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    1. Indiana Jones

      Welcome to the party, Pal!

      I finally crossed this one off my bucket list. PTR9 with a boatload of accessories and all original the stuff....pretty much unfired too. I’m glad I passed on so many clones over the years as this one has all the features I was after. I guess being patient paid off. Thanks to everyone who I...
    2. Indiana Jones

      What Hk handguard is this?

      I have a Century C93 clone and want to make it look like this guy did. I have no back info on the photo but I’m curious if any of you recognize that slim checkered handguard on the Hk? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    3. Indiana Jones

      Attention AK People!

      I am looking for the closest I can get to a Vietnam era "AK-47" without going NFA or spending Polytech money. Just looking for a fixed stock, milled AK with wood furniture. I don't HAVE to have the flip out bayonet. I just want to get close. I also don't want scope rails. It seems like...
    4. Indiana Jones

      My AK-74 Experience with Lee Armory

      Hey all, I know with the recent news everyone is excited about being able to get the 5.45 AKs. Just wanted to share my recent experience about a manufacture. I won't blow sunshine and rainbows up someone's ass unless they really deserve it, and these guys deserve it. Rudy the owner was more than...
    5. Indiana Jones

      Look what UPS brought me!

      At long last, my Lee Armory AK74 has arrived. Smooth as butter, beautiful nitride over park finish....I couldn't be happier. Rudy and his team do great work and have first rate customer service! Range report Saturday!
    6. Indiana Jones

      M1A/M14 Synthetic Stock

      Looking for an M1A synthetic or fiberglass stock to paint. I snagged a great one last year but I forget who the seller was! If you have more please let me know! Looking for good condition Springfield synthetic, or USGI fiberglass. No pistol grips or tactical stuff. Hopefully will have top...
    7. Indiana Jones

      Crosstac -slings, bags, mats etc

      Hey everyone just wanted to point out a REALLY awesome company that I have been buying misc gear from for a few years. They have been around for 12 years and are located in Loveland, Colorado. Their slings are TOP KNOTCH, as well as their long range shootings mats, bags, rear rests and pretty...
    8. Indiana Jones

      I need an AK guru

      I live in the Free Zone and am dying for an AK. I sold mine in the past like an idiot. I just want a Polish underfolder and am in talks with a maker but it just doesn't seem to be coming together for one reason or another. I want a plinker, that has that Polish furniture look to it. I don't...
    9. Indiana Jones

      Concealed Carry Bag/Satchel

      Looking for something designed to carry a full sized handgun with some extra space for mags or whatever else, that does NOT look tactical or like it was made for firearms. Any suggestions? Everything I can find is covered in MOLLE and all kinds of garbage. Not a fanny pack, prefer a satchel...
    10. Indiana Jones

      Question on Vietnam era M16s

      Hey everyone, hope you are all having a good weekend so far. As some of you know I recently finished my M16A1 clone, and to be honest it is my favorite AR I've ever had. A few questions though: Through various documentaries, movies, and photos I see green tape used on M16s for camo, and...
    11. Indiana Jones

      Any 727 Style Upper 5.56

      Looking for ANY 727 upper. Does not have to be a colt. Prefer pinned 14.5 but will absolutely take 16". Working on a retro 90s build and need fixed carry handle w/A2 sight and m4 profile barrel. OR I will purchase your A2 upper you have collecting dust. Just need upper with rear sight, and...
    12. Indiana Jones

      Suppressor Time!

      FINALLY I am going for a suppressor. I have been putting it off long enough. After thinking I wanted another AK but meh. I strolled around a few shops today and absolutely nothing jumped out at me. I have some gun money lying around and figured what the hell. I do my trust tomorrow and am gonna...
    13. Indiana Jones

      A1 Triangle Handguards

      Looking for old school rifle length triangle handguards. I managed to knock my rifle over and crack off one of the vent ribs. Im open to snag more than one set if I can. Found em online, but figured I'd ask here too. -Chris
    14. Indiana Jones .... GREAT!

      Just a heads up in case anyone was thinking of ordering from, DO IT. Those guys are fantastic. I had some questions about an upper I wanted to purchase and the guys there are very up on their product knowledge and more than willing to chat about their products. Alot of places you...
    15. Indiana Jones

      M16A1 w/M203 build

      Hey everyone, My lower is finished, and I am awaiting my "M16A1" upper. I want the option of pretending to be Arnold in Predator when the mood suits me. I have found the M203 A1/A2 handguards for a decent price here and there but haven't gotten any. Problem is I want the closest to a 203 I...
    16. Indiana Jones

      Top Knotch Top Ends

      I recently ordered an upper TNTE and am anxiously awaiting it. Today I got bored and looked for some reviews, (which I usually do beforehand but didn't). All I see are horrendous review of people waiting 2 years for uppers. Do any of you guys have any experience with them? Reason I ask is I...
    17. Indiana Jones

      Ready to move with M16A1 Build

      So I am finally giving in to my impulse to have an M16A1. I plan to order from Nadak NDS-16A1. I am waiting on a matching upper because I know there were Colt Vietnam era parts kits floating around some years back, but for the life of me I can't find any. Does anyone have a source or an idea on...
    18. Indiana Jones

      Colt Series 70

      I'll be getting a stainless Series 70 in the next few weeks. I've always wanted another stainless 1911 and since General Hummel carried a Series 80 in The Rock...I've always wanted one, just a 70 instead. I don't plan to really mess with it at all with the exception of some night sights...
    19. Indiana Jones

      M16A2 build/purchase question

      I am totally fixated lately on M16A1s and A2s. I don't have the patience to find all the parts and wait on Nodak for the receiver so I want to go ahead with the A2. I know DPMS makes a straight up no thrills A2, but do you guys know of anyone else? Im not opposed to Colt, BCM etc. I want a...
    20. Indiana Jones

      M1A/M14 Porn Thread

      I know we have a Springfield porn thread but how about one just for M1As and M14s? Fultons, Springfields, custom builds....come one come all! Let's see the heavy artillery! I'll start: Springfield Armory Loaded M1A my "Randy Shughart" rifle...awaiting fiberglass stock A friend's...
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