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    1. slsc98

      Tourniquet Launch TacticonArmament The Combat TQ Launch

      The Combat TQ Launch (First 100 purchases get $9.95 at 50% Launch Price - AMAZON ONLY $5.83 / each if purchased in 12-pack When seconds matter, you can deploy your TQ from this tourniquet holder quickly, and apply it one-handed to the limb until EMS arrives. Everyone needs at least a few of...
    2. slsc98

      Sanner's Lake Sportsmen's Clubgth Annual Bill Plath Memorial 3-Gun MatchProceeds Benefit theMarine Corps League Detachment 1305

      I’m inside a Radiology Dept and limited to phone so, hopefully the attached screen shot provides details enough for any interested! Sanner's Lake Sportsmen's Club gth Annual Bill Plath Memorial 3-Gun Match Proceeds Benefit the Marine Corps League Detachment 1305
    3. slsc98


      Gonna try something different and title this thread in a manner that will make it easier to: 1) find by “Search” and; 2) simply refresh each sales event, as they run them (I.e., am leaving any specific holiday out of title …) Offer Valid: 09/11/2022 12:00AM EST until 09/11/2022 11:59PM EST...
    4. slsc98

      CMP Dist. Mksmn Program for Disabled Athletes!

      Yuge I say, simply yuge … ! CMP Awards First Distinguished Marksman Badge Points – A Program for Disabled Athletes <snip> As part of its role in the marksmanship community, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is...
    5. slsc98

      Armed Teachers

      From the article and I wasn’t aware … “There are at least 29 states that allow school staffers other than police or security officials, and an estimated 2.6% of public schools as of 2018, according to the Times. That figure will continue to grow, as do the calls to protect our 54 million...
    6. slsc98

      KY Governor Bevin Treats on Gun Control vs Cultural Issues

      NOooooooo regrets if this has already been posted; can’t be viewed or shared wide enough! Governor Matthew Griswold Bevin is serving as the 62nd and current Governor of Kentucky since 2015. He is the third Republican elected Governor of Kentucky since World War II. Gov Bevin responds to...
    7. slsc98

      ??? S&W Model 351 C 22WMR ???

      Anyone own one? I’d like / appreciate some firsthand input before shelling out $650+ for an addition to our pretty significant snubnose collection … My wife REALLY likes her Ruger LCR and that little sob (the gun) really packs a punch … I’ve been watching the Federal website and just picked...
    8. slsc98

      MCARBO July 4th Sale: Everything 17.76% Off

      Offer Valid: 07/04/2022 12:00AM EST until 07/04/2022 11:59PM EST Use Code: FREEDOM On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence, announcing the colonies’ separation from Great Britain. We want to Celebrate...
    9. slsc98

      NC Judge Slaps Order on M’burg Sheriff Sitting on CHP app.s!

      Not directly “National” but, Yuge Win for Gun Owners of America & Grass Roots NC and all law-abiding citizens … hopefully this will speed up the other two similar pieces of sh*t for Sheriffs in two other of NC’s counties also harassing citizens pursuing CHP’s...
    10. slsc98

      Tavor X95 16" (Black, FDE) - $1522.49 with code IWI

      For the good of the order (hope this helps someone out for Mum‘s Day! ;-) ; and … In stock at time of this posting … Extra $ off REQUIRES THE CODE, Cooter!
    11. slsc98

      Anywhere else <$15 / box 50 9mm ball?

      For the good of the order: factory new 9mm ball 1,000 rds bulk packed for $299 = ~ $15 / 50 rds (FREE Shipping but, before taxes.
    12. slsc98

      Remington 870 Police Magnums $500

      Down from $600 couple months ago now; and, while I’m glad whomever does their pricing has come closer to Earth, I’m still not a buyer. A Wingmaster is a Wingmaster is a Wingmaster is the beauty of a Wingmaster ….
    13. slsc98

      MidwayUSA Receives Third Baldrige Award

      interesting to note that one of the other two award recipients this year was a private nonprofit that organizes organ transplants and serves as an eye and tissue bank … MidwayUSA Receives Third Baldrige Award “Over the last 34 years, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has...
    14. slsc98

      Safety ALERT Ruger SR22

      1. Not sure if this is worthy of posting in the “Rimfire” section as well as here but, will leave that to Mods … 2. Did a search and did not find any existing threads on this which I just received from Ruger via F2Fruh in Waldorf … Link to “Bulletin” (guess they’re not calling it a “recall?”...
    15. slsc98

      $150 12ga Pump Rock Island Arsenal “All Gen”

      The thread title with “Malaysian 500” in it jogged my memory that at one time these entirely different and “870-ish” (wouldn’t exactly call them “clones”) shotties were being made in the Philippines. Now, being imported out of Turkey, I had a chance to handle and shoot one several times a...
    16. slsc98

      $979 SP9A3 *Glock mag* versions!!!

      $979 SP9A3 *Glock mag* versions!!! Family Firearms in AL (truly wonderful people to do business with!) just shipped my newest, stabilizing braced SP9A3 - the version accepting Glock mags - for $979 + $15 shipping!!!!!!! I simply used the code they sent after I “requested a price quote” (price...
    17. slsc98

      jeff g, In Memoriam in perpetuum

      Because, there are no “mistakes”… :lol:
    18. slsc98

      M1A1 Socom16 Scope Recommend?

      Looking for solid recommends on extended eye relief scopes (and mounts) to go on the forward rail of a M1-A1 Socom 16 … (I overpaid for it a year ago (seeing PSA’s one day deal for $1300 for Kryptek Highlander version over this last weekend was just pure rock salt ground into the wound, haha!)...
    19. slsc98

      $20.67 25rd M&P15-22 FDE mags

      Vendor is legit albeit, not as huge an online mover as some so, wouldn’t procrastinate if any of these mags needed; Mag S&w M&p15-22 22lr 25rds Fde Poly:
    20. slsc98

      $429 S&W M&P 22LR AND 3 Mags AND Carry Case AND Free Shipping
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