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      223 Lapua or Starline Brass

      Anyone have any lying around? I have a wide variety of 9mm/308/223/6mm projectiles/primers/powder to trade or would buy outright. PM or
    2. B

      WTT magtech 9mm 115/green tip 556

      Looking for nicer break action shotguns, 38/357 lever gun, wall hanger sxs shotgun-(more patina the better-doesn’t even have to work) XBR 8208 55gr projectiles 6mm projectiles Will entertain other stuff. PM please. I have cash to offset if needed. I also have some full power...
    3. B


      Looking for a nicer used UTV. Anyone thinking of parting with theirs? 2 seat dump bed 4wd preferred. PM me please if you have something you're looking to sell. I'd consider some crossover type UTV's just no full sport models.
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      Head to head 3GN style shootoff open to the public

      You ever wanted to do a 3Gun Nation Style shootoff? Now is your chance......... We will have a head to head 50 yrd plate racks(223 rifle) 10-15 yrd clays(shotgun) and 10-12 yrd steel (pistol) all with final plates that will give an undisputed winner. You'll never get this opportunity w/o...
    5. B

      3/17/18 22LR PRS York PA

      Approximately 100 rounds with 8 stages Maximum round count of 160 The match will be held @ The York Izaak Walton League 7131 Iron Stone Hill Rd Dallastown PA 17313 It will be a mostly static steel with 1 paper stage. Distances will range from 10-200 yrds All you need is a decent...
    6. B

      Birthday Present to me....

      I just got this to the range tonite for the first time. CZ 455 24" Precision Trainer. First 90 rounds 50 yards bipod/rear bag, all 10 shot groups. Started with Automatch/Federal GMM at the top 3 and then switched all CCI std velocity. Best one was just over 1/2". Haven't even tried the good...
    7. B

      LMD 9mm AR adding BHO

      I bought a QC10 last round BHO to see how it may fit into my LWD lower. I think with some mill work and cutting the mag stop back(drill/tap new set scret hole) some I may be able to get this to work. Has anyone else done this? It looks like they bend the tab up in front of the reg AR BHO...
    8. B

      Electrician w/Truck & Tools

      I need to find an electrician to work on a 1099 (pays own taxes/benefits) for my company. Pay will depend on experience/truck/tools. I am a 1 man band that provides a high level of service to my customers with a very diverse work load (resi/comm/industrial). I need a professional, self motivated...
    9. B

      Extreme 160 grain 9mm load

      I won an Extreme bullet gift cert at the last comp I went to. I Shoot Bayou 147's in almost everything. I love my suppressors so I used the cert to buy some plated 160's for whisper quiet subs. I usually load 147s over solo 1000 but I'm all out. I have Power Pistol and Tite Group to work...
    10. B

      Classifieds Out of hand

      Is there no scruples in here for people posting items for sale significantly over retail price?!?! Seeing components for 40-60% over retail is this a community of enthusiasts or opportunists that wish to exploit the naive???? No IP would even dream of some of the prices...
    11. B

      Lone Wolf 9mm lower purchase question

      I want to buy this....not many other choices if I want to keep it Glock magazine fed.... I would like to put a Sig brace on it and build a pistol upper while I send in my NFA paperwork. From my understanding I can do this as long as it is new...
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