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    1. mopar92

      Pizza overflow

      Any interest in ordering a bunch of pizzas for sustenance on this hearing day? I have. $30 to toss in the pot.
    2. mopar92

      Old police question

      So despite knowing better. I'm trying out carrying my 4" K frame this weekend. Just around the house doing li'l piddly stuff. How the fvck did you guys do this day in/out? The damn thing juts out, weighs down my hip, I feel it with every step and it smacks everything then me when I sit down...
    3. mopar92

      Group Buy

      Soooooo, let's ring in the new (slightly used) year with a bang! We're going to run a group buy on American Tactical Imports Firestorm eXtreme Military 1911's. Why these guns? Good question. These are rebranded SAM(Shooter's Arms Manufacturing) 1911's. These are good quality, Phillipine made...
    4. mopar92


      How hard is it to make safe squibs? Ones that get stuck in the barrel. An instructor friend asked me if I knew. She wants to do an intro to handgun class that includes clearing of squibs so her students can see the proper procedure and know how to handle an unsafe situation safely. I told her...
    5. mopar92

      Hire me (Automotive Technician) Jose Saldana 443-605-8846 Bilingual Purpose: Apply for an mid-level position in a customer/employee focused automotive service shop Experience: Completed a 3 day introductory...
    6. mopar92

      Carroll County Unskilled Labor

      My godbrother is looking for a job that pays more than Mickey D's. He's looking for something entry level in a skilled industry but doesn't have the time/money to go to school. On the negative side he is a felon but is trustworthy, the felony was violence related if that makes a difference.
    7. mopar92

      6.5 Grendel Y/N?

      Thinking of building a 6.5 Grendel for long range and possible (though unlikely) hunting. Pros: Low recoil (compared to a conventional. 308/AR-10) Low weight (same) Higher capacity (same) Ability to use higher BC projectiles Higher velocity leading to less elevation loss and shorter...
    8. mopar92

      Lightbulb moment

      So today I finally got the blessing to buy my nephews some cap guns. Of course they want to do the Wild West thing and duel. So we set em up, made em walk 10 paces, draw and shoot. Older nephew, tossed the snubby in his waistband, younger one threw it in his pocket. Older one had a smooth draw...
    9. mopar92

      I have $400

      I'm waiting on a BOK. Who is willing to teach me how to use it and not kill anyone? Prefer a lil bit of basic first aid schooling too.
    10. mopar92

      Best MD Legal .308 battle rifle

      So didn't pony up for an FAL before the 10/1 ban. So now I'm thinking of rectifying that mistake. It boils down for me to AR-10ish or CETME (Don't like the Vepr's (AK ergonomics don't work for me and only 8 rounds?) , don't like the LE901( non pinned gas block, too short barrel, no idea how...
    11. mopar92

      Shooter's Discount Closed Until Further Notice

      As the title says. Medical emergency No further info at this time. Will update with more information as I get it. Update at @ 8:30 pm Not authorized to disclose information but I can say the operation went well and he is in recovery although not concious (due to anesthesia). IF ANYONE HAS ANY...
    12. mopar92

      Holster help

      I have settled on the Glock generation 3 (9/40/357 frame) pistols as my guns. So now I am looking for the perfect holster. But, I can't find it. Heres what I'm looking for. Trigger coverage. - #1 cause for ND's and AD's in Glocks is something messing with the trigger Light compatible. -My...
    13. mopar92

      MSP's Incompetence & Underhandedness

      From an IP phone conversation. I have learned MSP is losing financial documents, and making accounts delinquent prior to the July 1st Maryland Licensed Regulated Firearms Dealer renewal. What this means is that regulated firearms dealers and sales of regulated firearms may cease to exist in...
    14. mopar92

      Pedicure 5/3 Westminster

      For those that think the last time was a fluke me and Lou are getting pedicures again on 5/3 in Westminster at 1800. Location is Salon by Natalie. 402 Englar Road 410-871-1179 Call for reservations.
    15. mopar92

      Finished MD House Bill Testimony

      My phone keeps screwing up and deleting all my attempts at written testimony. So hopefully I can manage this. I'll steal finished testimony and post it here so others can copy paste and send "form letters". Even if all you can manage is an email to a legislator it's better than nothing...
    16. mopar92

      Where Were You?

      To all IP's that are firearms dealers. Where were you on 2/26. You know the well publicized MD Senate Gun Bill Day? I mean, what happened to the fire and brimstone regarding SB281? What happened to not giving up the fight? What happened to being there every year from now on? I won't be doing...
    17. mopar92

      Carroll County Watch Repair

      I've got a Seiko 5 that needs a minor repair. (One of the number markers fell off). Anyone know a good reputable place to get it repaired to my specification? As in just replacing the one piece and leaving the same bezel and case back?
    18. mopar92

      Annapolis for Idiots

      Norton has a great "How to Testify" thread. So here's the also ran. Brush yo teef (or toof) Deodorant WEAR IT. Cologne and perfume wear IN MODERATION Foods that make you fart AVOID THEM (not applicable if in a meeting with Martin O'Malley or Vinnie DeMarco in which case soiling yourself is...
    19. mopar92

      2/28 Carroll County Meet-Up

      Oh yeah! We're back! When: February 28th @ 7 P.M. Where: Johannson's Dining House 4 West Main Street Westminster MD. Why: Networking and a chance to meet some local political figures and representatives. And a general all around good time with the infamous Carroll County Crew How: Plane...
    20. mopar92

      E-Mail Bomb

      Hey mods do you think there's a possibility to create a last minute e-mail bomb for 2A Tuesday? Honestly interest and commitments from what I've seen have been fairly tepid.
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