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    1. slayr15

      The Official AR-15 Picture Thread

    2. slayr15

      The Official AR-15 Picture Thread

    3. slayr15

      My newest build

      Advanced ord upper and barrel. Yhm diamond 12 in rifle length rail fail zero bolt and carrier ,strike Ind charging handle. Larue index clips and hand stop and yhm phantom flash hider. B5 sopmod,magpul moe grip tactical link.
    4. slayr15

      MSP wait times for handgun approval

      Received my 1911 yesterday 64 days total wait.
    5. slayr15

      MSP wait times for handgun approval

      2/8 still waiting.......
    6. slayr15

      MSP wait times for handgun approval

      I'm at 45 days now on my para 1911 elite from shooter's supply in whaleyville.....
    7. slayr15

      MSP wait times for handgun approval

      Purchased a para 1911 elite 2/8 still waiting ...
    8. slayr15

      Maryland Shooters Spring Shoot - March 23

      Me + 1
    9. slayr15

      need some simple auto work done.

      Auto zone will rent you the tools for free.
    10. slayr15

      Night shoot feeler

      I would do it again had a great time at the last one.
    11. slayr15

      Fall Shoot: What are you bringing?

      Romanian g clone, amd 65 , polish 1960 milled, and mabey a few mosins.
    12. slayr15

      Fall Shoot 2010 Headcount

      I'm in
    13. slayr15

      Duck hunt

      Got to go with ya some time. Never been foul hunting .
    14. slayr15

      Fall Shoot 2010 - 11/7/2010

      I'm in again.
    15. slayr15

      Latest pics of 3rd prototype water cooled/air cooled Ruger 10/22 rifle

      Hey bill how hard would it be to do a rem 597 kit. This is a major want.
    16. slayr15

      MSI Polos, with brand new logo!

      1 large please .
    17. slayr15

      Modular belt with suspenders

      I have this rig and it is good kit.
    18. slayr15

      Lambo - Rest in Peace

      A great guy that will be missed. r.i.p lambo
    19. slayr15

      ESMD MDS MEET AND GREET #2 sat july 10,2010 Village inn Parsonsburg MD

      yes. I am here now got us a table and ready to go.
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