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    1. Squaregrouper

      Purcell Gun Shop in Purcellville robbed last night

      My question as well. If gun stores are starting to actually get robbed, that is a scary thought.
    2. Squaregrouper

      Carrying standard capacity magazine

      I think I'm going to ask this question tomorrow and again next week.
    3. Squaregrouper

      Question by 'Squaregrouper' on classified ad 'Rifles and Shotguns from Collection'

      Is the Krag's serial number below 162,000? That would make it an antique and I would like some pictures.
    4. Squaregrouper

      Looking For .223 Tracers

      PM inbound- no such thing as too much ammo.
    5. Squaregrouper

      Looking For .223 Tracers

      Mission accomplished. I found some online.
    6. Squaregrouper

      Looking For .223 Tracers

      I am looking for M856 .223/5.56 projectiles to reload.
    7. Squaregrouper

      Looking For .223 Tracers

      Anyone have a couple hundred M856 or similar .223/5.56 tracer projectiles they're willing to sell or trade?
    8. Squaregrouper

      New Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol LE 12ga 19" barrel 7 Round M-lok Tube Shotgun

      It is being sold with a 7+1 magazine- indicative of being made in The USA.
    9. Squaregrouper

      How do you SBR a braced pistol under 29"?

      I agree about common use. The fact that The ATF actually approved the "braces" as not being SBR's and then changed their minds after millions and millions were sold is problematic to say the least. I stand by my belief that manufacturers kept pushing the envelope until The ATF pushed back.
    10. Squaregrouper

      2 Hour Classroom w/ 1 Hour range - "Life After the W&C Class"

      Sure, he is a good guy until he saws your leg off while you're passed out. OK, OK, I consented to his mutilation of my hip and I couldn't be happier.
    11. Squaregrouper

      How do you SBR a braced pistol under 29"?

      The original Sig Brace, Kak Shockwave and some others had merit. The advent of the SBA3 was an obvious subversion of SBR laws. Others came along with "Hold my beer 'braces'" and now we're where we are. This whole thing is a perfect example of poking the bear. Ask enough questions and you'll...
    12. Squaregrouper

      ATF Brace Rule (Update on Imported Guns)

      I only have one dog. 2021 was a bad dog year for me.
    13. Squaregrouper

      Get Home Bag

      Many would be surprised just how many people under the age of 30 don't know how to read a map. Hell, my (41yo) wife was in her mid 30's when I found out she didn't understand I-695 inner loop vs. outer loop. It took me a half hour of explaining and drawing circles for her to understand it. Mind...
    14. Squaregrouper

      Ar15 upper

      Just buy a complete upper in .350 Legend. The extra $150-$200 isn't worth all the BS every time you want to change calibers.
    15. Squaregrouper

      ATF Brace Rule (Update on Imported Guns)

      Hmmmm... I have an MKE/Century AP5 that was approved as a SBR and added to the NFA registry early summer of 2022. I guess I should print out a bunch of copies of my tax stamp before my dog gets shot.
    16. Weatherby PA-08 HD Shotgun

      For sale Weatherby PA-08 HD Shotgun

      This is your basic, entry level home defense shotgun that is actually reliable.... Weatherby PA-08 pump action shotgun with an 18.5" barrel, synthetic furniture, 3" chamber and fixed cylinder bore (no chokes). I would rate it at 90-94% due to some minor scratches. No haggling, my price is well...
    17. Squaregrouper

      How do you SBR a braced pistol under 29"?

      It would be easier to just move to PA, WV or VA.
    18. Squaregrouper

      Any Locally Branded AR Lowers Available?

      Owe'Malley Armory of Analpolis MD I have one of theirs.
    19. Squaregrouper

      Buying a shotgun in PA?

      You are fine. Out of state FFL purchases of long guns that are legal in both states is perfectly legal. Handguns must be purchased in your state of residence.
    20. Squaregrouper

      Form 1 Barrel Length Question

      SD Tactical has them on closeout. .
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