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      S15 mags for Glock 43… Reliable?

      My org issues G43Xs with the Gen 2 S15 mags and metal mag release. I won’t claim they are 100% reliable because nothing is, but issues have not been happening at a rate that is statistically significant in relation to the Glock 10 rd mags. I don’t really prefer this setup over a g19 because...
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      9X19 MM Concealed Carry Ammunition Choices

      There’s so much good defensive ammo out there that I just generally go with whatever does same POA/POI as training ammo with my CCW pistol and will expand reliably at the velocity the pistol launches pull from. So far federal HST, hornady critical defense, Speer gold dot, and Sig v crown all...
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      How can steel type be "variable" when buying an expensive blade?

      Microtech seems to be in the Goldilocks zone, where they don’t make so many to be able to lock down a steady supply of any particular steel, but make enough that they can’t wait around for a specifc steel. I only have one Microtech OTF, it’s in M390 and does the opening of the boxes great...
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      Hudson H9

      There is still NOS of some H9 OEM parts: I believe KE arms sells aluminum frames (trigger is the serialized part) on preorder. I thought it was a neat gun, has a really interesting look to it. I keep hoping someone will pick up the design and get it across the...
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      pistol dot size ?

      I don’t like the larger (6MOA) red dots, prefer something in the 1-3 MOA range. I have astigmatism and larger dots bloom badly. I also don’t like green dots. Trying to use those outside against a green background (grass and foliage) is annoying. Red works well everywhere I have been. Maybe...
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      How to properly beat a horse. Please allot 16 hours. This is mandatory.

      I like it better when there is no concealed carry permit necessary and the government has to prove in a court of law why a specific individual is both fit to remain in society but unfit to keep and bear arms. They should have to get a permit for each case. Frivolous prosecution is dangerous so...
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      How to properly beat a horse. Please allot 16 hours. This is mandatory.

      Training should not be the barrier to entry for a carry permit. First off, I think it is unconstitutional. For example, last I checked we didn’t need free speech permits (though we certainly are liable for what we say and write, which is just) or have free speech free zones. Second, it is a...
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      Appendix Carry Opinions

      There is no universal best way to carry. It is up to the end user to make that decision. I pretty much exclusively appendix carry unless it doesn’t work with whatever clothes I am wearing (in which case I may be stuck with off body carry, which I do not like). I have a very long torso, so...
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      Swamp Fox KRAKEN enclosed dot sight

      Closed emitters will come down in price as the novelty wears off.
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      Swamp Fox KRAKEN enclosed dot sight

      The new Steiner MRDS is on sale at Midway USA for $375, FYI.
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      What is Best style handgun and why

      Silly question, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with having some fun with it. Several responses come to mind. 1.) The one you have. 2.) The one you’ve trained with the most, have the most faith in, and can use the best. 3.) The one that’s best suited to your purposes. Upon reading the...
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      Thermal and preparedness.

      This article on TFB is worth a slight necro: It does a much better job of articulating what I was trying to state than I did, and has pictures to look at!
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      AK Refresher

      Nothing wrong with the ol WASR 10. One of the few good sub $1000 imports left. If going Romanian I really do strongly recommend the Draco as I think it’s a better quality firearm for less money up front, but not everyone wants an AK Pistol/SBR. Or take a Draco and build a completely custom 2...
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      AK Refresher

      Zastava QC is significantly improved, the firearms are very good quality these days. Accessories are very available for them at this point, but are not standard AKm. Fit and finish is excellent, but they are significantly heavier than a standard AKm/AK74. WASRs have poor fit and finish, but...
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      Have a Name Suggestion? Best One Gets $20!

      RMS Titanic for when it hits an iceberg and tragically sinks.
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      What prep items did you get recently?

      Not saying it’s not going to happen (this is the prepper forum after all), but pork was really cheap during the Shamdemic too. Pigs and goats can basically eat garbage and still be relatively healthy to eat (better than paydays anyway) and taste okay, so I am not too worried. Plus people seem...
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      For all of you AR15 laser/IR guys. GBRS GROUP HYDRA MOUNT

      This product is of no real use to me, so the price seems comical. But it was not really intended for me, so I doubt GBRS group cares what I think. I think this mount makes a lot of sense for PDWs/SMGs that will be used with NVGs but have very limited rail space . I know the people they made...
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      Indiana Shooter - 8 out of 10 at 40 Yards in 15 Seconds ...

      I wish the media was celebrating the heroic actions of this young man with even 1% of the time they spend glorifying spree killers. As many have already said, this young man is not a DELTA SEAL RECON SF COUNTER SNIPER SHEEPDOG. He is a normal person. The police cannot and should not be...
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      What prep items did you get recently?

      Congratulations, we just had our fourth last week. My wife isn’t quite up to taking care of the two little ones on her own for days at a time yet, but I am looking forward to when she is back on her feet and I can do more than morning geocaching or pond fishing trips with my older two.
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