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    1. herr.baer


      Now that the store is staying open will you be carrying powder again when you can get it?
    2. herr.baer

      NICS Check for ammo

      As if it isn't hard enough to find ammo now.
    3. herr.baer

      New Rifle

      Finally getting up a pic of my Christmas Present thanks to Mark @ 2A. :thumbsup::thumbsup: Sig 716 Parole in ODG. ADM mount, IOR 3-18 scope, will be putting a Trijicon RMR with an offset mount once I save up some money. Before anyone says, "Hey your mount is on backwards", I know it is. Had to...
    4. herr.baer

      Sen. Feinstein announces AWB

      Sen. Feinstein just announced on Meet the Press that on day one she will be introducing an assault weapons ban bill in both the house and senate. :tdown: Mayor Bloomberg was on there as well pushing heavy gun control. :tdown:
    5. herr.baer

      New Scope

      Thanks to Mark at 2A!! My new Nightforce came in today!! :party29::party29: It is a 12-42x56 NXS with the NP-R1 reticle. This will be replace my 3.5-18 IOR on my .06 for F-Class. Will update thread when I get it mounted. :thumbsup:
    6. herr.baer

      Ankle Carry

      If you are carrying a BUG via ankle carry, is it better to have it positioned outside ankle of your strong side or inside ankle of your weak side? Is one better than the other? Not that I can carry but it was something I was thinking about while bored at work. :lol2:
    7. herr.baer

      My new rifle

      Well it is finally finished. Here it is. :party29::party29: Specs: Remington 700 AAC-SD in .308 1:10 twist 20" barrel (Thanks to Mark at 2A Sales):thumbsup: McRee Precision Stock in FDE (US Tactical Supply) EGW 30 MOA base (Midway USA) IOR 6-24x56 FFP (Liberty Optics) 35mm V-TAC Low Rings...
    8. herr.baer

      Battle of the R1's (review)

      Finally had a chance to get to the range with the two Remington R1's. Place Free State Indoor Range - Great place!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Was my first time there. Very nice facility and the staff is friendly and very helpful. Distance 7 yards Ammo PMC Bronze - 230gn FMJ Magizines...
    9. herr.baer

      New 1911

      My newest purchase Remington R1 1911 2 toned. My R1 Enhanced was feeling lonely so it needed a mate. Per the Remington page. Limited edition Remington 1911 R1 limited edition model with G10 grips and an OD green frame. Less than 900 were produced in total. Will have to get me one of...
    10. herr.baer

      Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced

      Ya I haz a new one!!! :party29::party29: Courtesy of 2A Sales. Will give a range report once I make it to the range. :thumbsup:
    11. herr.baer

    12. herr.baer

      LPC 7/17 Multigun Match

      25 Ridge Runner Lane Lewistown, PA 17044 Match fee is $25 and there will be six stages. Two are pistol only and the rest have transitions between the three guns as prescribed by the stage. Tentative round counts are 80 pistol, 30 shotgun, and 30 rifle. I'm now opening registration, so if you...
    13. herr.baer

      New YHM Upper came today

      Thanks Mark at 2A for my new flat top upper. :party29::party29:
    14. herr.baer

      AR Optics Question

      My questions is what are the advantages/disadvantages of the different optics for AR's? I want to get a flat top upper for my AR. Since my old eyes don't seem to be doing good with iron sights any more I want to run some sort of optic on the flat top. I was wondering at the pros and cons...
    15. herr.baer

      Woodbridge clerk becomes robbers' worst nightmare

      Congrats on him thinking quickly. Would have turned out a lot different here in Marylandistan. :mad54:
    16. herr.baer

      Quantico Modified Palma Match - Sunday 19 Dec

      Even thought this was mentioned in the thread for the new Quantico Web site I thought it should have it's own thread with a title for the match. Dress warm and I will see you all there. :party29::party29: Course of Fire: 800 yard - 15 score - unlimited sighters, 20 minutes 900 yard - 15...
    17. herr.baer


      Here is my newest rimfire thanks to Mark at 2A. I went in for something, forget what that is now, and came out with this. :thumbsup:
    18. herr.baer

      Vortex Nomad

      Picked up this spotter from Mark at 2A. It is a Vortex Nomad 20-60x60. Finally got a chance to get it out on the range. I am pleased with this spotter. The glass is very clear. I only got to run it out to 100 yards so I am waiting to see how it performs at longer distances. I have a...
    19. herr.baer

      Savage MKII TR

      Took the TR out the other day for another fun day of plinking. Here are two targets from the day. 15 shot group at 50 yards. 10 shot group at 50 yards. I knew as soon as I pulled the trigger on the one that is out side the group. :mad54::mad54:
    20. herr.baer

      Wounded Warrior Benefit Modified Three Gun Shoot

      FYI - Match just outside Orange, Va. Trying to find location address. RAPIDAN ROD & GUN PROUDLY HOSTING A Modified Three Gun Match Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project JULY 16th – SABRE TACTICAL AND PAUL CASTLE C.A.R. DEMONSTRATION LESSON...
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