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      Nearest store selling more than 10 rnd mags just over the line

      Love that place! 2 hours down 95! Good for a Saturday day trip. They’re open on Sundays too.
    2. C

      Nearest store selling more than 10 rnd mags just over the line

      Good selection of mags too.
    3. C

      How to properly beat a horse. Please allot 16 hours. This is mandatory.

      I agree with previous posters, if you aren’t comfortable applying for a W&C permit using your DD214 like I did, then don’t. Take the training class and upload your training doc. Period.
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      Holy Cow!!!! Just got the email. My MD concealed carry application was just approved!!! IN JUST 25 DAYS!!!!

      Applied on 6/29 Application Accepted on 6/30 Approved on 7/20 Card received on 7/23 I have an HQL and a DD214 No one was called. A retired MD state trooper from my gun club told me on Sunday (7/24) that his buddies are telling him that they are only doing NICS checks and if they come back OK...
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      Who's the most 2a friendly governor candidate?

      No wonder the Dems run this $hithole of a state. Sorry, but i think she has a decent chance and I'd rather see Republicans have the first woman governor and rub it in the Dems faces.
    6. C

      Who's the most 2a friendly governor candidate?

      I'd rather have a weak Republican that can win here (Shultz), than vote for the better candidate (Cox) in the Primary, who doesn't have a chance in hell of winning in November. Dan Cox will lose 60-40 to Fill-in-the-blank-Democrat. It's just the sad fact of where we live, and hopefully one day...
    7. C

      Who's the most 2a friendly governor candidate?

      the better question is "Who is the best 2A candidate that can win here in November, and to me that is Kelly Shultz. Hands down. Dan Cox doesn't have a prayer of winning a state election in this Democrat hell-hole.
    8. C

      Nations Gun Show, Aug 21-23

      Appreciate the input on Gettysburg. I'll check it out.
    9. C

      Nations Gun Show, Aug 21-23

      Geez, i was hoping to go to the show in Gettysburg in a few weeks, but after seeing these posts about waiting 90 to 150 minutes, not so sure about it. I know the Gettysburg show is much smaller, but still...
    10. C

      Indoor ranges for an AR?

      How is Guntry Club as far as how they treat you? I'm not a fan of places that treat you like a criminal the minute you walk in the door. One of the reasons i like Machine Gun Nest, even though it's only 25 yards is because nearly everyone working there is very friendly and is one of "us".
    11. C

      MD Gun Shops - Best to Worst

      Definitely Tyler in Halethorpe (Chuck and Eric are great to deal with), Engage Armament in Rockville (Everyone there is great to deal with), and Capstone in Fallston (Scott will do whatever he can to find what you want). Have had good experiences at Atlantic in Rockville, Machine Gun Nest in...
    12. C

      Target shooting in backyard? (Map attached - Carroll County)

      Just my 2 cents, but I’ve got a co-worker who lives on about 5 acres outside of Westminster with changing elevations. He’s been shooting on his property for a few years now, usually in the evenings after work. He told me a couple of weeks ago the neighbors are now complaining about the noise...
    13. C

      Why HQL Needed for Handgun Owners?

      The HQL should be challenged on the grounds of being a discriminatory policy. How is a person of limited financial means (i.e. poor people) supposed to afford a training class, fingerprinting, and the $50 HQL Fee?!? I'm surprised some Libtard hasn't come out to decry the oppression of the 2A...
    14. C

      77R Approval Wait Time

      You do get the application number in the e-mail stating the buyer is Not Disapproved, but correct there is no Pin number referenced, or the firearm that is being transferred.
    15. C

      77R Approval Wait Time

      I've purchased/received 4 handguns since January 1. The first approval (OK, Not Disapproved!) was received on Day 5, the second and third on Day 7, and the most recent (a couple of weeks ago) on Day 8. All at 6am. I have printed out all 4 of the forms for my personal records. Unfortunately...
    16. C

      Rep. Hudson to introduce Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

      I think most of us in MD are screwed regardless. The compromise to get the necessary votes will be "resident" permits only that will receive national reciprocity, and those of us in non-free states with our non-resident permits will be SOL. JMO
    17. C

      New from Laurel MD

      Thanks Dave MP. Good information for the rest of us newbies. I'm also stuck in the PRM, and hoping to talk the wife into moving to PA in 2 years, or at least friendlier confines (Carroll or Frederick Counties!)
    18. C

      Rep. Hudson to introduce Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

      Yeah, I don't get that either. I carry in VA all the time with my Utah.
    19. C

      boy draws GOP elephant defecating on Trump

      And the boy who drew a Dem Donkey crapping over Obama received an F, sensitivity training, and five days suspension!
    20. C

      CRESAP closed for renovations

      I've been very frustrated the past few years looking for a decent outdoor place to shoot rifles in this area too. Cresap is the best that I have found that doesn't require a membership, other than some friends that let me shoot on their property once or twice a year. I hope that Cresap opens...
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