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    1. M

      Building a 45 Super/SMC conversion

      I have been sitting the idea of a 45 Super/SMC pistol for awhile. This cartridge is externally a 45 ACP but operates at higher pressures. Ballistics with some commercial specialty ammo companies are in the vicinity of: > 185 grain @ 1425 fps for 835 ft-pounds of energy; > and 230 grain @ 1225...
    2. M

      Ammo and accuracy

      Just a reminder… I bought a lot of 40 S&W from a member here. I didn’t see any signs of reloading but i have had my suspicions. He did tell me the ammo was kept in a shed. Should have been a red flag there. Got some low reports as I was shooting and accuracy (3-5” groups) was not to what...
    3. M

      Biden rhetoric spawns a pistol

      Well l, I stopped for a spell on the Caspian/Baer 1911 to take care of a special project. For more info follow this link:’s-influence-spawns-a-pistol.1041659/ The story goes…. After Biden’s anti-gun and 9mm tirade my niece texts and asks me to...
    4. M

      Little bit of building the next 1911

      Building a new pistol. First steps are to prep the slide and frame - a general deburring and inspection. Then measurements to map out the slide and frame ways/rail dimensions. No pics of a mill…all done by hand. Frame and slide rails and ways dimensions are typically measured in four places...
    5. M

      SRT 8, Scat Pack Exhaust

      Looking for good condition take off head pipes with orwithout cats. Fit is for 2013 Challenger with the 392 SRT 8/Scat Pack factory headers. Ported 82-85 mm throttle body would be tempting also.
    6. M

      1911 Thumb safety redo

      Some of you probably viewed the thread on the Mil-Spec. I truly tried to like the thumb safety but it literally didn’t didn’t get the job done with the grip safety. Most thumb safeies with a rear shelf tend to move my strong hand thumb out and down. I prefer the GI paddle. Even on my extended...
    7. M

      New Mil-Spec transformed

      Well, jumped on a reasonably priced new Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec pistol. For those unfamiliar with the format it is basically a WWII type military pistol with the following upgrades or changes (for those purists in the group): - High visibility, 3 dot sights; - Lowered and flared...
    8. M

      9mm loads

      Took the Springfield 9mm Loaded Target I built with a heavy barrel to the range to test a couple different loads. I have had some of the Winchester Active Duty and was wondering about its performance and thiught maybe other members were also. Nothing earth shattering though I did shoot 20...
    9. M

      Ruger P90 factory magazines

      Looking for Ruger P90 factory magazines. I know of online retail sources, just looking here to see if a few are lurking amoung the members here. Please, no ProMags.
    10. M

      1911 Bull barrel recoil system fitting

      I have mentioned this pistol before. Shoots well enough with 124 grain and heavier bullets. I had the stock bushing barrel and a Kimber takeoff barrel fitted to this pistol. While the Kimber was a much better fit this pistol just did not group 115 grain bulk box acceptably…for me. I know the...
    11. M

      40 S&W at Natchez

      Prices are dropping still. Natchez has PMC 40 S&W FMJ for just under $20/box of 50 rounds. Just sayin’.
    12. M

      ‘Nuther one

      Here is a Caspian frame/Remsport slide 45 ACP pistol in the works. The slide/frame fit is great laterally .0005”/.0008” clearance rear and front respectively. The vertical is .0025” simply because the slide way was too large. Not too big a deal since the barrel lock up diminishes that slop...
    13. M

      Things are looking up

      well, price looking down..a little. Jus’ sayin’…
    14. M

      Short project

      So I picked up a hybrid poly/aluminum receiver. This receiver is the OMNI made in USA by American Tactical. Picked it about 6 months ago. Great price with aluminum thread and take down beds. So I finally chose which direction to go in. I acquired a new assembled upper receiver with...
    15. M

      Tipman AR type 22

      Any feedback from members on this carbine?
    16. M

      Aero YHM

      One of my latest assemblies. Aero lower and select fit YHM upper receiver. Upper receiver was faced/bedded. I couldn’t believe how far off the front of the upper was. DTI middy barrel in 5.56, UTG 15” free float. This is a nice handguard. Aero BCG and a Strike Industry charging handle...
    17. M

      Tisas SDS 1911

      Just bought one, picked it up about two weeks ago. The Mil Spec Defender Springers are in short supply so I thought I would try this one. Not a bad pistol. Externally decently fit and blended. Inside...not so much. If you do your own work you can make a decent blaster. I had to do a...
    18. M

      Lightweight 1911 CCO in 45 ACP

      45 CCO Light Weight 1911 on 80% frame. I have been debating this project. It is an Officer size 1911 frame with a Commander (4.25”) slide and barrel. This one is on an aluminum frame, 45 ACP caliber and a Frankenpistol. The goal was low cost and use on my shelf decent used parts to see if I...
    19. M

      300 AAC...It does exist in the wild

      So I was at Cabela’s looking for a rifle. Awaiting my number to be called I meandered through the isles looking at the empty ammo shelves. I happened upon the only 5 boxes of this. I overheard another fella in need asking the clerk about 300 ammo availability. I gave him two boxes and said...
    20. M

      Marlin 795 22LR cartridge

      As the subject line says. Looking for the detachable magazine 795 rifle in good to excellent condition.
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