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      Acronym list

      Thanks for this!!! Lol
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      Looking for a black powder shotgun

      oh, and never fired!
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      Looking for a black powder shotgun

      Hey, I have a Black Powder 12ga sxs. Its made by Navy Arms, two hammers, two triggers, and that's about it. I'm near OCMD. If you want Email Tim
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      Palmetto State Armory

      Good co.
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      Hi everyone this site feels at home already!!!

      Hello dare! I am new as well.
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      York, PA Gun Show June 23/24

      gonna be there
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      My first Mosin-Nagant!

      Nice, the are great and ammo is nice and cheap. If you are using surplus ammo, make sure you clean it well after every use. That stuff can be corrosive. I have two of them 1906, and a 1943. love um both.
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      Did they ever ask anybody this question at Walmart

      If the clerk, is just going through the motions, he or she may not notice that you are way older or what to get rifle or pistol ammo. I believe that the person behind the desk should make an educated guess, if in doubt, ID the person. It is a law and I agree. Though there are some funky rifles...
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      Russia Switching From Makarovs to the New Strizh Pistol

      I love me a makarov, all night long....just kidding. Id like to get one when I finish my collection more. Its cool to see it being swapped out!
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      Long range pistol shooting- service pistol

      10mm will not drop or loose power as fast as a lot of bullets!
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      Emily Miller: Shell Casing Law "Jettisoned"

      there are some internet guns i would love to buy but cant because of the law
    12. T

      Emily Miller: Shell Casing Law "Jettisoned"

      I wish they would change the law.
    13. T

      Gun Safes

      For 5 bucks, Ill throw it on my back and carry it in for ya! LoL,
    14. T

      Winchester 94 question

      I have had this problem before, just use some BONDO and Ducktape!
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      New Surveillance Program Listens For Gunshots, Get Police There in Minutes

      ohh, boy. When:cool: I shoot out on my own land, do I have to call it in first or what?
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      Dick's lives up to its name

      I think that you should have privacy in what you are going to do with the ammo.
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