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    1. frdfandc

      Cecil County Executive Primary

      I'll keep her in mind. She looks like a good cookie. Sent from my SM-G977U using Tapatalk
    2. frdfandc

      Long time gone, back again

      That's really good. Need to show it to my wife who's in to firearms. Haha Sent from my SM-G977U using Tapatalk
    3. frdfandc

      Long time gone, back again

      Hey everyone. Long time no posting. Getting back into shooting again. Sold most of my stuff because of a divorce. But looking to pickup a few more in the near future. Sent from my SM-G977U using Tapatalk
    4. frdfandc

      Next Suppressor shoot?

    5. frdfandc

      haven't seen this yet. no gun sales to suspected terrorists?

      Here ya go WC. Wave to the government.
    6. frdfandc

      300 AAC Blk ammo - factory loads question

      I've ran the Hornaday and the PNW out of my M&P without issue. I want to try the Remington and the Barnes. The PNW is my go to for my hunting rounds. 125 grain.
    7. frdfandc

      Perp maims toddler in La Plata

      Too bad he made it to the hospital for drug treatment.
    8. frdfandc

      Kershaw Blur, Blemished??

      I bought a couple Kershaw blems off Ebay a few months ago. One you can see the coating on the blade isn't even. The other I can't see anything wrong with it. Downside they don't have Kershaw's warranty. Upside is, if I break one, they were only $35 instead of $70-80.
    9. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      Usually when my Dad gets a really nice gift, he gives a hardy "All Right". I rendered him speechless with the rifle. I wrapped a single round in a watch box and gave that to him first to open. He was kinda confused until he opened the box with the Mosin.
    10. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      I don't think so. But not 100% sure what I am looking for.
    11. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      Here is a quick pic of the arsenal marks on the receiver. Side note is the numbers on the bolt, mag plate, butt plate and receiver match.
    12. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      I will get some more up tonight before I wrap it.
    13. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      Just showed up today. Have some cleaning to do to it, but overall, it's in very good condition.
    14. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      I have more than a full tin of ammo for myself that I will pull out of. I'm thinking of putting one round in a pen box, wrapping it up and giving it to him first. When he looks confused, I'll had him the rifle. :D
    15. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      Only I opted for was for it to be hand picked.
    16. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      It's the least I can do since he got me involved in the shooting sports when I was 10-11. He taught me safety and to respect a firearm. And when I took my hunter safety course when I was 12 or 13, I knew more about firearms than most adults taking the class. All because of Dad.
    17. frdfandc

      Just ordered

      I just ordered one of these for my Dad for Christmas. He enjoyed shooting mine, so I decided to get him one.
    18. frdfandc

      How do you safely unload your firearm at home?

      I unload mine in the bedroom when no one is around. I drop the magazine, point the gun my bed, making sure to keep my fingers away from the trigger, rack the slide. In the even on a ND, the mattress/box spring should absorb the round. If it does pass though, it goes right into the garage.
    19. frdfandc

      keeping rain off your hunting gun

      You just turn it inside out. :lol:
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