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    1. Alphabrew

      *Gone* Electricians! Bunch of free electrical stuff…

      This is some of my dad’s old stuff that I need to get rid off. Free to any MDS member, preference given to someone who will take it all. Pick up in Woodbine, not far from rt. 94/I-70
    2. Alphabrew

      Ruger 5.7x28mm carbine

      Kind of want but I really don’t want to stock a new caliber. I think this will be a win for them though in terms of sales. I’ll bet a pistol version is in the works as well.
    3. Alphabrew

      *GONE* Speaker box

      ETA: gone to landfill I’m cleaning out my barn and it’s time for this to find a new home. It has bits of straw on it and it a little dusty, could use a cleaning. This is probably 20 years old so not sure if the subs are still good, but it’s free. Located in Woodbine near Food Lion shopping...
    4. Alphabrew

      870 PoPo Magnums $350 shipped

      18” barrels with factory Remington mag tube extensions
    5. Alphabrew

      Moss 590a1 20” police trades $449

      It’s killing me to pass on these:
    6. Alphabrew

      The new software is amazing for how it handles links

      I’ve posted links to news sites, twitter, Instagram and Reddit, and everything automatically shows up with a really nice preview window. Videos can be played without leaving the forum page (even twitter and Instagram videos). That’s pretty awesome!
    7. Alphabrew

      Possible to default pics as “full size” instead of “thumbnail”?

      Seems like a lot of forum members who post pics are posting them as thumbnails, which makes the pic smaller and it has a weird banner at the bottom. Of course the software allows you the option to instead post them full size, but that requires a few more clicks and you know what they say about...
    8. Alphabrew

      2022 Pennzoil oil rebate

      Couple of different rebates, including $25 gift card with purchase of 2 of the 5 quart jugs of platinum full synthetic
    9. Alphabrew

      LE trade Moss 500 Marinecote $300 shipped

      If you want a shottie, not a bad deal. 18.5” barrels
    10. Alphabrew

      Waste oil containers

      Offering these up to the MDS community before I take them to the dump. I used these to hold used motor oil, but I no longer have a need for them. I believe the smaller one is 5 gal, not sure the capacity of the larger one. Porch pickup in woodbine.
    11. Alphabrew

      FK20HR11 Denso spark plugs (6)

      Bough these six spark plugs from Advance Auto parts in 2019 for my sister’s 2011 Camry and never got around to installing them. She had since got a new car. Curbside pickup in Woodbine.
    12. Alphabrew

      Magpul Backpacker 10/22 takedown stock $74

      On Amazon. Just the FDE version
    13. Alphabrew

      New HK single stack 9mm

      Hopefully not a dupe. Kinda looks like a 365.,328#D00000
    14. Alphabrew

      Maverick 88 $250 shipped

      At SMGA:
    15. Alphabrew

      Are there stats on how many minorities have an HQL?

      If voter ID is a burden to minorities, then SB281 from 2013 and the HQL requirement that it brought must be the most racist legislation passed by the Maryland government in decades. Does the MSP publish statistics on the racial background of HQL holders or do they keep that quiet so it’s...
    16. Alphabrew

      G force arms GF3T tactical 12ga $270 /box of 00bk shells

      One of best deals I’ve seen lately for a 12 gauge pump, it even includes a box of 00 buckshot. At South Carroll Sporting Goods. Get ‘em while they’re hot... Chamber: 3″ (Will fire both 2 ¾” and 3″ shells) Caliber: 12GA Barrel...
    17. Alphabrew

      Ever seen an 8mm AK?

      Zastava M76. That’s a new one on me...
    18. Alphabrew

      2021 Mobil1 oil rebates

      It’s currently going on, I do this one every year. $10 rebate on the 5 quart jugs, limit 2.
    19. Alphabrew

      Maverick 88 tree fiddy shipped

      Decent price for this market
    20. Alphabrew

      Remington 870 Police Magnums $600

      A rough looking batch in terms of scratches but the guns look solid and have mag tube extensions and 18” barrels with rifle sights. Not cheap at $600 but these are what’s available right now.
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