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    1. slayr15

      My newest build

      Advanced ord upper and barrel. Yhm diamond 12 in rifle length rail fail zero bolt and carrier ,strike Ind charging handle. Larue index clips and hand stop and yhm phantom flash hider. B5 sopmod,magpul moe grip tactical link.
    2. slayr15

      ESMD MDS MEET AND GREET #2 sat july 10,2010 Village inn Parsonsburg MD

      The meet and greet will be at the Village inn. (1-410-742-2935) 32263 Old Ocean City road Parsonburg ,MD at 7:00 pm Saturday July 10,2010 . Please post if you are coming so I can let them know how many to expect. Thanks, Brian
    3. slayr15

      my new polish tok and 2 nd chance body armor

      Got my new polish tok (1952) from sog last week as well as a tin of the rommy tok ammo so.... I had a few second chance vests to play with dated 2005 . I shot 3 rounds of .45 ,.9mm , 357 all 3 did not go thru the vest. All of 7.62x25 zipped right thru the vest and 4 inches of wood. I only had...
    4. slayr15

      my romanian g clone

      Got it finished tonight! Thanks mds member Mrbig381 for the nice stock set.
    5. slayr15

      my new polish milled 1960 ak is in!

      wow this thing is nice . I got the lamanate wood all matches looks new not all beat up sights are perfect. The receiver fit and finish is awesome. No cleaning rod but got 2 20 rnd hungarian tanker mags and a type 1 bao. Ordered from blane at atlantic firearms and shooters supply in whaleyville...
    6. slayr15

      eastren shore eat and greet #2 intrest thread

      Anyone ready for #2 ? If so I will set it up .
    7. slayr15

      remington 1917 nagant bannernan rifle

      Picked this up today.
    8. slayr15

      wtb romanian g stock set/hungarian leather amd 65 sling

      Looking for a rommy g complete stock set /w pistol grip and hungarian tan leather sling for the amd-65 ak. Thanks, Brian
    9. slayr15

      psl-54c or polish milled 1960 ?

      I want both but can only get one of them . I can't make up my mind . I have a bunch of ak's but no milled and my yugo sniper could use a little brother. Help with some pro's and cons of each.
    10. slayr15

      my new tgi amd65

      $399 from j&g sales . Shooters supply in whaleyville did the transfer. Feg reciver, tapco fcg g2 single hook. gonna sbr this one.
    11. slayr15

      mosin #4

      my new m91 1921 izh hex!
    12. slayr15

      appleseed shoot thread

      who's in? who wants to save America ? i have all the paper work in hand to get this thing rolling now its up to you! i am trying for a weekend in sep-oct at dsc.
    13. slayr15

      the most taticool mall ninga thing yet......

      delta bayonette stun muzzle break :lol2: "the dat stun kit effectively transforms the end of your rail equiped firearm into an 500,000 volt stun gun for close quaters combat".
    14. slayr15

      the mosins three (new mosin!)

      some pics of a my new to me 1942 izzy 91/30 (middle with my 1939 tula,1944 m44) i got thursday cleaned the cosmo out tonight and hopfully shoot her in the morning. p.s the orange paint was on the sn and rear site when it got here.
    15. slayr15

      pse tac-15 ar -15 crossbow upper

      must have one :party29: now they must make a pse ak 47 crossbow
    16. slayr15

      new lancaster ...again!!!!

      picked up anoughter new lancaster tonight side folder like my other one but this one has the black poly furnature instead of the wood and a tapco saw grip pic's soon to follow !!!!!! ohhh and it was nice meeting you mds member mr.bill!!
    17. slayr15

      cheep easy ak -47 /sks front site tool

      all you need is small c-clamp from any hardware store and a 9/16 drive socket. i posted this in anoughter thread but see this ? asked all the time so..
    18. slayr15

      new lancaster ak

      in fear of the obamanaton i slid by manchesters in bishopville today and purchased a new lancaster 3410 bulgarian side folder :party29:
    19. slayr15

      turk t38's on sale

      allans armory has some turkish t38 mausers on sale right now.
    20. slayr15

      my samurai flea market find.

      picked this up as a wall hanger. no self respecting mall ninja would be with out his sword :D
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