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    1. Vintage lighters

      Question by 'DocAitch' on classified ad 'Vintage lighters'

      Is this price for one lighter or the whole collection?
    2. Tobacco tins- Free

      For sale Tobacco tins- Free

      Note- the ad required a price, forget the $1- these are free for the first taker >100 (I’m guessing) metal pipe tobacco tins. Most are in good shape, a few have rust spots. Most are 2 oz. size, a few are larger. They are handy for small parts such as cscrews Free to first taker. I can deliver...
    3. DocAitch

      Question by '' on classified ad 'Small pistol primers for trade for 20ga wads, primers, components'

      I am considering loading 20 ga heavy loads- I have an inertia system Benelli that needs heavy loads until broken in. If I remember correctly, International Clays appears in some of the formulas, but I would have to check. I have also found that Wass for the 20ga, especially 1 oz and larger are...
    4. DocAitch

      Question by '' on classified ad '500rds Argentine 7.92x57'

      I have no doubt that you have 7.92x57 ammo there, but my question is -“Is it Argentine?”- Argentine ammo is 7.65x57 and was use in the 1891 rifles and carbines up until the 1970s. A quick search of the web suggests that the A A might be of Danish Manufacture.
    5. DocAitch

      Question by '' on classified ad '500rds Argentine 7.92x57'

      Are you sure thats Argy? Argy is usually 7.65x53
    6. DocAitch

      Question by '' on classified ad 'Small pistol primers for trade for 20ga wads, primers, components'

      Will also consider loaded ammunition in 7 1/2, 8 shot
    7. DocAitch

      For trade Small pistol primers for trade for 20ga wads, primers, components

      I have some SP primers (Winchester and S&B) that I will to trade for 20ga shot shell components- wads, powder, hulls, primers.
    8. DocAitch

      Lawyer for gun trust

      I am wondering if you gentlemen can point me in the right direction here. A friend whose father is demented is attempting to move his father’s collection of firearms from New Mexico to Maryland. From a brief conversation, it doesn’t sound like there are any prohibited firearms. My friend’s dad...
    9. DocAitch

      Ammunition Questions

      Sorry, I am unable to load photos, will try later
    10. REDUCED Peter the Great M91

      Question by '' on classified ad 'REDUCED Peter the Great M91'

      The markings also indicate TULA arsenal, and the. Wire sling swivel is common on Finns.
    11. REDUCED Peter the Great M91

      Question by '' on classified ad 'REDUCED Peter the Great M91'

      The markings also indicate TULA arsenal
    12. DocAitch

      Bullet placement is the key

      It’s a military thing. Rifles, pistols, and revolvers are not “guns”, they are rifles, pistols and revolvers. Picture a recruit holding a rifle in one hand and grasping his genitalia with the other. “ This is my rifle, this is my gun. One is for shooting, the other’s for fun” DocAitch
    13. DocAitch

      What is the Benefit of an O/U? Sem-Autos Cost Less.

      A large part of the cost is the labor involved in regulating the barrels. They must be soldered together, test patterned, and if off, must be taken down, refitted and test patterned again - ad infinitum. This is neither cheap nor quick. Same deal with double rifles, and you don’t see those start...
    14. DocAitch

      .30 carbine

      As far as I know, H110 and W296 are the same powder. I know that Hodgdon's current data for these powders is identical, and suspect that the variation of data prior to the most recent is due to factors other than the powder. DocAitch
    15. DocAitch

      Lee Classic loader ?

      I set off 2 primers while loading 44 MAG with one. The heavy punch sitting over the primer mitigated the blast, and it was only unpleasant. I had a worse hearing problem when I set off a small pistol primer in a Dillon 650 (the "WHEEEEEE" noted by Traveler for 2 days). Have several sets in...
    16. DocAitch

      Lets see your benches!

      jmorrismetal, Keep it up. I don't believe I saw the one after the set up, just the one in the garage. I like to see your stuff, it keeps me humble. DocAitch
    17. DocAitch

      Dillon care and maintenance?

      Dillon Maintainence I have loaded well in excess of 100,000 rounds on my 650 and generally only use a soft paint brush to clean the machine. Occasionally,the shell plate fails to index fully and a primer lip catches the edge of the primer pocket before "snapping" into place, causing some...
    18. DocAitch


      Weighing Loaded Rounds I, too, think weighing loaded cases has too many variables. A squib that I was aware of is easily handled. I would not want someone who was not aware of the potential problem to be shooting that ammo. I had a problem with the powder dispenser on a Lee 1000 where I...
    19. DocAitch

      Outdoor powder storage

      That 50,000# of pressure is generated because there is a bullet that is fit snugly in the bore. A refrigerator door held shut with a magnetic strip would probably only cause an overpressure of a couple of pounds per square inch before it released. Not an issue. DocAitch
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