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      Bring-back BYF 41:

      That Luger looks great for sitting in the holster all those years. Super great to have the 2 mags (hopefully matching) and the tool!
    2. W

      SIG M17 Surplus

      Yours looks like it's in pretty good condition. Do you have any markings on the mag base plates?
    3. W

      US Army Sig M17 pistols hitting the market...

      I managed to grab one also from my local shop in PA. $750 plus tax. Shown above a commercial m17. Mine has similar wear, a few scratches in the frame, and the user apparently wanted the number 11 taped on.
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      Trauma kit

      I've been buying from Skinnymedic (medicalgearoutfitters) and from North American Rescue directly. I've heard some stories of people getting knock of CAT tourniquets from Amazon. If you buy from Skinnymedic you can use the code iraqveteran8888 for 10% off your order. NAR will occasionally have...
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      Hi Power Picture Thread

      My surplus FN MK3, with VZ grips and Safety Fast Shooting sytem.
    6. W

      Consignment Guns

      PM incoming for the Ithaca m1911A1.
    7. W

      Gym Ratz Raffle page #9

      PM and paypal sent for slot #1
    8. W

      Consignment Guns

      PM sent on the Luger
    9. W

      Subsonic 22 reliability issues

      I use the Gemtech subsonic 22LR reliably in my Ruger American Rimfire, 10/22, and SR22. I've shot it supressed and unsupressed without issues.
    10. W

      M1 Garand at 1200 Frames Per Second

      I'm in the same boat. I love shooting my Garand, but I hate shooting my 03-A3.
    11. W

      Just Got It NOW!

      I hope it does last that long. It's all oiled up now and ready to hit the range.
    12. W

      Just Got It NOW!

      My LGS got in a Remington Rand 1911A1 on consignment from a lady that tried to take it to the local police to destroy. Lucky for me the officers told her it's actually collectable and she could get some money for it. No magazine, but that's okay.
    13. W

      Any Love for the M1965/M65 Jacket?

      I went to a few Army surplus stores, they usually had some Alpha jackets you could try for size. I’ve also seen Urban Outfitters carry Alpha before, but now that it’s summer they may not stock them.
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      Crushing on the M1 Carbine

      I recently picked up a carbine a few months ago and ran it Saturday at the PNTC Kahles 2 gun. A few magazine related issues, but I think people were fairly impressed with it's performance. The groups inside 100 were really good, over 100 it got hard to see the small plates they were using. A fun...
    15. W

      CMP 1911's

      I think the CMP 1911 page just crashed, but I saw Rack $850 -will need work to be serviceable Field $950 - may have minor rust and pitting Service $1050 - may have minor pitting Order packets posting June 4th but orders not taken till September 4th. Hopefully the website will be back up soon.
    16. W

      ASI at Heritage in Frederick?

      I've shot one of their matches before, I recommend taking the holster draw class before the match if you can. I think it's a good way to get an introduction into competitive shooting without as much stress on speed.
    17. W

      M1 Carbine Magazines

      The mags I currently have do give me some feeding issues, maybe I'll get some new springs also as well as new mags
    18. W

      M1 Carbine Magazines

      I have talked myself into using my M1 Carbine in an upcoming 2 gun match, but I'm pretty sure I need more magazines than the 2 I received when I purchased the gun. I've done a bit of searching and found KCI magazines, are these good recommended magazines, or are there others I should look into...
    19. W

      Sig Sauer P320 trigger replacement program

      I took a screen shot from some online images. Left is the new trigger, right is the old. Also I got the full size RX 9mm kit, it came with a new low profile slide release.
    20. W

      Sig Sauer P320 trigger replacement program

      I usually tell if the update has been done by looking at the trigger. The trigger will be thinner. I'm not sure if there was a fix done by Sig where the trigger remained thicker.
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