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    1. seabeeJordan

      Goose/Duck Hunting Guides?

      would not recomend I would not recomend Mid river ever to anyone. Write me if you would like to know why.
    2. seabeeJordan

      Blow Out Kits Are Coming

      I am in!
    3. seabeeJordan

      Military move to MD

      Welcome to AREA 8 i sent you a PM.
    4. seabeeJordan

      MPAR 556

      What are they classified as Regulated or Non
    5. seabeeJordan

      Advice on a 1,000yard plus bolt rifle

      Sako makes a nice 338 but it's about double your budget. I would not get the 700 SPS not that there is anything wrong with them. But as of right now they only come in .223 and 308. You could try looking for a Remington 700 in 300 wm. I have a Savage 10BA if you decide to spend more that's a...
    6. seabeeJordan

      New Scope for Savage F TR

      Its hard to explain on here there are a few good videos on youtube. I use a weaver tactical i think 6-16x55 i know the max is 16. I am shooting a savage 10BA in 308. Anyway to find distance you first need to understand what MOA is. 1 MOA is 1 inch at 100 yards. the Mil dot is the scopes...
    7. seabeeJordan

      Tactical Shotgun Matches @ Sanner's Lake

      Heck yes time to put the blunder bust to work!
    8. seabeeJordan

      Rem 700 or savage, or..Other?

      Get at savage 10BA or 110BA i have one and its a top of the line rifle. With hand loads ill shoot 3/8 inch groups at a 100 all day. Factory stuff is about 3/4 to 1 inch.
    9. seabeeJordan

      What is the most fun firearm you have ever shot?

      MK19!! the M2 was a lot of fun as well but the MK19 takes the cake for sure.
    10. seabeeJordan

      Is this a real FFL?

      Looks normal to me
    11. seabeeJordan

      Fred's Sports In Waldorf, MD Doesn't Need My Money...

      90% of Freds is ****tards. I do a good bit of archery business with Danny, he is a real good guy. But all the other guys can go to hell. Carl is a guy that works there he always act like he is stoned. Chances are that was the one word hero you talked to on the phone. To say the lest if i...
    12. seabeeJordan

      New MD resident with a PA driver's license - can I buy a handgun in PA?

      Why did you move here! Get out before your stuck like us!
    13. seabeeJordan

      I found a public range near PAX River

      Match Just come to a match and ask for an app some one will get one to you. We are full at the moment but you could always get on the wait list.
    14. seabeeJordan

      Anyone plan on shooting Toxic Broadheads?

      They are a copy some what of the old razor ring.
    15. seabeeJordan

      Site running slow?

      Real Slow here also... I am happy its not the computer though.
    16. seabeeJordan

      2013 MD State Bowling Pin Shoot

      wow i dont know how i over looked that! thanks though
    17. seabeeJordan

      2013 MD State Bowling Pin Shoot

      I may just be blind but i didnt see a cost on the Reg doc... how much do i make the check for... Or are the RO's/ set up guys shooting free...
    18. seabeeJordan

      For those that would ever consider shopping with Select Fire

      My buddy told me Wayne and his son both voted for Obama... Something about a tax brake for small businesses!
    19. seabeeJordan

      Laser sight for a glock Recommendation

      english Do you know who to write properly? :lol:
    20. seabeeJordan

      SelectFire in Glen Burnie for gun build

      Eff that place!
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