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    1. BlueHeeler

      MD law clarification for a new MD resident

      fake news Please delete
    2. BlueHeeler

      DC attorney general opposes prosecution of gun cases in federal court

      DC ended 2019 with the highest number of homicides recorded in a decade, yet we cannot prosecute felon-in-possession because racism? What about the victims who are overwhelmingly black? They do not matter. This policy makes me sick.:(...
    3. BlueHeeler

      Anti under radar???

      A seemingly mundane post was made on the DC local dog list serve. The call was to sign a petition to stop the euthanasia of a service dog of a disabled veteran. The dog bit a woman who admittedly was abusing the dog with a metal pole. Here is the interesting part. The petition site looks...
    4. BlueHeeler

      Hooray for legal ownership

      DC is a whole new ball game thanks to some MDS members at the hearing. The new procedure is here for DC residents: The big deal is the change to online training. Formally DC resident had to pay an instructor ~$200 for 4 hours of...
    5. BlueHeeler

      Happy Birthday to me and the 1911

      Last week was my birthday, that was the reason to finally pull the trigger and buy a 1911. I found this babe. It is a 1913 frame with a WWII rearsenaled slide with National Match competition sights. The collector value is zero. The target shooting value for me is high. Photos do not do...
    6. BlueHeeler

      DC Firearms Post Heller Radio Report

      WAMU 88.5FM Metro Connection is airing a story today sometime between 1:15pm and 1:45 today on life after Heller in DC. The short back story is a journalist was researching a story on DC firearms registration in the post Heller world. In talking to her I had the feeling she knew very little...
    7. BlueHeeler

      Need advice on clays gun...

      I am shopping for a real trap and sporting clays gun. I do not want something super fancy, just a workhorse for busting birds. The more random internet reviews I read, the more confusing it gets. So I rented a couple this weekend and was not overly impressed with either. :shrug: Beretta...
    8. BlueHeeler

      New rifle day. Hooray for M1A!

      I had a great weekend. I took possession of my first real deal butt kicking rifle. After a month of paperwork, registration headache, and MD hoops, an M1A National Match landed in my lap. I could not be happier, this baby oozes cool. It is an absolute low miles beauty. I had to put on the...
    9. BlueHeeler

      P64 not really karma worthy

      I bought the Wolff replacement 18, 19, 20lb spring pack. I used the 19 and it transformed the gun into a much better shooter. If you would like the 18 or 20, post here and PM your address. First two replys win. I will put your spring the mail this week.
    10. BlueHeeler

      Another new Yugo SKS

      Southern Ohio Guns did it again. I ordered a Yugo SKS and wondered why hand pick was not an option. When the gun arrived it was apparent. The gun looks brand new in every respect. It was LOADED with cosmoline and 10/10 perfect. This is a MUST buy (or two ;)) IMHO. It has the grenade...
    11. BlueHeeler

      Myrtle Grove Saturday Oct 16

      Some of us have to work during the week.:( Is anyone else going to play Saturday AM?
    12. BlueHeeler

      New gun Friday

      Ok so it is an airgun this time. No jokes, it is good back to basics fun. I want to sharpen the skills over the winter. The gun is a used Daisy 853 .177 cal from CMP. For $100, it is a great value. Also a great Christmas present for the kiddos.:) Available here without all of the usual CMP...
    13. BlueHeeler

      'New' Re-registration Gun Law in Effect

      I went to DC gun registration today, just like I do every 30 days with a new toy. They told me there is a new requirement. Basically I had to sign a form that states the registration of this gun expires in 3 years. I will have to re-register the firearm at that time. They ALSO said, I...
    14. BlueHeeler

      New C&R! Zee German

      I had to take a break from the M57 hassle. The new girl came home today. She is all registered and legal without too much fuss. The pics do not do it justice. I cannot believe I own Megatron.:innocent0 I have not decided if I should be shooting it or mounting for display behind glass. It...
    15. BlueHeeler

      Registration Problem

      I am trying to register a Yugo M57 in DC. The problem is it is not on the C&R list because it is C&R by virtue of age. The police officer will not register the gun because he cannot see it on a list. Is there a way to prove the age of the gun???:shrug: ATF says on the matter: “Firearms...
    16. BlueHeeler

      My first C&R!

      Happy days are here today!!! Almost exactly 2 months to the day I sent away for my C&R the UPS guy gave me a Yugoslavian Md. 57 Tokarev. This is my first handgun and I could not be more pleased. It is in great condition. It struck me while I was examining it, this is not just a gun. This...
    17. BlueHeeler

      C&R purchace from DC resident

      My C&R should be arriving any day/week/month now. What is the purchase process from your shop? I mostly understand the DC registration process, but not the ATF regs. Specifically I am wondering if I purchase a C&R handgun from your shop do you have to ship it to my house or can I pick it up...
    18. BlueHeeler

      MDshooters Camo Skin

      At my job I have regular intervals of a few minutes of downtime while code is compiling or whatever. I like to look at MD shooters in the downtime. I usually run a window of MDS in the in the background for this time. Unfortunately for anyone looking over my shoulder the MDS page is nothing...
    19. BlueHeeler

      A little shotgun karma?

      I have a brand new Remington 870 Hogue forend. It feels very nice, but I run a side saddle and it does not fit without the dremel. If you want it post here, I will pay any shipping within US. This thread will be closed Sunday 9pm so I can get it in the mail Monday. Edit: I should have...
    20. BlueHeeler

      Rust never sleeps on the shottie

      I have an 870 Express I use for trap/sporting clays on weekends and HD during the week. After a workout on the weekend, the receiver and barrel (to a degree) will be absolutely furry with rust by Tuesday. I keep the gun in the coolest driest place in the house, but it still rusts almost...
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