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      U.S. Military May Be Shutting down the sale of M855/SS109 from Lake City to the Public

      Coming every? Russia just claimed its missile destroyed an arms depot in Ukraine our inven5o4y of missiles,howitzers being sent to Ukraine. pour inventory is being lowered to dangerous levels….we are prepared for surrender!
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      US Army Adopting 6.8?

      Pushing the envelope to hard. Should have tried the Swede 6.5x55 it was also made in a semi auto,update rinse adopt!
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      US Army Adopting 6.8?

      What recoil an issue,ww1 303!3006, ww2 3006,Korea 3006…what has happened to the younger generation? Pronoun learning! Equity…not on the battlefield. How revitalization of the cmp..why are th3y still using th3 M1 garand!a fine rifle,but to engage youth when for decades 556 has been the military...
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      Kayak 10’

      Try feel free moken kayaks
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      Lawsuit against Bushmaster allowed to proceed

      The 2nd amendment specifically protects military weapons,how else to defend against 5yrants!
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      "start bending the Constitution" says Killmington DE Mayor

      Failure in: in the drug war,gang control,in education,the breakdown in families,failure in religion and morality in general,defund the police,no bail,failure to prosecute quality of life crimes by some prosecutors…makes for a toxic stew. The constitution does not bend it is the bedrock the...
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      Biden ATF Nominee David Chipman Confirms His Support for AR-15 Ban

      The ar-15 is the national service rifle. All able bodies citizens should own one ,know its operation,maintenance and become marksmen. That is the obligation of being a citizen in a free country!
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      But, but he shouldn't have been able to buy guns

      It’s because it fuels the disarmament agenda. Intentional,the intent is to disarm all Americans.
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      Why buy brass?

      Brass is finite,not infinite!
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      FBI monitoring 2A rally attendees?

      Would not doubt it....rather expect it. For what purpose to overfill there already full database? Wouldn’t it be nice if they paid the same attention to inner cities who for decades have been controlled by democrats. Maybe it’s too dangerous,should be a field day for corruption and all the...
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      VA Dems Calling Second Amendment Sanctuaries Civil War Flashpoints

      Where is the doj and state ag when it comes to enforcing the law regarding sanctuary cities,states for illegal aliens. Gun control is an agenda, that is why we are a republic and have a constitution so billionaires or a tyrannical government cannot take away our God given constitutional...
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      VA Dems Calling Second Amendment Sanctuaries Civil War Flashpoints

      This proposed action by va legislators is the outgrowth of a decades long effort. Any hope of stopping this agenda was stated by the political assassinations of the 1960’s and 70’s. We ignore the effect of the ongoing shadow government to our peril. It’s intent is to transform America,no...
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      VA HB67 - Termination of Public Safety Employees

      Apply that to sanctuary cities for illegal aliens.
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      Senate Bill 16, complete AWB

      No ex post facto law ...what was once legal cannot be made illegal.
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      Nadler Proposing Ammo/Magazine Ban

      Criminal control not gun control
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      Baltimore Police Officer Robbed and Shot (in broad daylight)

      Was he armed baltimore police officers used to be required to be armed at all times? The thugs run the streets and what does the mayor do use tax dollars to pay for free lawyers for illegal aliens.
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      Capital article - authors comment

      That paper knew the suspect ,knew he was a problem. Yet did not want the police to arrest him. They chose to not add security,off duty police,cameras,locks. The only problem to them is firearms. 99.9% of firearms owners are not a problem to anyone but the tyrant. Drunk...
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      Maryland Democrat Party Secretary wants to dox us

      And then there is abortion...murder of the unborn innocent! Any party to a murder is as guilty as the ones who end life!
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      Maryland Constutution

      The government does not read or care about 5he Constitution. They ignore rule that is why they violate them no one bothered to enforce the rules unless they are used against constitutionalist. Quote the rules and use the courts,they do when the court rulings no longer serve them they will...
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      New Poll - Should AR15's be banned

      The ar-15 is the national service rifle. Any citizen who desires should be able to own,operate,maintain and become a marksman with the national service rifle.
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