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      Beware of door-to-door solicting

      All, Had an incident here in AA County in Edgewater. There have been pairs of people wandering the neighborhood with clipboards, somewhat nicely dressed, knocking on doors and soliciting. The usual stuff like siding, roof repair, BGE Home and so on. My wife and I have a very visible sign...
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      Marketing Advice: Choose 6 Calibers for Free

      This is going to be a bit of an odd request but a fun game everyone can play! I am looking for some marketing advice. I am working on an application I've had in the pipeline for a long time and looking to release it in the next couple months. It is a reloading concordance of sorts...
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      Rifles Coming Up for Sale

      All, I am looking to thin the herd a bit so I have a number of rifles I am going to be putting up for sale. I will be taking pictures in the next day or two and will update accordingly. But I wanted to give our fellow MDS members a list. For the most part this is C&R or antiques. There...
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      Need a gunsmith to fix Tikka T3x rail issues

      All, I have a Tikka T3x TAC A1 I was working on to mount a 20 MOA rail. I was removing the factory rail and had the two rear rail torx screw heads strip. Seems Sako uses very grippy loctite or equivalent and the screws wouldn't break free. Since they were deep in the rail, I drilled out the...
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      Anyone in MD shoot 6mm Creedmoor?

      All, I just got to enjoy an error on the part of a vendor who shipped me the wrong ammo in a caliber I don't shoot. So I have 100 rounds of 6mm (not 6.5) Creedmoor that I cannot use. Anyone out there want it really cheap? As in "buy me lunch at Burger King" type cheap. I can't use it...
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      RCBS Rockchucker Single Stage Press, Powder Measure and Accessories: Interest?

      All, I've got a RCBS Rockchucker single stage press, powder measure, combination base plate and the accessories that go with these I am thinking about selling and replacing with a Dillion RL550B. I have space for only one press and I'd like more future flexibility. Any interest on the...
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      Anyone attending or previously attended Boomershoot?

      All, Anyone from the board ever attended a Boomershoot? I'm making the trek across country this year to attend and curious if anyone had been to give me some tips on what to expect. Matt
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      Standard profile .22LR Upper Legal to Sell

      Hey all, I have a .22LR dedicated upper for an AR that I am looking to get rid of having acquired a new one. Per the FSA 2013 legislation, a copycat weapon is defined in 4-301(e) as: So I would assume a rimfire upper on an AR lower does not qualify as a "copycat weapon" regardless of its...
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      New Punisher Dissipator Build - Just Because

      A little show-off thread. Picked up a couple of AR lowers from 2A Sales & Supplies (thanks guys!) and used one to build up a new range plinking toy. I have an XM177 pattern AR with an 11.5 inch barrel and wanted to complement it with something with better reach and power. Nothing fancy. A...
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      New or Future Reloader Karma

      I have a copy of "The ABCs of Reloading, 8th Edition" (current edition is 9th) that is redundant on my bench. So I am offering it up to my fellow MDS shooters who are just getting started with reloading or thinking about it in the future...
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      A Unicorn in Maryland for F-Class

      All, I have spotted a unicorn in Maryland. And captured it for myself. Two years ago I began planning to get into long range shooting. So I started to custom build a rifle around a Remington 700 action for F-Class TR. One of the things I wanted was an upgraded stock that was heavier and...
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      Just won my Holy Grail rifle! Carl Gustafs 1898 Swedish Mauser

      I just lucked out huge! Just won an M96 Swedish Mauser made in 1898. This has been my Holy Grail of firearms for a long time and I've lost others due to outbidding and some rather high prices (an all-matching museum quality 1897 went for $2800 on me last year). All matching here save for a...
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      Pulling bullets and downsizing commercial 6.5x55mm ammo

      All, I have a 1915 Carl Gustafs 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser that has been sporterized. Someone (not me) put it into a synthetic Ramline stock, rebarreled on a medium contour straight barrel, free floated, tapped the receiver for a scope mount, redid the trigger to 3.5lbs and modified the bolt to a...
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      How many to load for the first time?

      Ok all, reloading virgin here about to have his first live experience with the press. I've been going through the motions, up and down, in and out, with the press to learn how to do everything right. I've had several dry runs and now I want to do it for real. I'm loading .45ACP to start...
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      Working on a new Android app for Powder/Bullet cross-referencing

      All, I am new to reloading but a pet peeve of mine in the time of scarcity and reaction is finding matching components to start loading. I have five reloading manuals and find myself sitting on a site flipping around to answer the questions of "They have powder X available, what can I load...
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      Another "Testimony for Tomorrow" Thread

      I've been waffling on what to say tomorrow. I do best with passion and energy. Here is what I am looking at saying tomorrow: ---- Good afternoon. My name is Matt Pickering. I am a resident of Edgewater, MD. I have taken the day off from my job as a software development manager to speak to...
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      WTB: Remington 700 .308. SPS or 5R 24" barrel

      Hello Industry Partners! I am looking for a bolt-action Remington 700 rifle or .308 short action. A complete rifle is fine. I am preferably looking for a SPS Varmint or equivalent model chambered in .308 with a heavy barrel or a .308 5R with the 24" barrel. If you have a line on a 5R, I'll...
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      20 round AR-15 Magazines on sale $14.99 via Cope's Distributing

      All, This is for those who are interested. Cope's Distributing has 20 round AR-15 magazines in stock at $14.99 each, limit of 10. I placed an order and those who might be interested might want to give them a call at 866-523-2673. They will ship to Maryland without issue. Note: I am no...
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      Providence, RI bans semi-automatic firearms

      Here: Rhode Island: Providence Passes Resolution Banning Semi-Automatic Guns Courtesy AmmoLand and NRA-ILA. Looks like another city is trying the tyranny thing on for size and violate state preemption laws. I find it fascinating that if we suggested the same thing for the 1st Amendment...
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      True AWB in MD via O'Malley and Judiciary

      All, Been a MD Shooters member for a while but been quiet but coming up for air with events over the past two weeks. Especially supposed proposals upcoming that would truly ban AR-15s, AK pattern rifles and anything else black and scary, limit magazines downward to half of the current limit...
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