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    1. CombatAK

      2020 Black bear lottery is open

      2020 Black bear lottery is open. Good luck all of you MDSers!!!
    2. CombatAK

      Lockdown C&R acquisitions

      During the lockdown I received my C&R license so I decided to spend my time constructively. I picked up these two nice examples: The first is a 1967 Ruger Bearcat and the second is a 1966 Colt National Match. All in all, I am pretty happy.
    3. CombatAK

      Black Bear Lottery results are posted

      Lottery results are posted on DNR website. No luck for me this year!:sad20:
    4. CombatAK

      Ruger Wrangler

      Does anyone know when the Ruger Wrangler may actually make it on the handgun roster? I am Jonesing for one of these. :D
    5. CombatAK

      Front ramp sight

      I am looking for a gently used front ramp sight for a bolt gun. A sight hood would be a plus but not necessary. If anyone has one laying around needing a forever home, I will take good care of it. I don't want to spend a fortune on it as it is going on a sporter milsurp. Thanks
    6. CombatAK

      WTB: Type 38 Follower

      If anyone has a follower and follower spring for a Type 38 Arisaka, let me know what you need for it. Thanks
    7. CombatAK

      Winter project

      As some of you know, I have a thing for a .275 Rigby. Awhile back I bought a bubba'd Spanish Mauser. The stock was pretty crappy and it had the original barrel and sights. It was already chambered for 7mm Mauser so using it for the rifle I wanted seemed to work. I yanked off the stock and...
    8. CombatAK

      This guy has been hanging around!

      I had a couple of pics of a large bird that was on my fence, in another thread. A few folks helped me decide that he is a Coopers Hawk. We he has been hanging around almost daily around my yard. Here are a few "full frontal" pics of the guy (or girl). This white pigeon has also been...
    9. CombatAK

      Picked up a new rifle this evening

      Yep, I did it, I just couldn't help myself. Watching other Hooligans shoot their new Garands made me crazy so I went and got one for what I think, was a bargain. Now it is not a CMP rifle so it may need some TLC. I am just lucky enough to know two people who went to the CMP school recently...
    10. CombatAK

      50-70 Govt

      Does anyone load 50-70 Govt. I have the chance to get my hands on an original 1871 Navy Springfield but since it isn't mine, I don't want to spend a small fortune on ammo. I ordered 20 cases from TOW and may have a line on some .515 lead boolits. If this all happens, it will be shot on the...
    11. CombatAK

      School me on the CZ-550

      I have been looking at one of these rifles but, does anyone have any experience with them? The one I am looking at is 6.5x55 Swede. Please let me know what you think!
    12. CombatAK

      Frankenhammer project

      Recently I bought a rifle for a ridiculously good price. It is a BRNO Mauser with a Kimber of Oregon 24" barrel. It just has a cheap plastic stock but it is a 7MM Rem Mag. When I got it, the barrel was "in the white". I had to try it out at a Hooligan shoot last Sunday and was stunned by...
    13. CombatAK

      Kimber of Oregon rifle barrels

      Does anyone know anything about Kimber barrels? This is not on a Kimber rifle. I really can't find a lot of info on the interwebs. Are they any good or not?
    14. CombatAK

      Flintlocks, who knew?

      I have been researching building a flintlock lately. There are kits out there that I had no idea even existed. Not your run of the mill Cabelas kit but, kits "in the white", builders kits, and others. Now the conundrum of figuring out which style I want. I didn't know there were so many...
    15. CombatAK

      Deer antler powder measures

      I am looking for folks who may want to donate some deer antlers. My plan is make powder measures for black powder rifles. Of course all who donate will get a finished powder measure back in the grain size that they specify. I do not plan to sell them, but give them away. I am just starting to...
    16. CombatAK

      Preferred 9mm brass?

      I went through all of my 9mm brass today, what an undertaking, and separated it all by head stamp. Most of my brass is range pick ups and I have a metric butt ton. What I am asking is, does anyone prefer one brand of brass for reloading over other brands? Why? My pick ups include...
    17. CombatAK

      Mini-14 vs. AR-15

      I am sure that there are those among the members here, who have varying opinions on this subject. Why would a person want a Mini-14 over an AR?
    18. CombatAK

      More .280 reloading questions

      I have been doing A LOT of research to get as much "helpful" information that I can use. I have found several reloading sites that say that I should use Magnum rifle primers when loading. I cannot find this on any of the "normal" suspects sites or any of my manuals. I know that this will...
    19. CombatAK

      .280 Pet Loads?

      Does any of the MDS brain trust reload the .280 Remington. I am at looking at data that would be good for up to 600 yards. Thanks in advance!!!!!
    20. CombatAK

      Mueller Optics

      Anyone ever heard of them or have one? The guy at my LGS said they are on the same level as Burris, Athlon, and Lower end Vortex.
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