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    1. mwelliott - The Dryfire Guy

      Just in case you haven't heard of Steve Anderson, he is the guy who literally wrote the book on dryfire. If you are looking for improvement in your competition shooting this would be a good time to consider checking out either of his books. He also posts tips and articles on Facebook and his...
    2. mwelliott

      PA State IDPA 2012

      I shot the PA State match at Hollidaysburg yesterday and was able to come away with some video. Corey put on a great match that had a nice combination of stages that included the right balance between speed and accuracy.
    3. mwelliott

      WBRP IDPA to host a Bob Vogel Training Class October 6 & 7 2012

      I received this email from NEIDPA and thought it would benefit some here. Jerry G has arranged for Bob Vogel to teach an advanced shooting class at Wilkes-Barre Rifle & Pistol Club on October 6 & 7. This is an advanced training class so it is limited currently to classifications of Expert...
    4. mwelliott

      Bob Vogel FAST Drill 3.34 seconds

      While the official FAST drill takes two strings, this video is impressive nonetheless. :thumbsup: The F.A.S.T. test: Range: 7 yards Target: 3×5 card (head), 8″ plate (body) Start position: weapon concealed or in duty condition with all holster retention devices active; shooter facing...
    5. mwelliott

      Smith & Wesson 2012 IDPA Indoor National Championships

      Is anyone else going to attend? Registration opens this Saturday and I am told it fills almost instantly. It will be held February 23-25th at the Smith&Wesson Shooting Sports Center in Springfield, MA. Match Information Registration link when its open. Just wondering who from here I...
    6. mwelliott

      New Shooting Jersey

      Finally my new shooting jersey arrived in the mail from Techwear. Seeing that I would only use this shirt in competition it seems to fit in this part of the site. First photo is the back and the second photo is the right sleeve and the reason I am sharing it with everyone. To be...
    7. mwelliott

      POF SBR Full Auto Mag Dump

      I had the opportunity over the weekend to shoot a friends POF full auto SBR. Below is a really short video of me dumping a full 30 round mag. As you can imagine the short barrel and resulting fireball makes it nearly impossible to see while shooting it but that is just part of the fun...
    8. mwelliott

      Vihtavuori N140

      I seem to have 4lbs of Vihtavuori N140 that I do not need. The powder is at least 5 years old and I have NO idea if its good or bad. It has been stored inside so I am guessing its ok but its up to you to decide. Instead of writing my name in the yard with it and setting it on fire maybe...
    9. mwelliott

      40 Minor Load with a Hodgdon powder?

      All, As much as I enjoy shooting the 40 Minor load from DC Ammo it seems I need to start rolling my own. What I am looking for is some recommendation and starting point from the collective on this forum. Currently I have 180GR Montana Gold CMJ in stock and a handful of Bayou Bullets 180GR...
    10. mwelliott

      Matt Burkett Pistol class in WV July 16th

      Just announced last night Matt will be teaching his practical pistol one-day class this Saturday in High View WV (about 30 min. from Winchester) at a private range. Link to the email announcement Link to the Predator Tactical site with details. Just wanted to throw it out there. Mike
    11. mwelliott

      Virginia State IDPA Championship - AAR

      This past Saturday I shot the VA State Championship in Bristol VA/TN. I didn't get all the stages on tape but have 9 out of the 13 embedded below. It was a good match at a great range in Bristol. One of the most entertaining stages was where you had to shoot from a porch swing that the SO swings...
    12. mwelliott

      Matt Burkett Pistol/Carbine class in WV May 21-22

      Just announced tonight. Matt will be offering his Pistol/Carbine course May 21-22 at Echo Valley Training Center in High View, WV. Link to the email announcement Link to the Predator Tactical page with information Mike
    13. mwelliott

      Vimeo Support

      I searched and came up empty handed. Can Vimeo support be enabled, or is it already? I have seen on other forums you can use or sometimes just post the link and it embeds. If someone is able, could you let me know? This is the video hosting site in question. Thanks in Advance, Mike
    14. mwelliott

      Joomla/Web Developer

      There is a good chance I will be needing someone ASAP to fix/edit a site that uses Joomla as its CMS. Instead of hiring another temp I would like to see if anyone has the skills or interest here first. If you have another job, its no problem. This would be a couple hours here or there and I am...
    15. mwelliott

      Thanks for the LCP

      Thanks again for the great service and showing me a gun that I didnt know that I needed. :D I am sure to be back for more with that level of service. Mike
    16. mwelliott

      Outfitter for Black Bear in MD

      Does anyone have any experience with an outfitter for black bear in Maryland? I have a lead on what seems to be a good one but wanted to check around a little before plunking down the cash. I have a LOT of shooting experience, just not a lot of hunting experience and need the help of a...
    17. mwelliott

      Another Happy Customer with a Pic

      Just wanted to give Jim a big thumbs up on engraving my lower. I'm a happy customer and will be back for more! Mike
    18. mwelliott

      Who has a Glock in .357?

      I have a brand new Glock brand 15 round magazine in .357. I am not sure why I have it because I dont have any glock chambered in .357. It is brand new and if you can use it let me know and I will gladly ship it to you free of charge. First to respond to this thread gets it. It is just like this...
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