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    1. BenL

      Too Good to Pass Up

      I was at my LGS on Saturday. I frequent the place, so wasn't surprised when I saw the same shotgun I've been drooling over for the last two years: a left-handed Benelli Super Black Eagle II with a 24" barrel. The 24" lefties are kind of rare, as they weren't big sellers. He marked it down to...
    2. BenL

      Readjusting Milling for RMR

      I'm relatively new to the pistol red dot game. On a whim, I picked up a Sig Sauer Xcarry, which comes pre-milled for their Romeo1 red dot; I thought it would be a great defensive CCW pistol. I wanted a red dot that would be durable enough for carry and a long battery life, so I went with a...
    3. BenL

      Glock Mag Won't Drop Free

      Just picked up a Glock 41 MOS for USPSA Multigun Heavy Metal division, since you can use double stacks, now. The mags drop free if there's any rounds left in the mag, but if it's completely empty, it occasionally won't drop free; luckily, I figured out why: the slide stop is loose, and...
    4. BenL

      Glock mags getting peened

      Chalk this up to, "you learn something new every day." Went to the range today and, among other guns, put some rounds through one of my carry guns, a Glock 29 Gen 4. This particular mag had a few hundred rounds through it with no problems. However, after ~50 rounds, the mag started ejecting...
    5. BenL

      AR gas question

      I'm having cycling issues with a 10.5" Noveske 300BLK. I occasionally get doublefeeds when shooting unsupressed (spent casing doesn't extract, next round rams into it still in the chamber.) - I've tried every buffer from Pistol to H3; same performance from all. (Noveske recommends H2.) - The...
    6. BenL

      HR 3999 Petition

      Probably doesn't do a thing, but can't hurt.
    7. BenL

      Is Stag Arms Having QC Issues?

      Back in August, Stag was having a good sale, and since I wanted to convert my Heavy Metal rifle over to a lefty, I ordered a "builder's set" and a BCG. After a few unanswered emails, I called them mid-September to find out that the 308 upper/lowers didn't mate up correctly and couldn't have a...
    8. BenL

      Remington 870 Action Bar Timing

      Do you guys remember doing this project? Could you do it again for my 870?
    9. BenL

      CZ O/U Shotguns?

      What do the experts think of CZ's over under shotguns? They seem better-made then the usual Turkish fare. Mostly will be used for trap & skeet, and some occasional hunting. I like Silver Pigeons, but at less than half the price, the CZ Southpaw Sterling I very tempting.
    10. BenL

      Anyone experienced with oddball calibers?

      I've started reloading for 50 action Express. I picked up some 350 grain Berry's bullets for a good price, and I'm trying to work up a load for them. I've used 24 grains of h110 as a starting load, with 28 grains of h110 is my final load. Both loads cycled fine. The final load showed no signs of...
    11. BenL

      When it comes to buying guns, I have poor impulse control.

      Used at the LGS; priced too good to pass on.
    12. BenL

      Trijicon 1-8X28mm; anyone have one?

      Anyone got their hands on one, yet? My question is size/weight and view angles; is it too big for a 3 Gun setup? Is the eye relief forgiving at 1X, like a red dot? With a 34mm tube, it should be better than most scopes, but how much better?
    13. BenL

      HK VP-9 to SFP9-SF trigger pack?

      Can gunsmiths get the SFP9-SF trigger pack from HK for the VP-9? I've googled, but can't find anything for civilian ordering. The reset on the VP-9 is way too long.
    14. BenL

      9mm AR occasional FTE?

      I put 350 rounds of Blazer brass case 115gr ammo through a new Stag 9L, and was getting just enough FTE's to be annoying (4X in 350 rounds). After some quick Googlin', it appears the most common recommendation is to adjust the ejector. I don't think that's it, though. It's happening so...
    15. BenL

      Since USPSA has added a PCC division...

      Starting July 1, you can now use a pistol caliber carbine to shoot USPSA pistol events. I picked up a Stag Arms 9L for just this reason, and so far, I'm pretty happy with it (picked it up Saturday and put 700 rounds through it.) The mags are really well-made, and only $20 (compared to Colt's...
    16. BenL

      Got my first turkey, and a question

      He's a good bird, too. 21 lbs, 10.1" beard, 1" spurs. He actually walked in with two other toms in tow. Question for experienced turkey hunters: When I was processing him, the whole upper portion of his breast was fat; is that normal? I've always been told that these birds are very lean...
    17. BenL

      Browning A5 the new hotness in 3 gun?

      First it was the FN SLP, then the M2. I watched the 3GN final 16, and noticed quite a few using the a Browning A5; anyone have any idea why they're suddenly showing up in the hands of the champions? I don't know anything about them, other than I drooled over the original A5's at the local...
    18. BenL

      Painting Solder?

      What paint will stick to solder? The Birchwood Casey just wipes right off. It's a thumb release, so the paint will have to resist wear. Any suggestions? Do I have to treat the solder before it will hold paint?
    19. BenL

      Would Solder Hold?

      I have a VP9 and really like the gun. My only problem with it is the trigger is a little heavy for my tastes and, being left-handed, the slide lock rests directly under my thumb when shooting so the gun doesn't lock back on an empty mag. I have ordered the "ultra-match" spring set (will drop...
    20. BenL

      Shotgun extension tube issue

      I'm getting my duck gun ready for a snow goose hunt I have coming up and I have a minor issue I've never experienced before. I put a Nordic Components extension on my 11-87 to give me 13+1 capacity (have these extensions on my 870 and FN SLP with no issues.) The problem I have is that when...
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