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    1. rdc

      Interarms Mark X

      So i picked this up on a whim. I don't know anything about these except they are Zastava built Mauser actions. It was labeled as "custom" This one is Chambered in .30-06, 27in heavy barrel and weighs over 10 lbs. The trigger is an adjustable Parker Hale but it has some extra stuff going on in...
    2. rdc

      New to me Eddystone

      Been on my list for a while. Eddystone with Winchester barrel. Lots of Eddystone parts with a few other Winchester bits. Looks like 1918 manufacture. WWII refurb. I love me a big Ox of a rifle. Not like those tiny ass Mausers.
    3. rdc

      What kind of shotgun?

      I was just watching Midsomer Murders and they had a character loading a type of double barrel shotgun that I've never seen. It wasn't the traditional break open. It had a push/pull lever that opened the action. Any ideas ? Sorry for the crappy pic
    4. rdc

      Legacy of the M1 video
    5. rdc

      Japanese Sword Identification

      Anyone know anything about Japanese swords? This was a gift to my grandfather from a family friend. The friend served in the pacific in WW2 and I think he brought it back. That's sort of what I remember anyway. I was a kid And remember him drinking with my grandfather and telling stories but I...
    6. rdc

      Garand build

      Last week I went down to Anniston and got to build a Garand at the CMPs advanced maintenance class. It ended up being pretty pricey and cost me some vacation time but I had a good time and learned a good bit. Everyone I interacted with at the CMP were very pleasant. The gunsmiths were very...
    7. rdc

      Best 100yr old firearm

      So we are early in 2016. What is the best 100 year old firearm to buy? What's good 1916 or earlier?
    8. rdc


      Who has one? Who has successfully shot it? A friend of mine has one. He bought on a whim. Bought some ammo but it wouldn't fire. Seemed like it wasn't actually striking the cartridge. Basically looking for info/ideas. Any good resources?
    9. rdc

      Offhand support hand grip?

      CMP/highpower type offhand shooting. What grip are you using with your support hand. My question is specifically about a Garand but I'm open to discussions on AR rifles also as I'm struggling a little with that also. I generally just lay the rifle on my flat outstretched palm but I've seen...
    10. rdc

      Egyptian Remington Rolling Blocks

      Looking around this seems to be an Egyptian Remington rolling block rifle. Presumably in .43 Egyptian. It is rough shape. Anyone know anything about them?
    11. rdc

      Shotgun ID help

      So what do we have here. It appears to be a pinfire shotgun? The bore is around 5/8 in. Barrels are about 26in long. Lots of scrollwork in the receiver. Lots of carving in the wood inclining a bad ass boar in the bottom of the buttstock. There is writing on the top of the rib between the...
    12. rdc

      Sporterized 1903

      Just had a sporterized 03 fall into my lap. Looks like it was set up with a target rear sight at some point. Wasn't tapped for a scope. I'm thinking I'm going to try and put it back to its sporterized condition. I have some questions for guys who might know about what they did to these things...
    13. rdc

      Which lever gun

      I've wanted a lever gun for a long time. The main variable is caliber. I've considered .22LR because I used to shoot it a lot and it would probably see the most use. I thought about .357 because I had plans of getting a matching revolver. Now that I'm an HQL refusenik (I'm open to arguments)...
    14. rdc

      32 Winchester Self Loading ammo-source?

      Trying to help a buddy find some .32 Winchester self loading ammo for his Winchester model 1905. Anybody have any experience finding or reloading this ammo? Looked around on gunbroker and found a couple guys selling a handful of loose rounds. Would rather find a whole box or two. It's this...
    15. rdc

      1903A3 sight hood & stock ?s

      Ok so I definitely want to replace the S stock on my 03A3. I'm leaning toward an aftermarket C stock. Any recommendations on which one/where to get it? Sight hoods. So I'm not crazy about how unprotected the front sight blade is. When I got it it was bent. I straightened it out but just...
    16. rdc

      Springfield 1903 help-value

      A friend sake me to help find some info and estimated value on a couple of Springfields. One is a Rock Island the other is a Smith Corona 1903A3. Neither have been shot in a few decades. They seem like they are in good shape. I couldn't get a good look at the bores. He said they are ok not...
    17. rdc

      9mm Largo? Free to food home

      I was given 100 rounds of what I think is 9mm Largo. The guy found it while cleaning out a dead relatives house. He thought it was 9mm Luger and gave it to me since he has no 9mm at all. Had stamp appears to be FMT 1949. Its in plain white boxes but they are embossed with Midway on the inside...
    18. rdc

      Name that rifle

      Saw this recently in an article about the Ukraine. Very AK like but the front half of the receiver looks odd. Looking at the barrel I was thinking maybe tear gas or flare gun but it seems weird to scope one of those. [ATTACH]117404
    19. rdc

      Cartridge ID help

      So years ago my wife inherited some stuff from a relative. One old toolbox contained lots of ammo and other stuff. Some of the stuff looks like it came from his time in the service in WW2. I am just curious what some of these rounds are. The bottom two look like .30-06 and .30 carbine. Don't...
    20. rdc

      9mm Carbine Ammo

      Anyine have suggestions on good HD ammo for a 9mm carbine? Specifically I'm dealing with a ruger PC9. Ideally I'd like to be able to use it effectively in a pistol also. Any suggestions?
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