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    1. C

      The Times, They Are A Changin’ (Gun-wise)

      As an old (well, 52yo) revolver lover, all I have to say to your 5 semiauto pistols is... well, it's a start :D
    2. C

      What would you want to get if and when Assault Weapon Ban dies?

      Sell my Bushmaster AR (HBAR) which I can't sell in MD despite being an HBAR because it is specifically named as banned. Selling out of state seems more trouble than it is worth so I've held onto it. Buy an M1A. I've always wanted one, couldn't afford one, then they banned them in MD and only...
    3. C

      Was something passed banning ammo sales to Annapolis??

      True, but it doesn't help you with retailers who don't realize MD has state preemption and shipping ammo to Annapolis is actually legal. Palmetto State Armory isn't the only one that won't ship there, and I do often buy ammo through them. If I decide I want to live in Annapolis, finding a...
    4. C

      Was something passed banning ammo sales to Annapolis??

      I saw that yesterday. In the next few years I am thinking about buying in Columbia (I grew up here and love the area), Crofton (would be very convenient to work, depending on where I'd be in biking or even walking distance), or Annapolis (I love Annapolis and miss living there). Seeing that on...
    5. C

      PUBLIC 100 yard rifle ranges from DC area east to Annapolis...want to shoot today.

      Not quite the direction you are going, but not too terribly far (just the opposite direction), there is a 100 yard indoor range available at Guntry in Owings Mills. A bit further out, Hap Bakers at the Carroll County dump has public rifle and pistol ranges, though they aren't open every day so...
    6. C

      Where you can and can't wear and carry

      True, it isn't uncommon, but there are ranges that aren't posted. I know that On Target used to be. I haven't been to the Cindy's Hot Shots in Glen Burnie, and they haven't opened at the old On Target location yet, so I don't know if they are posted. I used to like to go to Continental Arms...
    7. C

      Where you can and can't wear and carry

      I'm not worried about being charged with trespassing, being trespassed is being told not to come back or you will be trespassing. If you refuse to leave or if you come back, then you are trespassing. I wouldn't count on them not remembering you when a criminal charge could result if you come...
    8. C

      cleaning products

      I agree with several others here. Ballistol, Hoppes, and Breakfree CLP are all good products. I also like Rem Oil and Dry Lube from Remington. I have Hoppes, and sometimes use it, but day to day I use Breakfree CLP and Rem Oil on the rails. I use the dry lube in places where I may want some...
    9. C

      Where you can and can't wear and carry

      Yes, and this is why I am careful about the "concealed is concealed" mentality. People seem to ignore the possibility of being banned. If it is someplace I don't mind being banned from if I am found out, I'll carry (since the signs don't carry the force of law). I live within easy biking...
    10. C

      New gun round count

      As I recall, the "standard" used to be 200 rounds of the ammo you were going to carry (and do it again any time you switch ammo). If it is a new to me gun, but a quality brand (Glock, S&W, SIG, etc.), I usually do about 200-250 rounds but a mix of different JHP, some FMJ (maybe 50 rounds), plus...
    11. C

      May need another 9mm

      These days, people mean so many different things when they say "compact," but I think you are referring to the traditional compact service pistols like the Glock 19 vs. 17, SIG P229 and P228 vs. P226, Beretta 92 Compact vs. 92, CZ PCR/P01/75 Compact vs. 75B, etc. (EDIT: I just saw your 10:06AM...
    12. C

      Have HGP in hand; new question

      Since Sept I usually have one pre-filled and ready to go. Hmm, maybe that is the problem and not carrying my HQL around :D
    13. C

      Have HGP in hand; new question

      As others have mentioned, it is not needed, and I would argue that it is not wise to carry your HQL, especially if you have a designated collectors letter. I couldn't tell you how much money I would have saved just over the last 3 months if I didn't have that thing on me and had to go home to...
    14. C

      State employees and w&c

      Other than parking in another lot (like you mention in a later post), you may be stuck. I'm a middle school teacher. I cannot carry even a pocket knife or pepper spray, not just at work, but it can't be on school property (including in the parking lot locked in my car). While, Maryland...
    15. C

      Should You Carry Your Pistol Cocked and Locked?

      I've never understood those who were nervous about a 1911 or other SA pistol being carried (or set aside for home defense) in condition one. They are designed for that, with the safety engaged it is no more dangerous than any other gun carried ready to go, and it is so much faster than carrying...
    16. C

      CCW Insurance ... Should you have it ?

      CCW Safe appears to be a better deal than USCCA (these are the big two it seems). I went with USCCA for some of the training it offers: turns out, most of the videos aren't all that, and the training that is with an in-person firearms trainer is available whether you are a member or not. I...
    17. C

      Basic MD Wear & Carry Question

      Great idea, mix bourbon and latkes, I wish I did that. As for WT101, one of the (if not outright the) best budget bourbons out there. I like pretty much everything from WT: Single Barrel, Rare Breed and any of the Russell's Reserve offerings. Nice choice. As for the DC letter...
    18. C


      Sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this. About a week ago I got some 320 grit sandpaper and the grip isn't too aggressive anymore, it is quite comfortable. I got an ultralight Stealthgear holster and it was also uncomfortable. The synthetic backing had sharp edges that made it far...
    19. C

      Would you carry a .44spl if you had one?

      Other than an occasional pocket gun, I always carry strong side at somewhere around the 3:00 or 4:00 position. I almost always carry IWB, though I may go OWB in the same position for some guns for comfort as I get older. As for different guns, my carry guns have generally the same basic...
    20. C

      Would you carry a .44spl if you had one?

      Oh, as for all the Charter Arms comments, I have looked at them many times over the years. Since Taurus and S&W doesn't make any new .44spl in this size, I strongly considered them several times actually. However, the even more hit and miss quality than Taurus in a bad year for Taurus is what...
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