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      Looking for 4x32 Rimfire Illuminated Dot

      Morning All, I am looking for a 4x32 Rimfire scope for my Dad. It is for his lever action .22. Nothing expensive, even used. I've been trying to find one that has the illumination, but with just the center dot, not necessarily the whole reticle. I've been googling/duckduckgo for a while. I can...
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      New to Air Rifle hunting

      So far I've been out three times in the last week or so. Public lands only. I've only had one shot lined up, but a few leaves kept me from taking the shot. Then it ninja vanished. I've learned quite a bit though. Those guys are better at evading than I am at hunting them. I'm getting better...
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      Benjamin Akela (Kral) or Marauder

      Gonna get a gift to myself shortly. I keep coming back to the Marauder, but the Akela is a beaut....I want a hot .177 for target shooting mostly...something I can push out to 100 yards for fun, but mostly under that distance. Accuracy is key. Anyone with experience or advice? I have a hand pump...
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      Comments on calibers and makes

      I've been looking at reviews and doing some online research on .357 PCPs. I keep coming back to the Benjamin bulldog...I'm trying to stay at or under 1K....with that rifle, I know I will be spending more with accessories, because I will add a moderator....I keep getting side tracked by the...
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      Tinkering with a Rest

      I am by no means a craftsman. I threw this together this morning with what I had on hand. I did sandwich the insert into the hitch with aluminum plates so it doesn't worry the wood through and snap...The idea being to set my targets up in the field, and from the comfort of the jeep, have a...
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      Simple Cheap Targets

      I was googling air gun targets the other day and saw quite a few videos of people bending spoons over a support rod. Saw a couple with suspending the electrical gang boxes from 550 cord for swingers as well. I currently use a production trap by Stoeger, but I had to beef it up with two of the...
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      Cold Steel Cheap Shot 130

      I have the Cheap Shot 130. The bolts are 16", with 2 vanes...Apparently they are the only ones using a 2 vane setup? Can I just but any 16 inch bolt and make my own? All I can find, other than the Cold Steel bolts, have 3 vanes. Is there an easy way to ensure the vanes are straight?
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      Air Venturi Avenger

      Anyone with hands on experience with this one? It will be my first PCP. I've been shooting a Stoeger in .22 for years. After tons of pellet types, I've gotten it close to being somewhat It still likes to lob flyers every now and then...I'm pretty excited to get this one in...
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      Glock 17 parts kits

      Are most parts kits, slide and lower mostly the same? It seems everyone is making them. Is there any benefit from a 115$ parts kit vs a 70$ kit from Midway or Brownells? The slide parts kit I was looking at L2D combat from wing tactical...
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