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    1. Used Del-Ton HBAR AR Complete Upper w/BCG 16in (bonus red-dot&CMMG 22lr conv)

      Question by 'Magnumite' on classified ad 'Used Del-Ton HBAR AR Complete Upper w/BCG 16in (bonus red-dot&CMMG 22lr conv)'

      Is the bolt carrier the short ‘skirt’ or no skirt type light carrier
    2. M

      Snake gun (revolver) advice.

      FWIW, if a 45 ACP pistol is owned there are shot cartridges to be bought. u Of course, the pistol will need to be manually cycled. I agree with others…get rid of the rodents… snakes will leave. I understand precautions for venomous species, however, the nonvenomous types will do everything to...
    3. M

      Building a 45 Super/SMC conversion

      Got ya there. No comp for the Super. I have the 10 I built so the Super and 10 is close in power. I was pondering the comped barrel for a Rowland caliber.
    4. M

      Building a 45 Super/SMC conversion

      Thank you. Nice setup you had going there. I understand the comp is what keeps the pistol alive as well. I do have a comped barrel, 5 port IIRC. I used it for some upper end loads back when I was playing with an open gun. The comp works. I’ve been tempted to get it rewelded and I’d chamber...
    5. M

      Building a 45 Super/SMC conversion

      Ready to test fire…
    6. M

      Building a 45 Super/SMC conversion

      Couple more pics
    7. M

      Building a 45 Super/SMC conversion

      More of the project… Trigger is a Remington R1 part. I drilled and tapped for over travel screw. It was too short for the trigger shoe cut out and trigger track, even with a dimpled bow, so I drilled the top of the shoe and tapped in a short steel rod. Filed it for reduced vertical play...
    8. M

      Ruger LCR

      The rubber grip, Pachmyer, I have on my JFrame 38 changes its chatacter significantly in the positive direction. But it does add bulk and the heavy recoiling nature is still there.
    9. M

      Tisas SDS 1911

      Good luck. How is it coming along
    10. M

      Are Stiff Wrists The Secret To Recoil Management?

      Its physics, OP. When I shoot two sets of muscles are doing the gun work…my hands and my shoulders. Everything else is along for the ride and more of a ‘skeletal’ structural support. This way there is no muscle fatigue concerns to change shot placement. You hit the proper term…recoil...
    11. M

      Ruger LCR

      I have an LCR in 38 Special. I concur with others, it is very light and recoil is not pleasant. I shoot a 5.5” barreled 44 Magnum double action with full house loads far more than the LCR. The 38 LCR’s recoil is hard, more straight back into the palm with muzzle flip not quite as severe as...
    12. M

      Shooting a pistol at 100 yards

      I like watching honest outlaw. His assessments are real and he is goid enough to give valid assessments.
    13. M

      Shooting a pistol at 100 yards

      ^^^ Good one…
    14. M

      Shooting a pistol at 100 yards

      ^^^ +1
    15. M

      Shooting a pistol at 100 yards

      I used to shoot a Armaloy 10” 30-30 Contender I had years back at 100 yards. I shot mostly off the bench. With 110 grain bullet @ 1950 fps hand loads it would shoot into 1 1/8” - 1 1/4” all day long. With heavier bullets it would have probably shot tighter groups…it is a Contender. My...
    16. M

      Shooting a pistol at 100 yards

      I recorded sght settings for each distance for each gun I used in handgun silhouette and long range at the Master’s Tournament. I then dialed up the rear sight (or scope) for each position. For open sights I even recorded the hold that gave me the most effective sight picture.
    17. M

      Revolver porn thread.

      Thank you for that tidbit of info. It explains a couple things.
    18. M

      Reply to question by 'Magnumite' on the classified ad 'CCI 9mm 115g FMJ for Sale'

      thank you for the reply
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