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      Snakehead Survey

      You think these ones are bad. Wait until the snakehead omicron variant emerges. You're well and truly ****** then. The Chinese communists are taking over starting with the ponds.
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      Recommend a good 2 person tent

      A bigger tent in the winter is going to be a colder tent. With a smaller tent of the right design and fabric, you'll retain some heat in a 2-person tent - even just warming it with body heat.
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      Question For those of You that had an M16A2 or A4 or M4 in the Military

      Can count the times I've taken hand guards off on one hand. However, I did use the tool on your momma.
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      Baofeng Radio Intro & Programming Class

      Recording I'd be interested in the recording.
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      Win 94 6" low at 25yards

      My 94 likes 170 gr. Federal Soft Point RN
    6. 00 Del

      School sent police on welfare check because of meeting video

      There is respect for the authorities and authorities respect for your rights. I agree, I would ask what crime I was alleged to have committed. If the answer was "none" I would thank the police for their concern and not further waste their time or let them in without a warrant. What were they...
    7. 00 Del

      which cleaning kit doesn't suck?

      Patch Worm Get a Patch Worm kit. Made in Maryland, so shouldn't take long to get there. The only problem with them is they don't make a sticker to remind one which color goes with which caliber that fits on a Copenhagen tin lid. It all fits in a Copenhagen tin...
    8. 00 Del

      Side loading new Henry Lever

      Get a Rope A lever action made in New York City? Get a rope! No way never will I own one of their ugly rifles made in Brooklyn. People who can actually own and shoot the rifles they make know something about rifles.
    9. 00 Del

      Low recoil target round suggestion for 38spl

      Wadcutters with 2.7 grains of Bullseye Here's what you do. Buy these: Lee Loader 38 Special Lee Powder Scoops Remington 148 grain...
    10. 00 Del

      Snubby.38 Revolver Suggestions?

      9mm Ruger Revolvers are the New Hotness For carry: For carry or the range: If you don't reload, you'll save money on the 9mm ammunition. Also, revolvers with moon clips are...
    11. 00 Del

      New 2013 Army duffle bag

      Army Zip Duffel I have a couple of the new Army dufflels that I could part with if anyone is still interested.
    12. 00 Del

      Done with cleaning rods & bore snakes?

      Patch worms work great. I've used them for years. Also, they have great customer service.
    13. 00 Del

      Trapping a rabid raccoon

      I can speak to the respiratory protection, although in this case I doubt it is strictly necessary. What one needs to prevent infection through the respiratory route is a particulate filter. Provided one does not have facial hair where the respirator would seal to the face, the following is...
    14. 00 Del

      Not a good experience at Bass Pro

      I think that I've dealt with the same Bass Pro clerk, and he claimed to be the department manager in hunting. The guy I encountered had to be told that I didn't care to talk to him more than twice.
    15. 00 Del

      Why the Marines have failed to adopt a new sniper rifle in the past 14 years

      The Military Acquisition System is SLOW unless senior commanders are interested The reason that the Marines don't have a .300 WM or .338 Lapua sniper rifle is because the military acquisition system is slow (and there are some good reasons for this), unless an urgent needs statement is provided...
    16. 00 Del

      Does anyone know a good Firearm Violation Attorney in AA County

      Dennis Murphy on West ST in Annapolis is your man (410) 269-0880
    17. 00 Del

      Ruger GP-100 Match Champion

      The one that they have at A&D actually feels pretty lousy. The trigger is not as good as a Smith.
    18. 00 Del

      GP100 trigger

      I checked out a Match Champion at A&D Pawn and I was surprised how the Ruger with the action job was not better than my S&W revolvers.
    19. 00 Del

      Out Of State AR Lowers

      Um, no
    20. 00 Del

      lets talke Weaponslights

      I have 3 rail-mount or dedicated lights and this one is my favorite I assume they make one in a mount that will work for you. Mine is BRIGHT. I believe it would temporarily blind someone on 600 CP. It is also easy to switch to 200 CP if...
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