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    1. DocAitch

      Lawyer for gun trust

      I am wondering if you gentlemen can point me in the right direction here. A friend whose father is demented is attempting to move his father’s collection of firearms from New Mexico to Maryland. From a brief conversation, it doesn’t sound like there are any prohibited firearms. My friend’s dad...
    2. DocAitch

      Ammunition Questions

      Sorry, I am unable to load photos, will try later
    3. DocAitch


      Can anyone advise me on the transfer of 5.56 tracer rounds in Maryland? I know that they cannot be fired in most venues near to central Maryland, but can they be transferred to some one who wants them? DocAitch
    4. DocAitch

      Brass Sorting table

      I am in the process of cleaning out my carport to begin a new hobby and have been three days sorting and polishing brass. I had a sorting table but improved it with a back and side rail to prevent roll of and I cut a 2x4" to make a "half funnel" to guide my brass into the chutes that I had...
    5. DocAitch

      Bad Day at the Range

      Decided I had a couple of hours to shoot today and threw some guns into the bag, grabbed some reloads and drove to the range. 1) I forgot my wallet but they let me shoot because they knew me. 2) I thought my vision had deteriorated drastically until I figured out that I had on an old pair of...
    6. DocAitch

      New (to me) Powders

      I am running out of my old standbys (W231/HP38 and, W296/H110) and loaded with some new powders last night and today. I used 700x to load 400+ 38 specials (125 gr Berry) I love the fact that I can get 1500+ rounds out of a pound. I also used some Accurate No 9 to load some 357s with 158 gr...
    7. DocAitch

      1911 By John Carduner

      I just acquired a 1911 done by John Carduner (one of the IPs on this forum). It is a thing of beauty and shoots like a laser. I had foolishly sold my Colt Gold Cup some years ago and recently have been lamenting that decision. I sold some of the stuff that has been sitting in the safe and the...
    8. DocAitch

      fiber optic front sight replacement

      I recently lost the fiber optic front sight insert in my Springfield XDm. Springfield was kind enough to send replacements (enough material for 6 sights in 2 different colors). Any suggestions on how to affix this to the sight? It fits but slides easily. I'm thinking that I could enlarge the...
    9. DocAitch

      Refinish P7M8

      I have a German P7M8 which was police turn in 10-12 years ago. It is in good shape but the police marking was milled off with a neat rectangular cut. I remember hearing that some one sent his P7M8 out to a metal refinishing outfit and had the slide refinished with removal of the milling cut and...
    10. DocAitch

      Hollow Base .40 S&W Bullets

      I just changed my press over to .40 S&W and when I opened a new box of Berry's plated bullets I noticed that they were hollow base 155 gr round nose. I've never seen or loaded with this particular configuration, and have no idea of the utility of a hollow base in this bullet. I settled on...
    11. DocAitch

      Someone at Lee has a sense of humor?

      This tickled me for some reason. I opened my new Lee 32 S&W dies and noticed that something was not quite right. It took me a few seconds until I zeroed in on the powder dipper- it is humongous. The size disparity is so marked that I can't believe the packer or inspector didn't pick it up...
    12. DocAitch

      SP Awesome Threesome

      When I took my new SP101 22LR to the range, I also took an SP 101 .357 and a SP101 327 Fed Magnum. From the top down .357 4.3" barrel -5 rounds, .327 Fed Mag, 3" barrel-6 rounds, 22LR, 4.3 " barrel-8 rounds After replacing the rear sight assembly(courtesy of Ruger), I put about 100 rounds of...
    13. DocAitch

      Kudos to Ruger!!

      I recently purchased a Ruger SP101 .22cal revolver, and on the first outing was unable to adjust the rear sight. The adjustment screw had either stripped or broken and the rear blade remained locked in the right most position and all my rounds (24 of them) went low and right. I decided that I...
    14. DocAitch

      S&W 610 OK to shoot 40S&W?

      I am about to pick up a new (to me) S&W 610 and am finding that the ammo is scarce (actually I knew that already). Until I can get some brass and bullets, I am thinking of shooting 40 S&W since the design uses moon clips. I am thinking that the situation will be akin to shooting .38 Spec in a...
    15. DocAitch

      EAA Windicator 22LR Revolver

      This caught my eye in a shop because it resembled a PPC revolver superficially. I know about the EAA Windicator in 38/357( and what I've read hasn't been very reassuring) but haven't seen a 22LR before. It looks like a quality weapon designed for competition and is made in Germany by Weihrauch...
    16. DocAitch

      CZ Kadet Conversion

      To my delight I recently received a CZ Kadet 22LR conversion that I had ordered from MidwayUSA more than a year ago. I had some trepidation about putting it on one of my CZs because the manual states "should be fitted by a gunsmith" . Today I took out the instructions and put it on my CZ 75B...
    17. DocAitch

      W296 squibs

      I just ran into a problem with my .357 reloads (15.2 gr W296, 158gr copper plated RN, WSP magnum primer). I had a box in the basement (been there about 1 year) which I took to the range the other day and had 3 squibs out about 50 rounds.There were two others that had a reduced report but the...
    18. DocAitch

      "Simple mechanism"+doofus= near disaster

      I purchased a Stevens Favorite and took it to the range today. Loaded my first round and as I closed the breach was shocked to have the round explode and spray debris into my face and left arm. The whole rear of the cartridge was gone...
    19. DocAitch

      JC Higgins 88 Revolver

      I was checking the display at FreeState when this little revolver caught my eye. It has the rough silhouette of a S&W M&P/Mod 10 but when I handled it I found that it is a JC Higgins model 88. At the time I knew that "JC Higgins" was a private brand of Sears (my first firearm was a JC Higgins...
    20. DocAitch

      Mod 69A

      I just acquired a Winchester Md 69A which should be a great little shooter, especially for teaching the grand kids. It is a little rough externally but the bore looks good.I am considering having it restored. Any thoughts? DocAitch
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