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    1. trickg

      Dad's Reloading Ledgers

      When I started reloading back in 2008, I bought a notebook and created some columns so that I could record what I was reloading, and I did this based on the example I'd seen from my father who had been reloading for a good long while before I came along. I remember him recording various things...
    2. trickg

      HBAR/Lower Long Gun Transfer

      Thanks to Maryland's ambiguity when it comes to gun laws, I'm trying to figure out what I have to do in order to follow the law with an HBAR AR and my son. Here's the sitch in a nutshell: My son and I built a 16" HBAR on an 80 Lower and although this gun is in my possession and is ostensibly...
    3. trickg

      Does 3D Printing Save Money?

      I thought I'd post a question to the forum brain trust about 3D printing when it comes to reloading and shooting related accessories. My question is basically one of whether or not it winds up saving any money, or if it's something to do because you enjoy doing it. To clarify, I have zero...
    4. trickg

      Twist Rate for Varmints - 223/6mm CM

      I figured I'd tap the MD Shooters brain trust again to see if I could get some opinions or tap into some folks experience when it comes to varmint loads for the 223, or possibly 6mm CM. The idea here is that I would like to maybe figure out a varmint gun, and I'm looking at a couple of...
    5. trickg

      K98 Timney Trigger Install/Share Your Story

      Below is my story of "smithing" my own rifle on an upgrade - if you have similar stories, please feel free to share below. I decided that I wanted to upgrade an old K98 Mauser sporter in 8mm that I have by installing a better trigger. The original trigger was a loooong pull that broke...
    6. trickg

      Best Mag Loaders for 22

      I thought I'd ask the question about best magazine loaders for 22s, specifically Ruger 10/22 and in my case, a High Standard HD Military pistol. I've seen some mag loaders for 22 pistol mags with the thumb button for spring compression, but they seem to be made specifically for the Ruger Mark...
    7. trickg

      Current Decent Scope Brands

      I figured I'd poll the MDS brain trust again on another subject - rifle scope brands, and in particular, decent scope brands and models for more budget-minded folks like me. I'm aware of brands like Zeiss, Swarovski, Nightforce, Schmidt & Bender...those are just a touch out of my budget for any...
    8. trickg

      Game/Deer Rifles and Cartridges

      I thought I'd start a thread to see what people have or like when it comes to taking game with a rifle. I realize that Maryland is mostly a shotgun and muzzle loader state, but I really like rifles, and I like the idea of being able to reload for them. I have yet to hunt anything other than...
    9. trickg

      SAAMI Cartridge and Chamber Drawings

      Due to another thread, I was looking up SAAMI pressures of a couple of different rifle cartridges and I came across these. Pistol Rifle...
    10. trickg

      Fun Day at AGC - I need a few things

      I had a nice day out at AGC with a fellow MDS'er on the board who invited me out for the day. I came away from that experience thinking that maybe it'd be a good investment to get a membership there. I'm already a member of Meade Rifle & Pistol Club so the "associate club" aspect is already...
    11. trickg

      Shooting Suspect Sought in Glen Burnie

      Gotta love the Dirty Burnie. This is not far from where I live - I'm at that RoFo a fair bit. Intersection of Oak Manor and Woodhill - right there Apparently it was a car-jacking that failed, so they fired shots into the car. Or possibly a drug deal gone bad - who knows...
    12. trickg

      Gunsmith Stones?

      I did a search for stones on the forum, (did a search on thread titles) and didn't come up with much. I've read over and over about using stones to polish things like triggers, or being used to help hand-fit various parts. I'm currently looking into the idea of getting an oversized...
    13. trickg

      Help Me Decide - S&W N-Frame Grips

      I've got this old Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum, and the grips on that old thing have seen better days - the left one is missing a chunk right by the trigger guard, Dad tried (operative word, "tried") to re-cut the checkering at one point and kinda messed it up, but they are original "Coke bottle"...
    14. trickg

      Continental Arms

      I thought I'd post about going in to Continental Arms today on my way home from the York Gun show. (Pretty much everything was overpriced, but I picked up a couple of ancillary items.) I rolled up to the door just a touch after 3:00. Granted, it's a Sunday afternoon, but given what I've...
    15. trickg

      Checker it or Leave it Plain?

      I've got this rifle that was "built" by my Dad, sometime around the late 60s/early 70s - I remember him having it from when I was pretty small, so it's not new by any stretch. It started off as a Gewehr 98 Mauser, and he had it barreled for 25-06 Remington. He sent the bolt off to have a new...
    16. trickg

      Calls for "Common Sense Gun Control" - no real surprise

      And it starts - apologies if this thread is a dupe. I have zero hope that this garbage won't be pushed through.
    17. trickg

      Nations Gun Show (Chantilly, VA); February 12, 13 & 14, 2021

      February 12, 13 & 14, 2021 LOCATION: Dulles Expo Center 4320 Chantilly Shopping Center Chantilly, VA 20153​​ HOURS: New Hours Open: Friday at 1:00 PM Friday: 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM Saturday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ADMISSION: Friday: $14.00 $23.00...
    18. trickg

      Getting tired of losing

      Sitting here after the days events, seeing the small sliver of hope evaporate, I'm feeling dejected and defeated. I'm getting tired of losing. When the Heller v. DC decision was handed down in 2008 I had hoped that things had maybe turned a corner, but in the wake of that, we've just been...
    19. trickg

      2020 Dan Wesson Valor Range Report

      Range Report! After a long, arduous wait that included waiting for a gun to be produced, and a lot of Maryland red tape that involved me having the gun added to the Maryland Handgun Roster, I finally got my Dan Wesson 2020 Stainless Valor this week, and I got it out to the range today. For...
    20. trickg

      My/Dad's Mauser 25-06 Sporter

      I had the opportunity to take my/my Dad's 25-06 out last weekend. I didn't shoot it much - just a handful of rounds of handloads he'd put together before I was even in High School. The rifle is more accurate than I am. The targets weren't fancy - just paper plates with a big cross and dot...
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