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    1. Brychan

      Man Up Monday 30 January

      Perhaps the good Senator from Montgomery County should go explain to the Supreme Court that they made an error, which he is taking on himself to correct their mistake.
    2. Brychan

      Maryland SB1 2023

      So how do you stop gun violence prevention experts from researching mass shootings?
    3. Brychan

      MGA Gun Control 2023

      Would politely asking the committee members to remove their head from their arse before you start so they maybe able to hear you better, be ok?
    4. Brychan

      New to carrying-LCP max in office setting

      Carrying on the waist inside the sweatpants, if I was wearing pants and a belt I would just use a IWB or OWB holster. For the OP I my suggestion was for being more versatile options for best concealment, higher or lower.
    5. Brychan

      New to carrying-LCP max in office setting

      Well I had thought about getting something in a .22 short, but not sure I could handle the recoil :D
    6. Brychan

      New to carrying-LCP max in office setting

      I carry a commander size RIA in mine, no problem. 7+1 .45 acp goodness. Also I'm a fat old white guy, not a slim trim youngster. That may or may not make a difference.
    7. Brychan

      New to carrying-LCP max in office setting

      I like a belly band myself because I retired and mostly wear sweatpants, for the 2 - 3 hours that I wear it I kinda forget its there. Not sure how comfortable it would be for 8+ hours.
    8. Brychan

      MGA Gun Control 2023

      For the lawyerly among us, if they do set up all these sensitive places could permit holders do a class action suite? With few exceptions we put out big bucks and a good chunk of time to acquire permits for them to change the law to make them basically useless, just because they can.
    9. Brychan

      NY ordered to answer to SCOTUS

      I really hate legal mumbo jumbo, chase the mongoose around the bush. Just say NY is full of bull is unconstitutional and quit with trying.
    10. Brychan

      SB86 (2023) - Rifles and Shotguns – Possession – Age Requirement (Raise the Age Act of 2023)

      I don't know what federal law is now, but in Arizona when I was 15 I regularly open carried a single action .22 revolver. Never had any problems in the small town I lived. The way I understood the law I couldn't buy a handgun until 21, or ammo until 18, but it was legal for me to carry. At 18 I...
    11. Brychan

      Problems with Springfield XD Elite 4.5

      I have a couple that if I slam the mag in the slide drops, doesn't bother me a bit.
    12. Brychan

      Elementary Schooler with Semi-Auto Pistol

      OP check your forum topics when posting, I don't think this falls under edged weapons. :D
    13. Brychan

      NY ordered to answer to SCOTUS

      Your never going to get promoted to overseer. :lol2:
    14. Brychan

      First Ever 9mm Lever Action Rifle

      That's fugly.
    15. Brychan

      Should You Carry Your Pistol Cocked and Locked?

      Just to be really safe, no mag in pistol, slide and frame carried separately. Practice assembly, inserting mag, racking, I sure you will have more than ample time to get into the fight.
    16. Brychan

      Concealed to Brandishing

      What if we skip having a what if forum?
    17. Brychan

      MSP Got one... Instructor caught cutting corners, permits invalidated.

      That sucks, did they state a reason for revoking?
    18. Brychan

      What gun for first time carrying on a Maryland permit?

      First time carrying in Maryland, RIA commander size .45 acp. Wearing sweat pants and tee shirt, so a belly band. Felt really good to walk past 2 of Baltimore's finest have a chat by the door at a Rite Aid. Knowing I was completely legal. It has been a long, long wait to do this.
    19. Brychan

      Do You Have A Maryland Carry Permit?

      As of yesterday... YES
    20. Brychan

      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Approved Saturday, in hand today. The permit is not as cheap looking as I was expecting, from comments in the carry threads.
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