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    1. 240 towles

      Pawn shop Garand ID

      So here is my Pawn shop find. M1 Garand. Barrel is marked 52. Trying to find out what it is and what its worth. Came in from a guy with a bunch of uniforms and vintage military items. But that doesn't mean anything. Im hoping theres some M1 gurus on here that can help out. Here are the...
    2. 240 towles

      1912 Springfield Krag Hollifield set

      Found this at the local auctions, figured a few Springfield aficionados would be interested in seeing it. From what i can read, it was a way to boresight the rifle.
    3. 240 towles

      WTB street sweeper parts kit

      looking for a cobray street sweeper parts kit.
    4. 240 towles

      The Ruger 10/22 MK46 SAW

      I call it the 22-49, it is a ruger 10/22 dressed up to look like an MK46 SAW. The fake drum hides the 50 round .22 drum for the Ruger.
    5. 240 towles

      Rare Mossberg .22 found at yard sale

      So while out and about at some rummage sales this weekend, I came across this.... I know what you are thinking, bubba sawed off a .22 and put on a mossberg pistol grip. I thought so too, and the barrel and OAL looked pretty short and I don't want any NFA problems, so I left it. While driving...
    6. 240 towles

      WTB Savage model 64 synthetic stock

      hi all, looking for a savage model 64 synthetic stock. I have a wood stock to trade, and I can add some boot. Or I can just pay cash. let me know if you have one, or know where to find one.
    7. 240 towles

      Zombie edition winchester 1892 enjoy!

      Found this on Gunbroker figured it was good for a laugh!
    8. 240 towles

      A good and bad review

      So I have been living in kentucky for a year now, and i had to go down to louisville. As you may know, two very large internet gun / gun parts suppliers are located here in KY. Buds guns and Centerfire systems. I visited both today within hours of each other. I have been to buds many times, but...
    9. 240 towles

      The Death of Surplus and it's consequences

      Hello all. Back in 2009, I bought two Romanian Tokarev TTCs from JG sales with my C+R license. I greatly enjoyed these guns and the hot 1400 FPS 7.62x25 rnds that they shot. I added compensators and Egyptian wraparound grips. I used to shoot two hundred rounds every time I went to the range. I...
    10. 240 towles

      7.62x54R is gone!

      my friends, whether or not the embargo crisis is real, the panic buying is. That is what destroyed the .22 market. Buy now, buy alot. This will get ugly..... Those wonderful green tins are disappearing fast. 7.62x54R surplus Wideners out of stock [match grade surplus in stock] Aim...
    11. 240 towles

      WTB: sks trigger group

      looking to buy an SKS trigger group, piston, gas tube, piston extension and spring. Thanks for any help.
    12. 240 towles


      Found this on GB. Special forces commemorative MAC 10 semi auto pistol. looks like a pretty nice collector piece with tastefully done gold accents and wooden grip. I'm not sure I like the tag that restricts you from firing it. [What good is a gun you can't shoot?] Not sure if that stock...
    13. 240 towles

      Amazing gun show find / luck

      So I went to the great eastern gun show / military show in Louisville, KY. Advertised as the biggest gunshow in KY history. After a two+ hour pilgrimage and a slight diversion by the cardinals game, I was able to find my way to the right convention center. The first thing I noticed was that...
    14. 240 towles

      unarmed shooting and CCWs

      I was looking into a self defense shooting in erie, NY involving a man with a CCW that shot another man after being stopped in the street, physically struck and supposedly threatened with a knife.The CCW holder was convicted of murder and several other charges. As a CCW holder myself, I have...
    15. 240 towles

      my 37mm collection

      Just finished my AR project, figured I would share with everyone else. The AR was built by myself [ my first AR build] during the AR crisis of 2013 and I still managed to come in under 900.00. The lower is an ATI Omni : I figured I would give it a shot, I can replace later on if it breaks, but...
    16. 240 towles

      WTB: street sweeper stock

      hi everyone, looking for a streetsweeper shotgun stock for the cobray streetsweepers. Any and all parts pertaining to the stock I am looking for. Tried cobray, they don't have all the parts. Will pay for item and shipping.
    17. 240 towles

      moving out of state with NFA firearms

      I am moving out of state in a month and would like to know the process for informing the ATF of the move. What forms do I need to fill out? The affected Items are a surbu style shotgun and a masterpiece arms mac 10, both AOWs. Thanks for any advice.
    18. 240 towles

      A new low.....

      Just came from winks in princess anne today, he has federal .22LR advertised at 29.00 per box of 50. :sad20: I never thought I would see .22 selling at 45LC prices.
    19. 240 towles

      Funniest NFA discussion ever!

      found this on youtube, look at the comments. This guy on youtube made an illegal SBR and posted a video, everyone in the whole world it seems is trying to talk sense to him, but it is not working.. just some of the funny comments...
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