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    1. TinCuda

      WTB Galil Ace GAR-6M-N Handguard

      WTB Galil Ace Handguard, pistol length with opposing screw style, black. RS Regulate P/N GAR-6M-N If you have the smooth end cap, I would be interested in that too. I live in Texas for shipping and I prefer PayPal if able.
    2. TinCuda

      Sig 556 Flash hider

      . In an effort to "Swiss" up my Sig P556, I installed a new flash hider that I got from MFI LLC. The thing looks fantastic...
    3. TinCuda

      WTB 556 lower with Swiss style stock US conversion

      I am looking for a Sig 556 lower with Swiss style stock US conversion like in the attached picture. Any help finding one would be appreciated.
    4. TinCuda


    5. TinCuda

      Ohio Court Strikes Down Cincinnati’s Bump Stock Ban

      Ohio Court Strikes Down Cincinnati’s Bump Stock Ban
    6. TinCuda

      GOA Amazon charity

      Please Share as often as able. If you use Amazon, then I encourage you to use Amazon Smile and follow the link below. Select the Gun Owners Foundation (Gun Owners of America) as the charity that you support. A percentage of every purchase will go to the GOA to help protect your gun rights...
    7. TinCuda

      ATF Firearms Industry Operations Manual Obtained via GOA FOIA Request Sorry if it is a dupe. This copy is the first time since the 1990s that the manual has been made public. The ATF was not quick to supply the information to GOA, but continued...
    8. TinCuda

      ATF Admits It Lacked Authority To Ban Bump Stocks

      Maybe this was Trump's plan all along... ATF Admits It Lacked Authority To Ban Bump Stocks Link below. .,
    9. TinCuda

      Prism Sights

      I have been playing around with prism sights lately. Never really cared for anything other than a good set of iron sights until now. The biggest reason that I have avoided the new fancy scopes is that I hate batteries. I have visions of being out in the wilderness in some post apocalyptic...
    10. TinCuda

      WTB Black M249s Para

      nevermind please void this.
    11. TinCuda

      M-Lok Story Problem.

      Sorry if this has been covered... full pun intended. LOL I want to cover 4 M-Lok lugs with one rail. How many "slot" rail do I need to cover 4 lugs with one rail? If I try to use two rail sections to cover the same 4 lugs, how many "slot" rail sections would I need. Two sections of (?)...
    12. TinCuda

      NTFE Nickel Teflon Coating

      Could someone please explain to me what NTFE Nickel Teflon Coating is exactly? I am interested in a bolt carrier (Like DS Arms sells) that is coated this way. Is this just a gimmick or are there any real advantages? Any downsides? Does it wear well?
    13. TinCuda

      AR15 Magazine Spring Preference.

      Sorry if this has been beat to death. I tried a search but all the hits wore me out. LOL I would like to replace a few of my magazine springs (and maybe put a few spare ones back) for my AR15. Does anyone have a preference or does anything stand out as being better than others? A couple...
    14. TinCuda

      School me on barrel Fins.

      I have a barrel that is a little on the heavy side (I don't live in Maryland) and I am looking at having fins cut into it. Please do not confuse this with a question about fluting. I have read a lot about fluting so feel free to compare the two. Why do I not see many barrels available with...
    15. TinCuda

      Removing recoil rod from HK91 stock backplate

      Could someone please tell me how to best remove the recoil rod from a HK91 stock backplate? See attached picture. I am wanting to remove the recoil rod (red arrow). Is the rod screwed in or pressed/swedged on the backplate end? (red circle). I don't want to just take a set of "hawg jaws" to...
    16. TinCuda

      M92 PAP with Sig Brace install.

      Just wanted to share on of my favorite builds. It is an AK47 style M92 pistol with a Tech Smith MFG modified Sig Sauer MCX stock and Gear Head Works Mod 1 brace. The furniture is Midwest Industries and Magpul. Holosun HS503C sight. I like to keep all of the modifications to my firearms to be...
    17. TinCuda

      Need some rail help for my Wilkinson Linda.

      I do not live in Maryland. Not for sale. My Wilkinson Linda has a kind of funny slotless rail on top. I have seen Lindas that have had slots cut to allow modern scope mounts. I do not want my receiver cut because I want everything I do to be reversible for the collector's value. Does...
    18. TinCuda

      M249s Para Gen 1 vs, Gen 2 Question?

      What is the difference between the FN M249s para Gen 1 and Gen 2. If you look at the pictures, you can see a difference between the stocks and handguards. Does anyone know if there is any differences than basically cosmetic? There might be something going on with the Gen 2 gas system. The...
    19. TinCuda

      HK MP5 collapsing style arm brace.

      There have been some prototypes shown online from time to time. One of those prototypes even sold on GunBroker for somewhere around $1000. Nothing was made for the general public... until now. I just got my brace adapter and installed a tailhook on my Omega MP5 clone. Michael Bonamico from...
    20. TinCuda

      Meprolight Shotgun front sight install

      Has anyone installed a Meprolight front sight on a shotgun? I am working on a Mossberg 590. 5-40 threads. Possible #4 washer size The problem is that the sight is a blade type and the threads do not tighten down with the sight lined up straight. I need a shim. I have tried to use No. 4...
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