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      Two generations away from losing 2A

      If you think it is happening for real. The only way to stop it is education. And by that i mean take as many of your friends family and country men to the range and teach them about weapons and safety... Make them love it as you do. Show them the fun or running plates/three gun/bowling pin...
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      Question by '' on classified ad 'wts/wtt G3/ PTR mags'

      Do you still have some avaliable?
    3. B

      Baddies Booted in Colorado Recall Election!!

      We all better show up to the polls in 2014! Make sure you due your duty and bring a friend (or 2). It is our job to stand up and vote.
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      Anyone else obsessed with pelican cases?

      I am going to Montana Long range shooting in Sept. I have one already but need another for my other rifle. 1750 Pelican....Anyone have one for sale...or know where to get a used one???? PM me
    5. B

      Question about stripped AR lower.

      You do know that you have 2 hands? 50 is a lot, by any standard. and if you have combat load and 2 resupplies as recommended for each weapon you have a house that is actually a munitions depot....But still kinda cool!
    6. B

      Gun Safes

      If your gonna buy a safe then buy something quality. Like a Liberty. If your going cheap then you don't really care what happens to your weapons. I have a Liberty Fat Boy Jr and it still was only the price of one of my AR's. For the protection and piece of mind...not bad. Considering it is...
    7. B

      300win mag ?

      Hopefully if he is talking long range he is talking out of state hunting. The dear here are about the size of my bird dog. But Pa and the mid west deer 300 would be fine. Also 190 gr is the proven accuracy performer. I have a 300 remy that I have had for yrs. Hunted in NV/CO/KS. Works...
    8. B

      Big Dog's

      I called and got them to give me a price. They are still a little high for me. I can get it shipped here and pay all the fees cheaper. At least so far. But you gotta look around.
    9. B

      Fred's Sports In Waldorf, MD Doesn't Need My Money...

      If you need to transfer drive a little further on 301 to White Plains and got to All Pawn. $35 for transfer fee and I think they give it to Mil/LEO for $25. Also, they seem to want to sell product and make money....always courteous! Service is good and they are carrying new weapons...Like...
    10. B

      Looking to get a suppressor, which one and what to do with trust?

      Silencer usually best prices. Also, I recommend any and all Advanced Armament Corp suppressors. They are the standard!
    11. B

      Stumped on stocks... Mav 88

      I just built a Mav 88 28" barrel shotgun for a friend. I bought the Blackhawk Ind Spec Ops recoil reducing Gen II stock and fore end (Moss-500). I put a breacher barrel on it and a side saddle shell rack. Covered it in Duracoat Ultra-Flat OD green.... And then put a meprolight sight on the...
    12. B

      Best barrel for the money?

      One word means perfection! Especially for barrels. Noveske!
    13. B

      Are dealers ripping us off on transfer fees?

      Yeah. If your paying that much you are getting ripped off. $35 for civ...$25 for mil. All Pawn White Plains MD... And they have AR's in stock...DPMS...Colt...Daniel Defense. They Also have been getting Sigs 716's and DPMS 308's in
    14. B

      How many mags should a recreational shooter stock?

      This probably sounds obsessive but I stock 10 mags per rifle. I have a few 1911's I have 10 total for the. Pistols my rule is 5.
    15. B

      MSP wait times for handgun approval

      I called the License Office and there recording stated they were processing 27 Mar. I called 2 State Police Barricks and asked what to do about my transfers (seller) that were both over 60 days. They told me to call the License Office. And one officer was a total D about it. They said they...
    16. B

      WTB: 45ACP AR15 upper

      Bought and Built last year! Don't believe them they are out there and being built now.... I have a AR45...built complete and 2 of my buddies are buying/building theirs now! I did alot of research before I bought there are 3 main company's I recommend (2 for lowers , 1 for upper). RMW Extreme...
    17. B

      Sig Rifles In!! A lot of other stuff too!!

      Interested in 716...Do you do the Sig Military pricing? If so can you PM me the price?
    18. B

      Magpul's F-you to the Colorado lawmakers

      Freak' love it!
    19. B

      Recommend a .45

      I have 4 1911's of all makes form Colt to Kimber....They eat anything you feed them...I also am a Sig guy and like the 220...If you are a plastic guy then you can't go wrong with a XD or Glock. But had them all and had no reliability issues with any of them.
    20. B

      FFL in Southern Maryland?

      I have used All Pawn a lot! They are great and NO hassle..Do your stuff pay your money sign and see ya! Don't really like Freds either...they were raping before all this started and nothing has changed...I would rather buy online or outta state and pay the fee. Definitely All PAWN
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