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    1. h2u

      10/8 @ DSC

      If anyone is off and wants to come by, a few of the old-skool MDS members are getting together to shoot at Delmarva on Monday. So far we have JeepDriver, gibby, Adodson, myself, and anyone else we can scare up over the weekend. We’ll probably get there around 10a and leave by 3p...or until we...
    2. h2u

      (Link to) Pics of the $17K Mosin

      A couple of years ago, we had the $12K Mosin. Now we have the $17K Mosin. Looks like some of those crappy "tomato stakes" are worth some cash ;) This particular example hammered at $14,500. Adding in the buyers premium took it to approx $17,000. ***The link is to Gunboards, where the...
    3. h2u

      OP Designation?

      On a couple of other forums I frequent, the original poster gets ID'ed with OP in brackets. For me, this helps with relevant updates in the thread as it progresses. I can skip a lot of fluff and see what additional info the OP adds - which is generally why I clicked on it to begin with. Just...
    4. h2u

      Delmarva Shoot 10/10@10

      For anyone off, interested, and looking to do some shooting, a couple of us old-school MDS members will be at Delmarva for a chunk of the day tomorrow (10a-3p).
    5. h2u

      Legacy of the Veterans

      I thought this was interesting...and because I haven't posted anything C&R in quite some time! In Finnish with English subtitles. Interviews with men that fought in the Winter and Continuation Wars-with some good footage. About ten and half minutes long.
    6. h2u

      For the Mosin Addicts...

      Premiere is happening in Russia/Ukraine today. About the sniper, Luydmila Pavlichenko, nicknamed Blackbird, and credited with 309 confirmed kills.
    7. h2u

      Maryland Gun Training Center

      Anyone familiar with these guys? Looks like they hold classes on the last Sunday of the month at AGC range in Marriottsville. I have a friend who signed up and I just wanted to check them out (pros/cons) before they take the class. It appears they offer many basic NRA classes. Thanks for...
    8. h2u

      For the Deagle Fans..

      ...of which I am one!! New for 2015--- One of these days I'll be able to afford one to go with my AR chambered in 50AE :D
    9. h2u

      What was I Thinking….

      buying this old, beat up M44? It doesn't even have a cleaning rod and is missing the bayonet :cool:
    10. h2u

      For all the Mosin Haters...

      I've been watching this for a couple of days and figured my C&R peeps might enjoy this first hand. The one true Holy Grail of the Finn Mosins. Only 200 ever made, only three known to exist at the moment. This is a bolt mis-match and it's missing the handguard. The seller is a longtime...
    11. h2u

      New One - It's Been Awhile

      ...since I posted pics of a new firearm. I hadn't realized how long until I went back and checked. December of 2012...Dang! Here is the newest resident of h2u's, House of Wayward Finns. This is a first year M28/30 (1933), otherwise known as a, "no date". These are definitely uncommon, but...
    12. h2u

      THIS is why we preach to the guys who Sporterize

      To the people that get defensive when guys here get on them about refinishing stocks or sporterizing, "just a Mosin"-please remember that just a tiny variation can change the value of a seemingly regular Mosin. For this reason, please check with fellow collectors before you want to, "improve"...
    13. h2u

      Hitler on Mosins (Spoof)

      It will be funnier for the guys who know Vic and Tuco (owners of Gunboards). The wording of this makes me think it was someone who speaks English as a second language, but it still has a few humorous lines.
    14. h2u

      Firearms for sale in Va

      So an Airborne buddy is getting PCS'ed out of state and wants to sell some firearms. He lives in Alexandria, VA and has the following for sale: - three RGuns legit snipers for $800 each (what he paid a year ago). All are '43 or '44 Izhevsk. -M1D with repro mount and repro scope say between...
    15. h2u

      Good News for the Collectors...

      ...just don't ask me exactly what it is :o Looks like the R's and the NRA attached some C&R specific riders to the spending bill, along with other pro-gun stuff. This has been happening for years, but this year it appears some were made permanent :thumbsup: The best part is hearing how Rep...
    16. h2u

      How NOT to field dress an Elk

      NSFW (Language) Some of the non-hunters may get a little queasy ;)
    17. h2u

      Scored Another M96

      I found this one on my own-no help from mawkie :D I paid $100 more for this one ($377 to my door) than my first, but believe it was still a solid deal. Unlike my first Swede, this rifle is all matching and in overall nicer condition. Things to like: -All matching (except the cleaning...
    18. h2u

      Operating Room Nurse Wanted

      My wife manages a small surgical center in the Annapolis/Severna Park area and needs to hire an additional experienced OR nurse. It would be for Mon-Thurs 28-32hrs per week. Benefits include vacation, sick time, paid holidays, yearly bonus, and 401k. A small perk in comparison to most of the...
    19. h2u

      New Finn - Not a Mosin

      Thanks to a heads up from mawkie, I was able to score a Finn property-marked Swedish Mauser for an undervalued price. It took FOREVER for the Oregon shop to ship, but it was well packaged. I can now see their reluctance in shipping it to me as the USPS charged them $81 to ship it to my house...
    20. h2u

      A Finn with a Cool Addition

      This is the M28 I referenced in my Lighting Strikes Twice thread. I found this rifle on an auction site and convinced the seller into selling it to me before anyone put a bid on it and locked it into the auction. The pics were horrible and the lighting made the stock looked chemically...
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