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    1. Norton

      Greetings from Normandy:

      I might reach out to you on your trip. I think we're going to take the leap this summer and see if we can do it. I want to retrace my grandfather's route across Europe. I know it will take several trips to do it.
    2. Norton

      ISO Peter Bagnell

      I found three emails that I PM'ed to you.
    3. Norton

      ISO Peter Bagnell

      Check PMs. I have an older personal email address for him.
    4. Norton

      ISO Peter Bagnell

      That's not him.
    5. Norton

      Is Woke-ism Ruining Society?

      You're done. There's not one meaningful contribution you've made, and your continuous combativeness, and insertion of "isms" into every single post shows that you have no legitimate interest in being here.
    6. Norton

      2 Hour Classroom w/ 1 Hour range - "Life After the W&C Class"

      Add me to interested list, schedule dependent.
    7. Norton

      Chris's Charcoal Pit coming to Edgewater!

      They had a fire a while back, which is what I think prompted the move. They'll also get county tax rates rather than city. Edgewater will probably treat them right as a location given the astonishing over development down there.
    8. Norton

      I can't post in places here but can't post things for sale

      Well, that alone does it, aside from everything else.
    9. Norton

      AA Board of Education

      AACPS just announced a $1000.00 end of year bonus for all permanent employees. Sounds awesome, except that the cornerstone of Supt. Bedell's plan is to work to remove the property tax cap. Standby for all of the county teachers who live here to scream about their $600 net bonus being eaten up...
    10. Norton

      Tuckahoe State Park- general discussion thread

      That's a nice too. Can connect to Cross Island as well
    11. Norton

      Start thinking about mid-terms: AACO Exec

      Congratulations AACO. I know for a hard fact that the new superintendent of schools is making the removal of the county property tax cap a cornerstone of his funding plan for the school system. He's already had meetings with Pittman and members of the county council and it's going to be...
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