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    1. sundaeman

      Howard County, MD; Dec 10 & 11, 2022

      May swing by just to watch the passing parade of life.
    2. sundaeman

      Argentinian SP primers $89/k shipped No hazmat fee was added to my cart at checkout.
    3. sundaeman

      MoCo ATF alert:

      I believe it was burglary vs robbery.
    4. sundaeman

      LAW Tactical ARIC AR internal carriers at Brownells

      Allows an AR with a LAW folder to fire from the folded position. For 5.56/223 and 300BO
    5. sundaeman

      Experience with Suppressors?

      The Doc is the expert , depending on the can.
    6. sundaeman

      Nearest store selling more than 10 rnd mags just over the line

      Redding had a great selection last time I was there. But some mags were a bit pricey.
    7. sundaeman

      Dark Theme Ready

      sweet. thanks.
    8. sundaeman

      Rockville Used Guns

      Somebody saved me $1700.
    9. sundaeman

      Old "MD Police Training Completion" card

      Watched the video at Clydes, can't remember when.
    10. sundaeman

      RMRcc $100 Rebate until Sept 30
    11. sundaeman

      Used 2016 F250 passenger front floor mat

      Weather tech about 6 years old. Pick up Ellicott City/Jessup. I’ll toss it around the 21st.
    12. sundaeman

      New, to me, Browning Hi-Power

      Congratulations, one of my favorites.
    13. sundaeman

      what gun would you recommend for concealed carry?

      Give the VP9SK a look too. On the striker safety front, it normally stays in the holster except for maintenance and practice.
    14. sundaeman

      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      Yep, different "office".
    15. sundaeman

      NYC CCW case is at SCOTUS!

      Maybe they’ll come out with a semi version for the civilian market. :)
    16. sundaeman

      Gettysburg Gun Show Jun 4th – 5th, 2022

      I’ve never seen the parking lot that empty. Quiet would be a nice way to put it, but the mag man is there. Plus Chubbys is out of potato salad, beef ribs or corn and the cob. Yesterday was apparently a big day.
    17. sundaeman

      Best show for Shield mags?

      If the guy is in his usual spot at Gettysburg, walk in the hall, go left, end of the isle on the right. Prices aren't the deal of the century, but not horrific.
    18. sundaeman

      Gettysburg Gun Show Jun 4th – 5th, 2022

      The Mrs. is a big fan of Gettysburg, Donuts on the way up, something touristy, hit the show ,maybe Chubbys for lunch/leftovers, grab a pie at Catoctin Orchard. Not a bad day.
    19. sundaeman

      PT Gun Shop Employee

      I'd be destined for indentured servitude.
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