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    1. SCARCQB

      Assault firearms in Virginia for CCW

      Reading up on gun laws. I found this : In Virginia :( source: USCCA) Magazine limit. No more than 20 rounds for handguns. Although Virginia has no law restricting large capacity ammunition magazines, Virginia law defines “assault firearm” as any semi-automatic center-fire rifle or pistol which...
    2. SCARCQB

      Briley Benelli m4 one shot extension.

      Does anyone have experience on the Briley - Benelli M4 one shot magazine extension? The part replaces the factory magazine cap on 922 compliant 7-round magazine equipped m4’s . Increases the mag capacity to 8-rounds. Is it worth the trouble? Thanks.
    3. SCARCQB


      The new Desert Tech MDRX 308 20” barrel With a primary Arms ACSS HUD DMR OPMOD scope works really well with the Federal Gold medal match 175smk or 168SMK Lake city m118 LR 175 SMK The BDC lines up well with these loads all the way up to about 1000 yards. It’s quick and requires almost...
    4. SCARCQB

      Recover tactical 20/20 brace

      It’s here and I like it a lot.
    5. SCARCQB

      The bullpup trigger done right.

      The bullpup trigger done right. The main concern about bullpups is the “not so nice when compared to the AR trigger “rant. It is true. Bullpups suffer from that inherent flaw . The triggers usually Suck. ( for a lack of a better term)some suck more than others. But they do suck in general...
    6. SCARCQB

      Pig Hunter.

      Thanks to a couple of MDS members. My pig hunter set-up has come to fruition. Polytech m14s( 308) ATN Thor-4 thermal optic Rms shield as backup sight. I’m planning to take this rig pig hunting in North Carolina this spring.
    7. SCARCQB

      Precision Gas guns, which one?

      I’m in the market for a Maryland legal precision gas gun in 308 ( also considering 6.5cm) The field has been narrowed down to; La Rue OBR 20” HK MR762A1 FN Scar20s Lwrc Repr Drake Athens 308 I’m looking for a sub moa shooter. 3500-4000 price range. Which one should I get...
    8. SCARCQB

      Kriss vector sdp9 gen 2 pistol.

      I recently purchased a Kriss Vector SDP9 . I’ve been on the fence about the Kriss vector for such a long time. I wanted one. But could not justify the high cost and the super v recoil mitigation system didn’t really make sense to me for a subgun that didn’t have a happy switch. Then the...
    9. SCARCQB

      KRISS Vector SDP and a vertical foregrip

      Is it legal to install a vertical foregrip on a pistol with an overall length of 26.6”? If it’s above 26”, it’s a “ firearm” by classification.A Vertical foregrip on a weapon classed as a firearm by batfe definition should be legal. Will this pass muster ?
    10. SCARCQB

      3” AR9 pistol

      Recently put together an AR9 pistol from parts I had. That explains the retro quad rail. What’s interesting about this build is the 3” barrel. It keeps those standard 115 grain ball ammo subsonic. Add a suppressor and it’s quiet. Without having to purchase subsonic ammunition. ( 125...
    11. SCARCQB

      Brown recluse

      The spikes tactical brown recluse. Probably one of the quietest integrally suppressed 9mm platforms out there. Check out the video below. Crazyal at Myrtlegrove running my brown recluse. 115 grain fmj. (Fiochi). It’s standard supersonic ball ammo. The barrel is ported at the base to...
    12. SCARCQB

      Billet aluminum stock

      Found this little gem online. ( 9mm dedicated lower - carbine build) It’s a Davidson Defense Minimalist billet stock. Fits standard - milspec tubes. It’s looks like the new cmmg ripstock. But slightly longer , as it uses a standard tube, bolt and buffer. Weights the same as the...
    13. SCARCQB

      Dedicated 9mm AR lower

      Does anyone know of a local dealer that stocks dedicated AR9 lowers? (Colt or Glock mags) Thanks for your help.
    14. SCARCQB

      A sub 90 decibel 9mm suppressor ?

      A sub 90 decibel 9mm suppressor for a pistol. How feasible is that? A foreign gunsmith has claimed that he has designed a 9mm screw on can that will suppress a full powered 9mm round from a 1911 to a suppressed sound level of 80-90 decibels. I have not seen a center fire can meter at...
    15. SCARCQB

      Benelli m1200 UCS ultimate combat shotgun

      Benelli xm1200 UCS. Ultimate combat shotgun. Selective fire automatic shotgun with a 20 round double magazine.Dual feed capable . feeds from a drum mag or tube. Uses an improved ARGO short stroke piston gas assist system from the M1014 JSCS. Fires depleted uranium tungsten tip penetrator...
    16. SCARCQB

      Home made guns -Philippines

      Gun bans do not work. Here are examples of home made guns made by hand. Mostly by common hand tools. Filipino backyard gunsmiths of Danao
    17. SCARCQB

      AR thumb rest.

      I've been using the AR thumb rest alongside a vertical foregrip to help keep the muzzle down on several rifles. It helps tame muzzle rise and provides a more comfortable grip as well I thought it was a gimmick at first, but the thumb rest does position the support hand correctly and indexes the...
    18. SCARCQB

      Tavor picture thread.

      Let's see those Hebrew hammers. What's your set up ? IwI Tavor. SAR 16.5" barrel. MI m-lok rail. Built in tac light. 800 lumens, m-lok switch , yhm riser , Eotech 552, Eotech 3x magnifier, Samson fts mount , super sabra trigger. I'm stoked....... Then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sonnofabiatch!!!!! Darn AAC...
    19. SCARCQB

      Fostech echo trigger

      Fostech outdoors, the creators of the bumpski stock and the origin 12 badazz shotgun is coming out with a new trigger system called the " echo trigger". The trigger is suppose to be a really good crisp conventional trigger with a pull weight of around 4 lbs. But offers a third position...
    20. SCARCQB

      AAC 51T FS

      Does any local IP or dealer carry the AAC51T FH or brake out in stock? 1/2x28 tpi Thanks Scar
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