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    1. 240 towles

      Pawn shop Garand ID

      Thanks for all the info everyone!
    2. 240 towles

      Pawn shop Garand ID

      So here is my Pawn shop find. M1 Garand. Barrel is marked 52. Trying to find out what it is and what its worth. Came in from a guy with a bunch of uniforms and vintage military items. But that doesn't mean anything. Im hoping theres some M1 gurus on here that can help out. Here are the...
    3. 240 towles

      Chiappa X-Caliber, true multicaliber?

      I bought a used one, and I returned it. The trigger would fire if you slammed it closed. Trigger was designed poorly and was made of pot metal. I did like the inserts, I also liked the over under design, but as made, it's too cheap and unsafe for a SHTF gun. Good idea, poor execution.
    4. 240 towles

      MD Handgun Lock Exchange

      I need to borrow a .380 lock. I'm in salisbury, Md but I'm willing to pay shipping both ways.
    5. 240 towles

      Can you still get Saiga 410s?

      410 is so spensive though
    6. 240 towles

      Gander Mountain closing

      Let me tell you this, marcus lemonis is no fool. They executed a hell of a liquidation. People paid prices I would never dream of paying for stuff. Herd mentality or what, but stuff consistently moved. Store fixtures moved as well, but at a premium (150 dollar 4' counter display cases, 50...
    7. 240 towles

      Delaware vs Md Laws

      build a house smack on the border. One half follows DE law, One half MD.
    8. 240 towles

      Duds to Expect

      Eldest son
    9. 240 towles

      Amy Schumer - comedian. Great American being led astray by anti-gun politicians.

      I saw "train wreck", the guy did them a favor.
    10. 240 towles

      Vertical Fore Grip With Bipod

    11. 240 towles

      RT 50

      If so, then good riddance! Need to set up an indy track and let them all burn.
    12. 240 towles

      Wear gloves while using petroleum products.

      I remember heavy gun lube for the Bradley bushmaster had warnings on them, which were frankly ignored because C'mon, everything causes cancer, twice as fast in California. Try not to eat the stuff or wear it everyday and you should be A-OK.
    13. 240 towles

      Gander Mountain closing

      Nice try, Gander Mtn.
    14. 240 towles

      Vertical Fore Grip With Bipod

      they work fine.
    15. 240 towles

      super suomi!

      not as bad as it once was.
    16. 240 towles

      Looking for low transfer fee ffl

      35 is too much. My pawn shops do 25, and those wonderful DE FFLs do 20 and you can get the good mags.
    17. 240 towles

      How many 10/22 extractors does it take to solve stovepiping?

      about 1mm difference will F up the gun, never saw it happen until I bought my 4th used 10/22.
    18. 240 towles

      How many 10/22 extractors does it take to solve stovepiping?

      Ejector bent, disassemble, gently tap/bend the ejector tip with pliers and a hammer to the right if the ejector is facing away from you, be careful, I believe the part is hardened and thus prone to cracking if you apply to much pressure at once.
    19. 240 towles

      Price Alert CHEAPER Than DIRT

      ^^^THIS. I'm in it for me from now on. I don't know what you FFLs do with my boxes,but it pisses me off to no end when you throw them away. That's MY gun, get it off your Fing rack.
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