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    1. herr.baer

      Mayberry .22LR Precision Match: 3/3

      I miss the matches at Mayberry!!
    2. herr.baer

      2018 Mayberry Run-n-Gun Carbine Match

      Wish it wasn't such a long drive. I miss the Mayberry matches!
    3. herr.baer

      Mini-14 chambered in .300 Blackout!

      I wonder how well it would perform suppressed?
    4. herr.baer

      Remington 1911/AAC TiRant45 package

      Those sure went quick!!
    5. herr.baer

      Mayberry Precision series this year?

      And the first one is sold out.
    6. herr.baer

      Remington 1911/AAC TiRant45 package

      I wish I had the money for one or two of those!! :drool::drool::drool:
    7. herr.baer

      Who carries Wipe-Out No-Lead Bore Cleaning Solvent?

      I bought mine at Scott's in Glen Burnie.
    8. herr.baer

      Remington 783 Review PICS

      My .06 really likes the 200 gr Sierra Match Kings. I would also suggest that if you can switch to the H-4350. It seems to be less temperature sensitive than the IMR.
    9. herr.baer


      Now that the store is staying open will you be carrying powder again when you can get it?
    10. herr.baer

      2014 Mayberry Carbine Match

      Will be fun as always. Hope to make it out for it.
    11. herr.baer

      McRees Precision 2014

      That is what I have for my trainer too. Nice rifle. I bet it would be sweet in a McRee. That would make 3 of them for me. LOL
    12. herr.baer

      McRees Precision 2014

      Might have to look at one of those depending on the models they will work with.
    13. herr.baer

      Tactical Rifle Informal Matches

      While that may be true, it is not all of it when it comes to many of the matches in the area. Consistent trigger pull, cheek weld, breathing, positional shooting and racing against the clock are all needed skills that can be practiced at any distance.
    14. herr.baer

      interest in a 2-Gun match at Mifflin Co. Sportsmen?

      That sounds like a good balance for a match. Might have to watch out for time management since most all the stages are single shooter.
    15. herr.baer

      interest in a 2-Gun match at Mifflin Co. Sportsmen?

      Sounds like a great idea!! I am sure it would be lots of fun.
    16. herr.baer

      Remington 700: 30-06 Range?

      I have had my .06 out to 1160 yards on a 21" gong. It isn't very stock though. Heavy barrel and new chassis. 200gr Sierra Match King hand loads.
    17. herr.baer

      Mcree stock

      I have had my .06 out to 1160 yards. I have hit targets at 1000 with my .308. I have great confidence in it.
    18. herr.baer

      Mcree stock

      I have two rifles in McRee stocks and both are folders. As LeadPumper said it makes it much easier when cleaning. On my .06 if I didn't have a folder I would have to take off the cheek rest pack to get the bolt out.
    19. herr.baer

      York Spring 2013 3 Man 3 Gun - 4/14

      We started on stage 3. 1,2 and 3 were up front. 5, 6 and 7 were the back pits. Had a great time again. Thanks to all that put this match on!!
    20. herr.baer

      Remmington 700 .308 SPS Tactical Chassis

      I have 2 of the McRee Chassis for my Rem 700's. The McRee chassis is a complete bolt in and comes with one mag. By the picture on Brownell's it looks like you still need to add the stock for the rifle with the Tac21.
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