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    1. montoya32

      Montoya Permit Journey Part Deux, Trois or Quatre...who the hell knows

      Haven't been on the forum in a while. The OAH judge asked MSP for additional information to support their position. He also offered my attorney the same opportunity. MSP submitted their additional info and then a week or so before there was to be a decision, MSP pulled their appeal, then it...
    2. montoya32

      Tom Myers: Anti-2A in Harford

      Wow! The red headed "terror" is back! LOL BTW, he is incorrect about me trying to get him fired. I never called his place of business, but he did in face call my corporate office and local office to complain about me, then when told he could speak to me directly, he declined the offer.LOL I...
    3. montoya32

      HB1261 - Weapon Crimes - Assault Long Guns and Copycat Weapons

      Not referring to you. Saw your stunt and laughed my ass off.
    4. montoya32

      HB1261 - Weapon Crimes - Assault Long Guns and Copycat Weapons

      I see we are going down the "it could have been much worse" road again. F*ck all this sh*t. Let them pass it and increase the penalties ten fold. That's the only way some will ever get enough nerve to push back. I have said it before, it is going to take a tragedy to get through to some of these...
    5. montoya32

      AA County Gun Violence Task Force: Meeting Update

      What do they consider a "victim"? How far back are they reaching for "victims"? Only AA Co "victims" since this is an AA Co task farce?
    6. montoya32

      Wait times MD CCW

      Just an FYI for anyone applying, if the MSP LD requests "additional" information and you question them or do not respond immediately, they will spin this like you are being uncooperative during ANY appeal you may attempt if denied or assigned restrictions.
    7. montoya32

      Wait times MD CCW

      Did you send the application via certified mail? You can call the LD and just ask.
    8. montoya32

      Wait times MD CCW

      Just an FYI, Bryan is a good guy, but there is no such thing as a "G&S" expert. As soon as anyone "cracks the code" MSP switches something up. I am sure, as a business owner, Bryan was able to assist you quite competently.
    9. montoya32

      Montoya Permit Journey Part Deux, Trois or Quatre...who the hell knows

      To my knowledge, the OAH has not overturned the MSP in any case.
    10. montoya32

      Montoya Permit Journey Part Deux, Trois or Quatre...who the hell knows

      Had my OAH hearing today in Hunt Valley. I have retrained Ed Hershon for this portion of my journey. My HPRB hearing was in Dec of 18 and the HPRB had a delay in sending out the decision letter, so here we are. I received my notice of appeal at the very end of May with a June 3rd OAH hearing...
    11. montoya32

      handgun permit board members named

      Yes and no. I completely understand the procedural effects the OAH has and imposes, but keeping the HPRB allows the MSP to continue to convict themselves of ignorance and intentional suppression of rights. A judge somewhere, sometime will point to the fact that the HPRB got it right and MSP did...
    12. montoya32

      Call Hogan's office and demand he veto SB1000

      Hogan Vetoes SB1000!!! I can't believe it. Who will fill the board now?
    13. montoya32

      Red Flag info mtg Edgewater AAPD

      Wasn't it in AA Co where the one fatality occurred from the serving of a ERPO?
    14. montoya32


      Someone yell out, "Who is replacing you next year, Miller?"
    15. montoya32


      I didn't know citizens could reserve seats. Maybe we should reserve the seats for next Sine Die?
    16. montoya32

      SB1000 on House Agenda Today 4/4 11am

      House passed SB1000.
    17. montoya32

      HPRB bill best argument

      The OAH judges don't know who has the burden. I do know that during restriction appeals the OAH believes the applicants have the burden, when it is actually the MSP.
    18. montoya32

      HPRB bill best argument

      Mike Miller is against ALL civilian oversight. He said so today.
    19. montoya32

      Changing inner city votes and views on guns and 2A

      Baltimore was the first city he visited, outside of Philly, when he began his tour 3 years ago. We hosted him at a rec center in the same neighborhood the Freddy Gray riots occurred in.
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