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    1. Remember Duncan Lemp

      Remember Duncan Lemp

      Murdered by Maryland police because he had "illegal guns"!
    2. WeaponsCollector

      How prepared are you for a home invasion?

      Ring cameras(and other brands) are fairly cheap and easy to install anywhere. They are motion detecting with night vision and send real time alerts to your phone whenever something moves around your house. Battery operated so no wiring and they need to be charged every few months but very...
    3. WeaponsCollector

      Dems intro >10 magazine ban

      Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. Albert Einstein:D
    4. WeaponsCollector

      9th Circuit just ruled that there is “no right” to carry a firearm

      No judge or politician can decide whether or not a free citizen keeps and bears arms.
    5. WeaponsCollector

      Maryland Arrowheads

      Very nice finds, here's some more of my favorites from Maryland.
    6. WeaponsCollector

      Can I sell this

      I can't tell you how many switchblades I've seen for sale in Maryland but it's a whole lot. Knife and gun ban laws are against my religion and against the constitution.:D
    7. WeaponsCollector

      MSI, FPC & SAF New Carry Lawsuit

      Only I can decide whether or not I have a "good and substantial" reason to carry a tool for my own defense.
    8. WeaponsCollector

      2A and the Truth

      The militia of the United States consists of all able bodied males[and females] at least 17 years of age....US Code Title 10 Sec 311 So yes, not everyone.
    9. WeaponsCollector

      Hypothetical: If the usurper issues an EO banning AR-15s, will you comply?

      Unjust and unconstitutional gun infringements are not laws and there is no duty to obey or enforce them.
    10. Biden Gun Control

      Biden Gun Control

      There is no duty to obey or enforce unjust and unconstitutional gun infringements. Unconstitutional laws are not laws at all!
    11. WeaponsCollector

      Call to Flintlock

      Found a Pedersoli .75 caliber brown bess flintlock at an estate sale last weekend in like new condition for $225(about 1/4 of what it's worth). They're slow of course but still fun to shoot.
    12. WeaponsCollector

      Vicious WWI Trench Knives!

      Cool, looks like a WWII theater altered knife.
    13. WeaponsCollector

      What's going on in St Mary's County? (Biden Signs)

      "If you're for Biden, then you ain't pro-2A..."
    14. Fire Marshall Joe

      Fire Marshall Joe

      What an old fool.
    15. WeaponsCollector

      Vicious WWI Trench Knives!

      That's about as good as it gets! Very nice one. Please let me know if it's for sale or trade.
    16. WeaponsCollector

      Automatic knives

      I've gotten quite a few switchblades in Virginia.
    17. WeaponsCollector

      Automatic knives

    18. WeaponsCollector

      Harris-Biden plan for gun owners

      I decided I would never comply with gun banning tyrants 20 years ago as soon as George W. Bush said he supported banning "assault weapons" so that's when I started stocking up.... 50rd boxes of 9mm, $7.... $9 for 50rd boxes of .45auto.... 20rd boxes of US military 30.06 from 1969, $3.... Brand...
    19. WeaponsCollector

      Automatic knives

      Black Weapons Matter
    20. WeaponsCollector

      WARNING! New Jersey is Testcase for 2

      This is when citizens who love freedom will refuse to comply with tyrants.
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