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    1. BeoBill

      Timonium Gun Show 2022 @ Maryland State Fairgrounds

      July 9 - 10, 2022
    2. BeoBill

      Ranked Choice Voting Ahead for Maryland?

      I read this in Maryland Matters this morning, and homed in on it like a cruise missile. I didn't see this new wrinkle surface anywhere yet, and thought this could be the best place to put it, since it directly affects the political climate in this state. I fear that this is on its way to...
    3. BeoBill

      Midway Sale on BP Pistols/Revolvers They appear to have many IN STOCK!
    4. BeoBill

      BP Pistols/Revolvers on Sale at Midway They actually have many in stock!
    5. BeoBill

      Ethics Panel at Center of Prince George’s School Board Feud to Resign
    6. BeoBill

      BCPD HQL Scandal

      Baltimore County Police officer indicted on charges of accepting bribes in exchange for handgun licenses, carry permits Baltimore County officer facing...
    7. BeoBill

      2021 NRA Board of Directors Nominations

      Since I haven't seen anything definitive on the nominees this year (yes, I searched), I thought I'd get the ball rolling. Below are the nominees, along with links to searches on their names. Those with a * are NRA Establishment endorsed/affiliated in one way or another. Underlined names are...
    8. BeoBill

      Richmond Stands With Portland 7/25

      Anyone hear about this?
    9. BeoBill

      Article: Murder Rate Drops in 38 States, with FBI state statistics

      US Homicides Fall for Second Year as Murder Rate Drops in 38 States
    10. BeoBill

      Asperger's as the Cause of Gun Grabbers' Beliefs?

      I came across that thread describing Greta Thuneberg's actions. The characteristics seem to explain the basis of the belief system of many of the rabid gun grabbers I've encountered - high functioning autism (aka Aspregers). What do you think...
    11. BeoBill

      Monday in Annapolis, 4/8. Waving Bye Bye...

      Is anyone going to bid our legiscreatures adieu in the GA Marble Mausoleum on Monday? At, say, 7:30 p.m.? In white attire? Use of all fingers is highly encouraged when waving.
    12. BeoBill

      Citizen Militia Discussion

      I came across an article begging the President to activate the Citizen Militia to guard the southern border. The article makes a good case, IMO. President Trump, Please Call Up The Constitutional Citizen Militia...
    13. BeoBill

      What's Happening on Monday, 4/1???

      In Annapolis. The suspense is killing me! I plan on showing up to meet & greet at 8 p.m. inside the large building fitted out like a giant rest room in a bordello. Anyone else?
    14. BeoBill

      2019 Annual NRA Director Recommendation Thread

      I did a search and didn't find anything for this year. Anyone have any recommendations?
    15. BeoBill

      Is this a Joke or What?

      WinBackYourState @WinYourState Let the Twitter mockery begin! :lol2:
    16. BeoBill

      Anti-2A Groups' Money Grubbing

      Know the facts: Anti-gun activists utilize emotional grief to line their pockets :omg:
    17. BeoBill

      Twitter Mocks CSGV!

      Gun control org instructs people not to shoot at Hurricane Irma — the responses are hilarious
    18. BeoBill

      More Bloomberg BS

      Michael Bloomberg Claims American Gun Deaths Exceed Entire History of American Military Deaths :sad20: :crazy:
    19. BeoBill

      State AGs Carry Pleading to USSC

      State Attorney Generals: Being Armed Not the Same as Being Dangerous
    20. BeoBill

      Inevitable - Smart Gun Hacked

      Hacker Proves Anyone Can Fire A Locked Smart Gun: Here’s How :party29:
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