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    1. a81lp

      Nice Shop

      Was in there today for the first time with a buddy of mine. He walked out with an AR. Staff was awesome,nice selection........ we'll be back
    2. a81lp

      WTB Ruger SR762

      Any Industry partners/individuals have a Ruger SR762 for sale? Please PM details, Thanks!
    3. a81lp

      K98-what do I have?

      Hey guys, wondering if you can help me out here. I'm considering selling this, but I don't know what to ask for it, comes with about 700 rds of surplus 8 mm. And a good portion of that is on stripper clips. Thanks on advance for any info/ help you can...
    4. a81lp

      Good price on Blackhawk Serpa I just ordered one for my g30, but I also see them for xds. m&ps, and a few others. these are not the sporters. these have both the paddle and the belt loop. 28.48 +6.99s+h $35.47. best price i...
    5. a81lp

      what powder

      hey guys please recomend me a powder for 45 acp. going to start reloading as my wife bought me a press for our im starting with 45. im working on the rest of the components. was going to get cci primers but i have no clue as to which powder to get. also anyone know of a place in...
    6. a81lp

      Must have 45

      ok guys i think im becoming a whore for 45. Whats you must have 45. I have a RIA Tactical so 1911 is covered for now. Im consider a fnp45 usg (although I hear the grip is huge), Xdm 45, and a glock 21 sf. but is there anything im missing or shoud consider? thanks in advance
    7. a81lp

      Mississppi Auto Arms

      Any body order from them? Recenty? I ordered a bunch of parts to convert a saiga. Placed the order on 5/8. Everything showed in stock. I checked the sight on 5/11 and the status of my order was "shipping". Sent an email on friday 5/21 with no response. Today I get an email from USPS saying it...
    8. a81lp

      Dumb AK folder question

      Hey guys, dumb question for you. I have a saiga that I want to convert. Are side folding stocks legal in the peoples republic of marylandistan. Thanks in advance.
    9. a81lp

      CMMG customer service

      I put together one of the lowers I bought in the original group buy last night. Had an issue with the safety selector, it seemed to get hung up and wasnt a positive movement. Any way it was a CMMG lpk, I emailed them last night around eleven. Got a response this morning around ten asking form my...
    10. a81lp


      Hey guys wondering what you can tell me about this round. I keep seeing mixed reviews. Considering adding another saiga or ak 74 to my collection. I read things like its everything the 556 isnt to that it is highly overated. Seems like surplus ammo is cheap enough and plentiful enough...
    11. a81lp

      Mauser bolt help

      I need little help. Took the bolt out of my mauser. i did not have the safety in the vertical position. and didnt notice until it was too late. i tried to disasemble the bolt, and now im stuck. the top turned then stopped. now it wiggles a little but other than that wont budge. and I cant get...
    12. a81lp

      AK mags

      getting ready to do my saiga conversion. looking for the best place online to get 30 rd ak mags. and yes i have a friend out of state that is gonna let me ship to their house. thanks on advance
    13. a81lp

      Saiga Conversion... bullet guide questions

      All right guys, I have a Saiga 7.62x39 that im planning on doing a conversion on. Im slowly getting my parts as funds allow and in the next few weeks Ill be doing a pistol grip converson. My real question is, those of you that have these did you add the bullet guide to use standard Ak mags. Is...
    14. a81lp

      My first C&R purchase

      . .
    15. a81lp

      German K98

      Hey guys Ive been real interested in German Mausers lately. Where is the best place to find one. Looking for a quality shooter. Thanks in advance for any and all help.:thumbsup:
    16. a81lp


      Do you carry the uplula mag loader. if so how much. do you have any in stock?
    17. a81lp

      Thinking about getting into reloading

      as the title states, I want to get into reloading. looking for some advice. would the set up in the link below be a good place to start? any other tips, suggestions. thanks in advance...
    18. a81lp

      finally its here

      Finally recieved my C&R. ATF took my money on may 27th. recieved just the liscence,not the package. Now....where do I start:thumbsup:
    19. a81lp

      Any Saigas

      Any Saigas, interested in IZ132 price and availablity. Thanks
    20. a81lp

      1911 - a little help please

      Today i had the gun (not shooting), I released the slide and the hammer followed most of the way back. This was with no mag on it. I did it a few more times , and it did it again. I put in an empty magand racked and released the slide a whole bunch of times. It happened again a few times. I...
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