about 10-12% more energy at the muzzle, 2657+- ft/lbs. Not much, but at 75-100 yards the .308 had the same energy there that...
    9. Redneck

      Bought my first boat

    10. Redneck

      Bought my first boat

      Your boat is not too small to name and you wont be "that guy" at the boat ramp if you do....that was a clown statement. I made mine as personal and clever as I could (18ft boat), "Spooled Rotten". My wife thought it was perfect because she literally lets me do anything I want and doesn't...
    11. Redneck

      need recamendations for a new trail camera

      I have used multiple types and have basically decided that it all comes down to if you get lucky. I've seen 2 of the same cameras perform different. One works great, the other takes a dump in a few months. I stay away from wildgames. I do like cuddys, but am not a die hard. I know this...
    12. Redneck

      2015 Fishing Report

      While I agree I like the smaller ones better, I love this new limit. The only time I may have a hard time with it is in October when casting HMI. I'll still be able to easily catch my limit I just might have to fish longer. I think this is a great start to helping the population to continue...
    13. Redneck

      2015 Fishing Report

      I've been smashing the rock at love point for the last 2 weeks. Biggest is 33, most are 21-23. Chum the hell out of water 25-32'. I run 8 rods, fish finder rigs, 36'' leader to 4/0 hook and 2oz sinker. Managed to catch a nice 26 free lining when the tide was right. Tide sucked thurs, but...
    14. Redneck

      2015 Fishing Report

      In and out lol I drop by from time to time to see whats new.
    15. Redneck

      2015 Fishing Report

      We wrecked them Saturday a little north of CB, most were 24-30". A few shorts, but most over 20'' to keep.
    16. Redneck

      Vortex Viper ($224.88) and Leupold VX-2 ($249.99)

      That vortex is a great deal.
    17. Redneck

      Blue Fins Open House Saturday 4/25/15

      The new place is much improved. I pop in there once a week or so just to see whats new.
    18. Redneck

      Scope recommendation for AR10/308

      I use my .308 AR for deer hunting. I just put a Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16x44 on it with the Vortex cantilever 3'' offset mount made by ADM. The scope itself was around $600. It is SFP and the only thing I need to do to tune the scope to my rifle is Chrono a few rounds. Big velocity difference...
    19. Redneck

      .300 Win Mag ammo for 700P Recomendations

      I just acquired a Remington 700P .300win mag. 26'' bull barrel with 10'' twist. As of now I do not hand load. What are some factory load recommendations for me to start with? My max range right now will be 600 yds. I may also use this rifle for deer, if I feel like lugging it in one day...
    20. Redneck

      Do not reload Perfecta brass

      Sb281, that was depressing
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